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List of Communicative English Classes in Vasant Vihar, Delhi for young learners aged between 8-15 years. Join a class today and improve english communication skills with listening and speaking exercises. Complete after school activity which helps your child to learn spoken english with easy ways.

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  • Address: SF 14 A & 14 B, Vasant Square Mall, Plot No. A, Community Ce... more

    SF 14 A & 14 B, Vasant Square Mall, Plot No. A, Community Centre, Pkt - V, Sec B


Kumon India Education offers a wide range of Academic Enrichment sessions for children within the age group of 2 to 18 years. We have designed all our courses in a manner which help students in becoming independent learners. Our curriculum is customized base on the requirements of the students so that they find it easier to comprehend any new subject or topic. Our programs are not only focused on developing the academic abilities of the children but also focuses on helping them excel in their life skills.


Best quality teaching standard. Innovative and flexible courses. Personalized and focused sessions. Structured practices and feedback. 


Kumon Instructors supporteach student in developing his or her self-learning ability.  We focus on  each student indvidually, paying careful attention to their academic ability, personalityand how theysolve the worksheet. We provide continuous guidence to ensurethat child learns at the just right level. 

Syllabus Offered

Kumon is the world’s leading after-school enrichment programme. Founded in 1954 in Japan, the Kumon Method was born out of a father’s love for his son. Today, we are located in 50 countries and regions, with more than 4 million students enrolled in over 24,700 Centres. By discovering the potential of each child and developing their abilities to the maximum, Kumon aims to foster sound, capable people and thus, contribute to the global community. Maths Programme Maths is a subject that requires an accumulation of knowledge through practice. While enhancing their calculation skills, students also cultivate their mathematical analysis and logical thinking abilities which will be indispensable in their lives in the future. This leads them to develop the ability to solve various problems that they will face after entering the real world. Develop mental calculation and reasoning skills Improve students’ problem-solving techniques Prepare students for advanced mathematics English Programme In the language programme, we aim to improve students’ reading comprehension skills and nurture an interest in reading, both of which enable them to read widely and confidently. With strong reading comprehension skills and through a wide range of reading experiences, we foster students’ sense to feel more deeply and their ability to think. Develop reading skills and reading habits Improve reading comprehension and critical reading skills Enrich and expand students’ vocabulary  

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Communicative English Questions

What is isp? What is the role of isp? Give two name of isp

Is it possible for a student to give a good speech in class without any preparation?

Please give me some words that start with the letter ‘S’ and end with the letter ‘T’.

Please tell me who the poet was who had written ‘Ozymandias.’  

How many month it will took to complete this course?

What should I say if someone asks me, “Hope you are enjoying your weekend”?

What is the best way to memorize English vocabularies?

Is studying grammar more important than conversation skills?

What is the right way to write a story on a given outline?

How can I improve my English in all aspects?

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ How can students improve their knowledge in Communicative English?

Students can improve their Communicative English knowledge and skills in a number of ways like:

  • Practicing solutions regularly.
  • Understand the underlying concepts/formulas clearly.
  • Emphasize conceptual understanding over procedure.
  • Solving additional exercises.
  • Sharing a positive attitude about Communicative English.

⭐ How can Academic Enrichment institutes help students improve their score and skills in Communicative English?

There are many ways students can improve their skills in Communicative English. But the best Academic Enrichment institutes in Delhi can help to:

  • Build confidence in the student.
  • Encourage questioning and make space for curiosity.
  • Emphasize conceptual understanding over procedural learning.
  • Provide authentic problems that increase students’ drive to engage with Communicative English.
  • Share a positive attitude about Communicative English.

⭐ How many Academic Enrichment institutes are available in Delhi to teach Communicative English?

We have a massive database of  1 Academic Enrichment  institutes in Delhi to teach Communicative English. You can check them out as per your convenience. Post your requirement for free to find the best Academic Enrichment institutes in Delhi.

⭐ What is the average fee charged by Academic Enrichment institutes in Delhi to teach Communicative English?

The average fees of Academic Enrichment institutes in Delhi depend on a number of factors like coaching hours, experience and qualifications of the faculty. You can get in touch directly with the Academic Enrichment institute to negotiate the fee as per your budget and requirement for learning Communicative English.

⭐ Do Academic Enrichment institutes in Delhi provide training for competitive examinations in Communicative English?


Yes, most of them do. However, we would request you to discuss the same with the Academic Enrichment institute of your choice for further clarification.

⭐ What is the normal duration of classes hosted by Academic Enrichment institutes in Delhi for Communicative English?

Usually, Academic Enrichment institutes on LearnPick conduct a session for 2 to 3 hours a day for Communicative English. But it can vary depending on the arrangements made between the student and the institute at the time of admission.

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