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School Page is the outcome of a long quest to combine the latest in pedagogy, through its unique e-Tutoring (STS) methodology, with the best in technology, which makes it available to students from all over the world.While there are large numbers of great teachers available throughout the world, great teaching and great tutoring are very different in many ways and require very different approaches. There are also many differences between classroom teaching and off-school tutoring methodologies. With this in mind, the SchoolPage team worked with other global academics to create the unique SchoolPage e-Tutoring System (the STS), which is based on Richard E. Mayer’s ‘Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning’. The STS is a highly structured academic system. Through the use of a 9-stage lesson organizational structure, STS is used in every SchoolPage session ensuring better engagement, superior retention and rapid results. STS includes the use of cognitive tools such as Mind Mapping, self-diagnosis tools such as Comfort Boxes, and Learning Outcomes that are highly student centric.


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  • Question: Why do we need a constitution?

    Posted in: Political Science | Date: 27/06/2016


    A constitution is not needed by the country, but rather by its population. To understand how and why it is needed, we must harken back to the "olden" Roman times (archaism intentional, purely for stylistic purpose). Rome, like most ancient civilisations, did not have written laws. Whenever there was any dispute, the Senate, formed by the elderly patricians, was called to action. This was a very conservative system, not only were the Senators elderly and not elected, but they were members of the upper class. Their role was to know, interpret and apply "customs" when the dispute must be settled. This was a tremendous power, that they could use almost at whim to assert the privileges of the upper class when patricians and plebeians (the people) were in dispute. But as literacy spread (why do I remember McLuhan so often?), the plebeians came up with the idea that they wanted those "customs" written down. This claim is revolutionary because it implies two things: That the people wanted to know the law they had to obey. Knowing the law gives you, in theory, the power to avoid punishment for breaking it. They didn't want the law to be amended, changed or forgotten as the Senators saw fit. Fixing the law into written form meant to revoke the indiscrimnate jurisprudential power from the Senate. Here it was born the concept of clear separation between legislation and justice. Soon after the "Twelve Tables" were written, plebeians noticed that the laws were very strict and biased against the people. They then started to work towards changing them. Thus we know the two main reasons why written laws are desirable: Known laws can be evaluated as good and bad, noxious or beneficial, and improved or revoked. As the written law supersedes tradition, changes can be effected by editing the text, instead of waiting for the customs to change.

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Key Kumar

They provide Best Quality in 1-on-1 online Tutoring. Every student can understand the way they teach. Very Elaborative & Very clear, while they were teaching me.

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