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MPT - 165288
MPT - 165288

Vipin K Male, 27 Years

C# (C Sharp) Tutor
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MPT - 165288
MPT - 165288

Vipin K Male, 27 Years

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C# (C Sharp) Tutor
  • Location: Ambedkar City
    Ambedkar City, Noida, India
  • Distance: 8.1 km

    Distance 8.1 km from Noida

  • Qualification: MCA
  • Total Experience: 3 years

    Vipin K have 3 years of teaching experience


I have 3yrs of teaching experience in microsoft .net technology and 2 yrs of experience in microsoft sharepoint 2013. i provide training to learner in both mode offline and online training. i gives the training in a concise and innovative way to understand the things easily to learners.

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