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MPT - 110122

Narayan R

Male, 26 Years Pro

If you love water, water also will love you!

  • Qualification: B.Sc, MCA, M.Sc, Ph.D
  • Experience: 10 years

    Narayan R have 10 years of teaching experience

  • Location:
    Baghajatin + 3 More Areas
  • Fees::
    INR 500/hr
  • Distance::
    8.8 KM

    Distance 8.8 km from Kolkata

  • Home Tutor
  • Activity Score - 8434

I have 10+ years of experience of tutoring in various segments. i am specialized in teaching icse, cbse, and state board syllabus for 10-12th stdand and also for college level mathematics.

Tutoring Approach

One to one tutoring class is followed for individual growth.

  • Posted by: Sujan Barman

    I'm very lucky because I came in contact with a tutor like him. He has an ability to read his student's mind. I got 97% marks in the last exam under his guidance.

MPT - 24772

Samir C

Male, 59 Years Pro

IIT Kgp ENGINEER reinforces PCM Foundation.

  • Home Tutor
  • Activity Score - 1985

I am specialized in teaching icse, cbse and state board syllabus for 10- 12 std and competitive exams.

Tutoring Approach

I am a graduate Engineer from IIT. Kharagpur and I specialize in One to One and Group tution. It is an approach where individual needs of student is taken care of.

  • Posted by: AbhinandanModak

    I am studying in Delhi Public School Ruby Park. I joined the the tuition in the month of June (2017), and I found that Sir clears all my doubts and explains each and every topic very nicely. I love this tuition.

  • Posted by: Yassh Singh

    I am studying in Apeejay school, class 11. Previously I had fear in studying physics. I was unable to solve physics numerical.l had problems in understanding the physical concepts but now after a year of coaching I am pretty comfortable with my physics

  • Posted by: Avikchakrabarty

    I am Avik Chakrabarty from South city international school class XI. Sir clears concepts using simple language which is easy to understand and elaborately which helps in understanding challenging topics easily. He also provides a very good atmosphere for better learning experience

  • Posted by: Sambuddhamukhpadhyay

    I am Sambuddha from Mount Litera School. I have been in Sir's tuition classes since class IX 2016. I have found him very frank about what's important and what's not . He has changed my way of thinking about studies and especially exams. He is very efficient in removing my doubts all the time, every way possible.

  • Posted by: AdityaAgarwal

    I am Aditya Agarwal from Birla High School class 12. Sir gives equal importance to each topic and teaches them with patience. He clears all doubts and also gives good ideas regarding career.

MPT - 183439

Arunavo L

Male, 39 Years Pro

  • Qualification: B.Com
  • Experience: 13 years

    Arunavo L have 13 years of teaching experience

  • Location:
  • Fees::
    INR 125/hr
  • Distance::
    13.5 KM

    Distance 13.5 km from Kolkata

  • Home Tutor
  • Activity Score - 1746

I have 10 years of teaching experience. i teach direct tax, indirect tax, financial management, accountancy etc the college level students. also i teach ca ipcc, cs (executive},cma (inter). my experience has been that one to one personal tuition has a unique value to students because of the ability to resolve the student’s personal barriers to learn in a way that lays the foundation for a deep and lasting understanding of the subject.

Tutoring Approach

My approach varies depending on the students needs and learning style. However my teaching philosophy is based on encouraging students to think for themselves, using real-world examples wherever possible. My aim as a tutor is to create in my students a deep understanding and confidence in answering exam questions and being able to tackle new and unfamiliar problems. My philosophy is based on the idea that learning happens in an environment of mutual respect in which the student is encouraged to think and make new connections for themselves.

  • Posted by: Suchita Chaterjeree

    I am taking classes from Arunavo sir for CS examination. He is an excellent teacher.

  • Posted by: Abhijit Roy

    He is a nice teacher. He teaches very well. He explains very well.

  • Posted by: Devi Prasad

    He is an extremely knowledgeable teacher. He explains very well.

  • Posted by: Susma Som

    He is an amazing teacher. He is highly knowledgeable. He explains very well.

  • Posted by: Akash Gangully

    I took tuition classes from him. He is a good teacher. He teaches very well.

MPT - 229711

Purnima K

Female, 39 Years Pro

  • Home Tutor
  • Activity Score - 1000

I have been teaching english for the past ten years. i was an erstwhile faculty of english of r.i.c.e. i am also attached with pathfinder in the capacity of an examiner of english language. i also teach english for competitive exams.

Tutoring Approach

The main segment I give immense importance is English grammar. When it comes to learning a particular language, one needs to strengthen his/her language base. And that solid base gives one the impetus to learn that language with inquisitive fervour. For English learners, the base of English(Grammar) must not be compromised with. In my tutorial class, I teach every students the easy and effective process of grammar learning. The next important thing which I give a fair amount of emphasis in my class is the oversimplified way of elucidation of a particular text. Besides, I take monthly tests to assess a student's progress.

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MPT - 93460

Ashes K

Male, 41 Years Pro

Learn PHP from 6+ years experienced PHP developer

  • Home Tutor
  • Activity Score - 985

I have 6+ years experience in web development. here i share my knowledge with my students. this kind of training you will not get anywhere.

Tutoring Approach

I want to make the fundamentals clear- then go ahead with the details. I believe that helps in learning the subject in the longrun

MPT - 1386

Prabhat R

Male, 59 Years Pro

Stay Focused Stay Sharp

  • Qualification: M.Sc
  • Experience: 2 years

    Prabhat R have 2 years of teaching experience

  • Location:
    Ballygunge + 2 More Areas
  • Fees::
    INR 800/hr
  • Distance::
    7.3 KM

    Distance 7.3 km from Kolkata

  • Home Tutor
  • Activity Score - 852
  • Posted by: Payal

    As a teacher, Prabhat sir is excellent. His explanation power is too good. He teaches very well. His advice was very useful for me to build a successful career.

  • Posted by: Vaibhav Ghosh

    Extensive study of every topic with personal attention made every session a wonderful experience.

MPT - 129383

Soumi C

Female, 34 Years Pro

Learn In Simple Way

  • Home Tutor
  • Activity Score - 601

More than 6years of experience in tutoring all subjects to primary students & mathmatics with science group to students of class v-x of all boards(eng. medium). also teaches management subjects to students of bba and mba courses since last five years. over the past few years, a systematic & easy teaching methodology has proved to be beneficial to students across verticals.

Tutoring Approach

I approach tutoring in such a way that I show the students the basics, and then give them a variety of practice exercises and push them figure out the answers themselves. If in doubt, I would keep prompting them to find the right answers thereby helping them to grasp the right concepts.

  • Posted by: Debdoot

    She has thorough knowledge and a great sense of responsibility. Her biggest quality is her hardworking nature which she passes on to her students also in order to bring the best out of them.

  • Posted by: Dibyarup

    She is fantastic at imparting knowledge to the student community. Her deep connection with them and expertise makes it easier to explain complex topics with lucidity. The best part about her style of teaching is that she knows where to exactly focus in order to bring out the best in a student.

  • Posted by: Shankar Dutta

    The most that i like about this tutor is that she is extremely dedicated and has excellent control over the subject she teaches.

  • Posted by: Soumali Ganguly

    Puntuality, sincerity

  • Posted by: Rupesh Kumar

    Soumi mam improved my confidence in maths. Very good xperience. I am Fully satisfied from her teaching.

MPT - 54792

Bhaskar M

Male, 45 Years Pro

  • Qualification: B.Sc, MCA, B.Sc, M.Sc
  • Experience: 16 years

    Bhaskar M have 16 years of teaching experience

  • Location:
  • Fees::
    INR 1000/hr
  • Distance::
    8.7 KM

    Distance 8.7 km from Kolkata

  • Home Tutor
  • Activity Score - 589

 aa a faculty for physics and maths for iitjee, wbjee, cat etc at career coaching allahabad for about 5 years. as a tutor in kolkata for physics, maths, computer and english for about 10 years. experience in teaching b.tech (cs) and (e & c) for about 10 years. teaching gate students in time for last 4 years internship from tata communications for 1 year worked with ibm india for 2 years

Tutoring Approach

My approach will be depend on the student's needs and learning style. However my teaching is based on encouraging students to think for themselves, using real-world examples wherever possible. I usually focus on exam-style or past paper questions in order to check, practice and perfect the student's understanding and technique.

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MPT - 216285

Sayani M

Female, 29 Years Pro

Postgraduate in Bioscience,Teaching experience 6years

  • Home Tutor
  • Activity Score - 466
MPT - 64825

Test A

Male, 44 Years Pro

Test Profile

  • Qualification: B.E, MBA
  • Experience: 4 years

    Test A have 4 years of teaching experience

  • Fees::
    INR 350/hr
  • Distance::
    21.7 KM

    Distance 21.7 km from Kolkata

  • Home Tutor
  • Activity Score - 447

Working as a hr recruiter for 4 years. fresher as tutor. have got good experience in hr.

Tutoring Approach

Working as a HR Recruiter for 4 years. Fresher as Tutor. Have got good experience in HR.

4.7/ 5

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Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ How can students improve their knowledge?

Students can improve their knowledge and skills in a number of ways like:

  • Practicing solutions regularly.
  • Understand the underlying concepts/formulas clearly.
  • Solving additional exercises.
  • Sharing a positive attitude about the subject.

⭐ How can tutors help students improve their score and skills?

There are many ways students can improve their skills. But experienced tutors in Kolkata can help to:

  • Build confidence in the student.
  • Encourage questioning and make space for curiosity.
  • Emphasize conceptual understanding over procedure.
  • Provide authentic problems that increase students’ drive to engage with the subject.
  • Share a positive attitude about the subject.

⭐ How many private tutors are available in Kolkata to teach?

We have a massive database of 44211 verified and experienced tutors in Kolkata. You can view their profiles with their qualification, expertise, teaching techniques, hourly rates and availability. Post your requirement for free to find the best tutors in Kolkata.

⭐ What is the tuition fee charged by home tutors in Kolkata?

Tuition fees of tutors in Kolkata depend on a number of factors like tutoring hours, experience and qualifications. You can find out the tutor from our list as per your estimated fee with your preferred location.

⭐ Do home tutors in Kolkata provide training for competitive examinations?

Yes, most of them do. However, we would request you to discuss the same with the tutor of your choice for clarification of any extra hours, fees, etc.

⭐ What's the normal duration of tuition classes hosted by tutors in Kolkata?

Usually, tutors on LearnPick conduct a session for 1 to 2 hours a day. But it can vary depending on the arrangements made between the student and the tutor at the time of hiring.

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