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Area: Shibpur
Address: 23, Sri Hari Na Para Lane, Shibpur

  • Academic, cultural, extra-curricular and physical activities all under one roof.
  • Specialised and experienced tutors.
  • Expert maestros as Chess, Creative writing, drawing, yoga instructors.
  • Limited batch strength for individual attention
  • Moderate charges


Mathematics, Physics, English, History, Geography, Accountancy, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, Zoology, Biology, Bengali, EVS, Commerce Subjects, Social Studies, Algebra, Botany, Business Mathematics, Costing, Hindi, Physiology, Sociology, Statistics, Food & Nutrition, Business Studies, Business Organisation, Anatomy, GATE Exam, WBJEE, Polytechnic Entrance, IIT JEE Advanced, Civil, Mechanical, Drawing & Painting, Language, Personality Development, Mental Mathematics, Speech & Drama, Communicative English, Creative Writing Classes


  • Specialised & experienced tutors
  • Spacious & airy classrooms
  • Excellent learning environment
  • Individual attention provided
  • Moderate charges


  • Experienced and specialized tutors
  • 3 times state champion chess maestro as the chess instructor
  • Established writer & editor as creative writing instructor
  • Established artist and western modern art specialist, as drawing instructor
  • Renowned physiotherapist and bodybuilder as fitness instructor

Syllabus Offered:

  • All Subject tuition provided for all boards & all medium by Experienced & Specialised tutors from class V to XII & Mechanical, Civil Engineering 
  • Chess tutored by 3 times State Champion Maestro 
  • Creative writing classes held by established Writer & editor 
  • Fitness workshop held by renowned physiotherapist & Former Bodybuilder 
  • Drawing classes held by established artist & western modern art specialist 
  • Limited batch strength, for Individual attention, so call soon, 
  • Moderate charges 
  • Graduation batches will start soon 
  • Other activities like music, dancing, recitation tuition will start soon

Segment & Subject Details:
Class 9 - 10 Mathematics Physics English History Geography Accountancy Chemistry Computer Science Economics Zoology Biology Bengali EVS Commerce Subjects Social Studies Algebra
Class 11 - 12 Mathematics Physics English History Geography Accountancy Botany Business Mathematics Chemistry Costing Economics Hindi Physiology Sociology Zoology Biology Statistics Bengali EVS Food & Nutrition Business Studies Commerce Subjects Business Organisation Algebra Anatomy
Engineering Entrance & IITJEE Mathematics Physics Chemistry GATE Exam WBJEE Polytechnic Entrance IIT JEE Advanced
Engineering Subjects Civil Mechanical
Hobby Classes Drawing & Painting
Academic Enrichment Language Personality Development Mental Mathematics Speech & Drama Communicative English Creative Writing Classes
Class 6 - 8 Mathematics Physics English History Geography Accountancy Chemistry Computer Science Economics Zoology Biology Bengali EVS Commerce Subjects Social Studies Algebra
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  • Answer:

    • The total number of pens are 18.
    • There is only one colour that is neither green nor blue and it is yellow.
    • The number of yellow pens is 7.
    • The number of ways 1 pen can be picked from all the 18 pens is 18C1. So that is the denominator of the probability.
    • The number of ways 1 pen can be picked from 7 yellow pens is 7C1 so that's the numerator of the probability.
    • Therefore the the required probability is 7C1/18C1 = 7/18(i)
    • There are total (7yellow + 5green)=12 pens that are not blue.
    • Therefore the required probability is 12C1 / 18C1  = 12/18 = 2/3 (ii)

  • Question: 2\(^{73}\) - 2\(^{72}\) - 2\(^{71}\) is same as

    Posted in: GATE Exam | Date: 14/11/2017


    2^(73) – 2^(72) – 2^(71)

    = 2^(71) x {2^(2) – 2^(1) – 1}

    =2^(71) x (4 – 2 – 1)

    =2^(71) x (1)


    Therefore answer is C

  • Answer:

    Professional means a person who does something as his/ her profession and it is implied that person is an expert in that field. Antonym of the word is Amateur which means a person who does something as a hobby only and may or may not be an expert in that field.

    Example :

    A professional photographer has been hired for the photo shoot.

    This park is popular among amateur photographers because of its beautiful scenery.

  • Answer:

    Please mention the number of hours taken by the boat to go 10 km upstream and return to its original point. It's missing from the question. Without this piece of data the problem can't be solved.

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