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On Job Android Training

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Course offered by : Ogma Academy
Duration: 3
Course Fees: Rs. 1199
Area:RA-452, Sector IV, Salt Lake City, Kolkata - 700098 P.S. South Bidhan Nagar West Bengal, India,700075

Course Details :

  • Module 1 - Android Fundamental Android development framework Platforms Tools Versions.
  • Module 2 - OOPS & Memory management Object-Oriented Programming Working with variables and constants Control statements and loops Pass parameters in function Managing memory
  • Module 3 - Creating Applications and debugging Creating your first project The manifest file Using Android Virtual Devices, the emulator Managing program execution Setting and viewing breakpoints
  • Module 4 - Introduction to Activities & Life Cycle Create new Activities Understanding state of an activity transitions and Life Cycle Intents Services Content Provider
  • Module 5 - Working with Text, Keyboards, and Buttons Basic User Input and Output Using Edit Text, Text Views, and Buttons Displaying and dismissing of keyboard Screen Orientations
  • Module 6 - Creating Views and layouts Using Linear Layout, Relative Layout, Frame Layout & Table Layout Using Adapters to bind data to Views Using ListView, GridView, ScrollView & Webview
  • Module 7 - Using Advanced Interface Objects and Menus Using Picker Using Tab Host & Tab Widgets Using Option Menu, Context Menu Managing Resolutions
  • Module 8 - Getting the Attention of the users Using Spinner and Progress Bar Generating Alert Dialog Using Toast
  • Module 9 - Working with Database Creating a database Opening and closing a database Working with Inserts, updates and deletes Parse URL (XML and JSON)
  • Module 10 - Android System Overview Shared Preferences Notifications File Handling (Read, Write & delete) Assets & Raw folder utility
  • Module 11 - Building Background-Aware Applications AsyncTask UI Runable Thread Timer
  • Module 12 - Integrating with core services Integrate Android app with address book, Email, SMS,Phone Call, Map Playing Media (Audio and Video) Using the Photo Library and Camera

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