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Veer A Male, 18 Years

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Punjabi Tutor
  • Location: Pahar Ganj
    Pahar Ganj, Delhi, India
  • Fees: 100/hr

    Fees: INR 100/hr

  • Distance: 12.4 km

    Distance 12.4 km from Delhi

  • Qualification: Passed high school
  • Total Experience: 1 year

    Veer A have 1 year of teaching experience


I've taught three students till now, an engineering student (taught her c++ and c), two twelthies (cs and ip, respectively). i am currently teaching urdu to a 12thie.

Tutoring Approach

CS, IP and C++: I start from the very basics and try to get the student engrossed in the subject. Gradually I start to introduce algorithms, practice tests and 20-minute practice homeworks. I customise my tutoring routines as per the student's need and can teach for more than the usual 1 or 2 hours per day. In the end before finishing my job, I usually give the student an insight to the open source resources available online and how one can benefit from them. Urdu and Punjabi: We start by learning the alphabets. After the students get comfortable with their shapes, I teach them how to join the letters and form words and gradually move to sentence formation. The students would now be comfortable with the script. I then introduce basic words and basic sentences from the language, increasing the difficulty level as the students get more efficient with the language.

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