Personality Development Courses for Students

List of Personality Development courses in Amritsar custom made for high school and higher secondary students as a part of after school activity. Personality development programs will be useful for the students to prepare and equip themselves for their future studies and career development. These courses will also help in refining the overall personality of students and help them to face the challenges of bigger world when they step out of the portals of the college.

Unfortunately, we do not have enough data to exhibit a list in relevance to your query. However, if you are looking for a few alternative courses in Delhi, here's a compilation of courses for your reference.

Popular Academic Enrichment Local Classes in Amritsar

Course Fees: INR 900

Area: Not Given

Pincode: 143006

Course Details:

Learn Abacus in a very convenient way. 6 Levels, 18 months (2 hrs per week) 

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Area: Akash Avenue

Pincode: 110074

Course Details:

Through our mental maths program, we offer a holistic solution to all the problems a child faces. Our approach in Mathematics is t

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