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Best Coaching Center in Vijayawada
MPC 26574
MPC 26574
  • Address: Sector 10C, Kandukur, Vijayawada

KP Academy is a reputed brand in providing quality training to students in Hyderabad. Our institute promises to impart adequate knowledge and teach the fundamentals of the subject so that the student can understand & retain the essence of the subject in his/her mind & does not forget the same once the examination is over.


No compromise in quality of education. Updated course data provided. Value-based learning centre. Result oriented coaching. We act in the best interest of the students.

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MPC 17525
MPC 17525
Experienced Teachers at your door Step
MPC 17525
MPC 17525

Moksha Tuition

Experienced Teachers at your door Step
  • Address: 45-16-1, Kummari Vari Street, Near Andhra Bank, Gunadala,

We are having quality teachers who have expertise in their own field. We take care of individual students. All necessary guidance are provided by us. Moksha Tuition are here to bring out your best qualities to the fore and rectify the weak areas. Joining our classes will help you build your dream career and a responsible citizen of India.

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Exprienced Reliability
MPC 10904
MPC 10904

Lucky Tutoring Services

Exprienced Reliability
  • Address: Lalbhahudur Street, Krishna Lanka, Vijayawada-13
Classes held for:

Lucky Tutoring Services is a reputed tutorial center based in the city of Vijayawada for school and college level education. We are working with all the right resources for the students best result. Join us and enhance your studies !


- Mock tests - Self prepared notes - One to one tutoring


Tutors are highly effective and efficient in their domain of choice.

Syllabus Offered

We impart tuitions to: Classes 1-12th standard Engineering subjects

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  • Address: J D Nagar, Near Auto Nagar Gate

If you need expert guidance and preparation assistance in your studies we are the right place. Our areas of expertise lies in Computer and Engineering subjects. Our classes are aimed at building strong concepts in all the topics of your subjects and enable you to write your examinations as per the desired standard.


Renowned teachers Individual attention Ethical practice Academic ambience Feedback to guardian Hands on training Industry oriented training Grooming and counselling

Syllabus Offered

Java and ece subjects and cse subjects

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  • Address: 40-1-97,beside New Modern Super Market, Kanna Nagar, Near Me... more

    40-1-97,beside New Modern Super Market, Kanna Nagar, Near Mee Seva , Benz Circle , Vijayawada-520010


Itop Educational Institutions provide coaching with friendly atmosphere, small batches & affordable fees


We have faculty with stuff/experience nearly 5-10 years

Syllabus Offered

All Competitive Exams,All Entrance Exams,Tuitions For 1st Standard To Degree/B Tech, C R T, C. A-C P T, I B P S, Spoken English, Languages, Any Type Of Course Will Be Offered

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Mathematics Questions

One person leaves P at 5 in the morning and arrives at Q at 11 in the afternoon Another person started his journey from place Q at 6 in the morning and reached place P at 12 noon. When did they meet?

A certain sum of money is invested for two years at a certain rate of simple interest. If the rate of interest is 6% higher, then the interest earned will be 40% more than the interest earned earlier. What is the earlier rate of interest?

Pls solve

Chiru can do a work in 6 days and Pawan alone in 9 days. Chiru and Pawan undertook to do it for Rs.4500. With help of Nagababu, they completed the work in 3 days. How much is to be paid to Chiru and Nagababu?

It takes 4 hours for a person to travel 15 km in favor of current and 3 km against current. Again it takes 9 hours to go 20 km in favor of the current and 15 km against the current How many km per hour speed of the boat in still water?

Find the value of m if \(2^{m - 3}\) = 1

What is the sum of n terms of the series \(1^2 + (1^2 + 2^2) + (1^2 + 2^2 + 3^2) + ....\)? 

LCM is 306 and 657

If one zero of the quadratic polynomial 2x^2 - 6kx +6x -7 is negative of the other then k =

A 40 m tall building and a tower are standing in front of each other. Angles of elevation to the top of the tower from the top and base of the building are 45o and 60o, respectively. How do I calculate the height of the tower? Please help me to calculate

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ How can students improve their knowledge in Mathematics?

Students can improve their Mathematics knowledge and skills in a number of ways like:

  • Practicing solutions regularly.
  • Understand the underlying concepts/formulas clearly.
  • Emphasize conceptual understanding over procedure.
  • Solving additional exercises.
  • Sharing a positive attitude about Mathematics.

⭐ How can Class 1 - 5 institutes help students improve their score and skills in Mathematics?

There are many ways students can improve their skills in Mathematics. But the best Class 1 - 5 institutes in Vijayawada can help to:

  • Build confidence in the student.
  • Encourage questioning and make space for curiosity.
  • Emphasize conceptual understanding over procedural learning.
  • Provide authentic problems that increase students’ drive to engage with Mathematics.
  • Share a positive attitude about Mathematics.

⭐ How many Class 1 - 5 institutes are available in Vijayawada to teach Mathematics?

We have a massive database of  5 Class 1 - 5  institutes in Vijayawada to teach Mathematics. You can check them out as per your convenience. Post your requirement for free to find the best Class 1 - 5 institutes in Vijayawada.

⭐ What is the average fee charged by Class 1 - 5 institutes in Vijayawada to teach Mathematics?

The average fees of Class 1 - 5 institutes in Vijayawada depend on a number of factors like coaching hours, experience and qualifications of the faculty. You can get in touch directly with the Class 1 - 5 institute to negotiate the fee as per your budget and requirement for learning Mathematics.

⭐ Do Class 1 - 5 institutes in Vijayawada provide training for competitive examinations in Mathematics?


Yes, most of them do. However, we would request you to discuss the same with the Class 1 - 5 institute of your choice for further clarification.

⭐ What is the normal duration of classes hosted by Class 1 - 5 institutes in Vijayawada for Mathematics?

Usually, Class 1 - 5 institutes on LearnPick conduct a session for 2 to 3 hours a day for Mathematics. But it can vary depending on the arrangements made between the student and the institute at the time of admission.

Query submitted.

Thank you!

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