School Admission In Noida

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How about interacting and sharing our experiences regarding education in general and school admission processes?

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    Keshava Murthy

    A technical problem has been preventing open school students from applying for NEET online despite a Delhi High Court order allowing them to do so.

    264 Days agoReply
  • D
    Dollar Mahesh

    District schools are warned so that they follow CBSE norms!

    361 Days agoReply
  • G
    G.p. Viswanath

    Are the residential schools in Noida safe and trustworthy enough?

    364 Days agoReply
  • S

    What are the exclusive and standard girls' school in Noida!

    391 Days agoReply
    Umamaheswara Rao Jami

    Vidya International Girls' School, SD Girls' High School may be checked out.

    388 Days ago
  • P

    Which is the best curriculum? CBSE or ICSE?

    437 Days agoReply
    Rajesh Rajan

    There should be nationally one curriculum. The best of CBSE and ICSE should merge and be the ultimate curriculum for all the schools in India!

    432 Days ago
  • S
    Soumi Ray

    what are the good schools near Bajidpur area?

    451 Days agoReply

    The Shriram Millenium school, Shiv Nadar schools, Indraprastha Global schools are the schools near Bajidpur area!

    437 Days ago
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