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  • The University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES) will conduct the UPES M.Tech Engineering Entrance admissions to the M.Tech. courses offered by the University.

3 Misconceptions to Avoid While Studying for UPES MEET

Misconceptions accompany almost anything we encounter. And when it comes to studies, scopes of fallacies increase by many degrees. 

Fallacies could be wonderful tools for learning. You see, there is nothing wrong with making a few mistakes before identifying the right method. But there's a catch. Misconceptions cost time and effort. So succumbing to fallacies is alright only if you can afford them.

But exams do not come around so often and, therefore, form no friendly ground for fallacies. With the time crunch and the stiff competition, one misconception can turn out to be too risky. However, the worst thing about misconceptions is that they coincide with our instincts. The ways we think and behave come to us naturally along with a stream of fallacies that we might believe to be true. 

With the UPES MEET (University of Petroleum and Energy Studies M.Tech. Engineering Entrance Test) upon us, it is time to break free from those. In this article, we are going to look into some of these misconceptions and guide you on how to avoid them. 


Planning a preparation primarily depends on estimation. We think on the lines of – how much time we think a certain topic or a chapter will take us to complete. This is where we go wrong. Our brains are hardwired to take the best case scenario into account. This is why we find ourselves chasing time as a good part of the topic remains to be completed when the duration allotted for it gets over. And we end up wondering, “Where did all the time go?” 

The first step to avoid this is by identifying two key things:

  • How much you need to study
  • Which learning style suits you the best
Next, estimate the time it might take you to complete it and then double this duration. This way, if you finish the topic within time, you will have more time to complete the next one. 

Relying on Technology

The amazing world of technology has had an immense effect on us. Search engines have ensured that there is nothing that you can think of which they cannot bring up the results for. Therefore, our memories started to find the need to retain information less and less important. It's the basic science of adaptation of the human brain. 

As this effect started taking off, the little details and facts began to slip off our minds as quickly as they had been introduced in the first place, rendering our memories less reliable. 

One of the best ways to deal with it is to be really thorough with what you study. Pay more attention to the minute details and do not skip through those while revising. You can also consider writing those down for better retention. 

Loopholes of Group Study

As beneficial as studying in groups might sound, it comes with its fair share of disadvantages. Studying with peers isn't always the ideal scenario you would like it to be. Motivation drives a group to success. A lack of it will only result in a waste of time and efforts. 

While studying in a group, there would always be chances to strike up conversations with the members. If your group isn't sincere, the study sessions might just turn into long sessions of unnecessary chit-chat. 

Your group is as strong as the weakest link. Weak members of the group tend to rely on others for solutions. That becomes detrimental to the success of the group since it hinders equal participation of every member. A weak student can slow the group down. This way, preparation gets affected. 

One way to eliminate these is by selecting your group wisely. Tune out all sources of distractions and lay some ground rules. You can consider group studies to be a complementary to your preparation strategy instead of relying completely on it. 

Make sure that you do not fall prey to any of these fallacies. 

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