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Merit Class concentrate exclusively only on Bangalore region and is the outcome of a long quest to combine the latest in pedagogy, through its unique tutoring methodology, with the best in technology, which makes it available to students from all over the Bangalore.


Mathematics, Physics, English, History, Geography, Accountancy, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, Hindi, School level computer, Bengali, Marathi, EVS, Science, Commerce Subjects, Social Studies, Algebra, Home Science, Botany, Business Mathematics, Costing, Physiology, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Zoology, Biology, Statistics, Bio Technology, Business Studies, Philosophy, Business Organisation, Anthropology, IT & Computer Subjects, Anatomy, Electronics, Taxation, Financial Reporting, IT, Bio Chemistry, Public Administration, Direct Tax, Indirect Tax, Financial Management, Auditing, Mass communication, B.Tech Tuition, M.Sc Tuition, M.Tech Tuition, B.Ed Tuition, Actuarial Science, Bio-informatics, Bio-medical, Pharmacy, Banking & Finance, B.Com Tuition, BA Tuition, B.Sc Tuition, BBA Tuition, BCA Tuition, Polytechnic, Hotel Management, B.Arch Tuition, M.Com Tuition, M.Ed Tuition, Business Statistics, Organic Chemistry, Civics, GATE Exam, IIT JEE Mains, CET, AIEEE, IIT JAM, IIT JEE Advanced, German, French, Spanish, Kannada, Sanskrit, Business English, Persian, MBA Entrance, Management Subjects, BBA Subjects, BBA Entrance, BBM, AIPMT, Medical Entrance Exams, NEET, MDS Exam, MBBS Tuition, BDS, All Subjects


  • Learn from industry experts.
  • Master the skill through practice at our centre.
  • Well developed learning strategies.
  • Scientifically designed curriculum.
  • Standard study material.
  • Lowest fee.
  • Full course covering every advanced topic.
  • Different teaching methodologies.
  • Build knowledge and expertise with experiments and assessments.
  • Connect with learners through discussion forums.
  • Small batch size. 
  • Personalized attention.
  • Flexible courses schedule.
  • Separate batches for students, professionals.

Syllabus Offered:

  • Class 1st to 12th.
  • College Level to Post  Graduation Level.
  • Compitative Exams.
  • IIT JEE, NEET, and MBBS.

Segment & Subject Details:
Class 9 - 10 Mathematics Physics English History Geography Accountancy Chemistry Computer Science Economics Hindi School level computer Bengali Marathi EVS Science Commerce Subjects Social Studies Algebra Home Science
Class 11 - 12 Mathematics Physics English History Geography Accountancy Botany Business Mathematics Chemistry Computer Science Costing Economics Hindi Physiology Political Science Psychology Sociology Zoology Biology Statistics EVS Bio Technology Business Studies Philosophy Commerce Subjects Business Organisation Anthropology IT & Computer Subjects Algebra Home Science Anatomy
College Level Mathematics Physics English History Geography Accountancy Botany Business Mathematics Computer Science Costing Economics Hindi Physiology Political Science Psychology Sociology Zoology Biology Statistics Electronics Bio Technology Taxation Financial Reporting IT Bio Chemistry Business Studies Philosophy Public Administration Direct Tax Indirect Tax Financial Management Auditing Anthropology Mass communication B.Tech Tuition M.Sc Tuition M.Tech Tuition B.Ed Tuition Actuarial Science Bio-informatics Bio-medical Pharmacy Banking & Finance B.Com Tuition BA Tuition B.Sc Tuition BBA Tuition BCA Tuition Home Science Polytechnic Hotel Management B.Arch Tuition M.Com Tuition M.Ed Tuition Business Statistics Organic Chemistry Civics
Engineering Entrance & IITJEE Mathematics Physics Chemistry GATE Exam IIT JEE Mains CET AIEEE IIT JAM IIT JEE Advanced
Languages English Hindi German French Spanish Kannada Sanskrit Business English Persian
MBA & BBA MBA Entrance Management Subjects BBA Subjects BBA Entrance BBM
Medical Entrance & AIPMT Chemistry Physiology Biology AIPMT Medical Entrance Exams NEET MDS Exam MBBS Tuition BDS
Class 6 - 8 Mathematics Physics English Geography Accountancy Chemistry Computer Science Economics Hindi Biology School level computer EVS Science All Subjects Commerce Subjects Social Studies Algebra
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  • Answer:

    Oxford English Grammar Course Basic With Cd Paperback (english)

  • Answer:

    Differs to person.  You can simply follow the standard gate syllabus. ( You can start from technical subjects scheduling maths at some other time.)  Simple. - Theory, gate questions.  If at starting point you find theory revision boring, you just start to solve questions. It will clear you whether theory brush up needs or not. Also you will get idea how to read the things, which part can't be ignored, etc.  Don't waste too much time in theory revision. Although don't ignore it at all.  It depends on you whether you need 'chapter - questions' pattern or whole subject and then questions.  GATE questions are must. Your subject is not complete without theory and gate questions both.  Join any test series. You can also follow its schedule instead of standard syllabus. Give all the chapter wise (if it have) tests after gate questions. After completing whole subject give the test of that subject. Suppose there are three - basic, middle, advanced level tests. At this stage do only basic level. I mean - Theory, gate, chapter wise test, whole syllabus basic level test.  Follow this order for all subjects.  After completing all the subjects, follow middle level and advance level tests (may be both at same time) . Thus you can complete syllabus two times.  Then give full length test.  No need to complete whole 100% syllabus. Even in tests if a question comes from topic you decided to skip, skip it.  If at any time need arises to see books, do it. 

  • Answer:

    1) getting recruited into PSU. 2)Doing Mtech and then getting recruited or carry on with teaching profession. 3) Doing MS and going into research field 4)Doing masters and then Phd and then continue into research and or teaching field.

  • Question: What do we need to do to clear the GRE exam?

    Posted in: GRE | Date: 29/07/2016


    lessons that I learnt while preparing and giving GRE. 1. Time management is crucial so whenever you start to solve questions make sure you time yourself. Helped me a lot 2. For solving Reading Comprehensions stick to one book/strategy and practice a LOT. Use the technique which gets you the best result. 3. The current GRE format doesn't focus on difficult words or expects you to know all the words rather it tests how you understand english as a language. So, read good articles. I suggest this website Arts & Letters Daily. 4. Engineering students tend to ignore Math, do not make that mistake. 5. Lastly and most importantly, give a lot, A LOT of full tests.

  • Question: Is it necessary to take coaching for the GRE exam?

    Posted in: GRE | Date: 29/07/2016


    1) This is the most important. Don't let anyone tell you that you can't score 325. You most definitely can. Stick to a fixed plan and work hard. 2) If you are a self-learner, Magoosh Online Test Prep is the best resource for you. It's premium plan is very close to the level of actual GRE and is considerably  cheaper than other coaching institutes. Also, it has great resources like study plans, GRE blog and ebooks for quant, flash cards, etc. which are free. Use them all. I'm speaking from personal experience. 3) If you think you'll learn better in a class structure, I think Manhattan Prep is good. I've attended Princeton Review and their materials are shit. Also, the coaching institutes focus on quant and are not a big help in verbal. 4) Join MS in US facebook groups. MS in US-Fall 2015 has pdf files of most of the materials in their 'Files' section.  5) Try not to buy any materials. Almost every book has a pdf copy which you can download for free. Official GRE guide is a must-have but you can borrow it from friends and seniors.

  • Answer:

    Many students asked me how they can get a better score in the Speaking test. One of the things that matter in the Speaking test is your pronunciation. When you study with a teacher, improving your pronunciation is easier – he can correct you and you can listen to him and just copy the way he pronounces words. But what do you do if you’re all alone and study by yourself?

    A number of things, actually!

    Firstly, you can use a free web-based text-to-speech application such as this one (click here to try). “Text-to-speech” means exactly that – you type a word and the program says it. Get a passage of text and start reading it out loud. Any word you are not sure how to pronounce, type in that website and click “Say it” to hear it. Repeat it again and again until you remember the right way to say it.

    Secondly, you can record yourself – using a computer or a tape recorder, an mp3 player, a mobile phone – now there are many devices that allow voice recording. Then listen to your recorded voice and take notes of which words are mispronounced. Start working on those using the talking website again and get them right.

  • Question: Who wrote Edward 2 ?

    Posted in: English | Date: 29/07/2016


    Christopher Marlowe

  • Question: Who wrote Macbeth ?

    Posted in: English | Date: 29/07/2016



  • Question: What is the capital of Cameroon ?

    Posted in: Geography | Date: 29/07/2016



  • Question: Who wrote the poem Kubla Khan ?

    Posted in: English | Date: 29/07/2016


    Samuel Taylor Coleridge

  • Answer:

    Real Account Rule   Debit What comes in

                                  Credit what goes out

  • Answer:

       The ultraviolet  UV radiation comes only from the Sun star in the planetary system...  Perhaps from other stars in distant galaxies too.  Young stars in their early or later stages of their life and evolution, emit  ultra violet rays.   The scientists in space sciences  use  telescopes specially meant for uv rays... for viewing stars from all galaxies... milky way.

  • Question: How should one chose between GRE, CAT, or GMAT?

    Posted in: GMAT,GRE,MBA Entrance | Date: 29/07/2016


    CAT, GMAT and GRE assess the potential of candidates interested in applying to various graduate programs (Masters and Doctoral). A candidate interested in pursuing management education (or equivalent) in India takes the CAT, while a candidate interested in pursuing management education abroad or in premier Indian b-schools takes the GMAT. GRE is used by Universities/colleges for admission to their Masters in Sciences programmes.

  • Question: What are some best sites to prepare for GRE vocabulary?

    Posted in: GRE | Date: 29/07/2016


    Here are the main sources:  Sites:  1. Memonic Dictionary: Fun and easy way to build your vocabulary!  2. Vocabulary. com Find out how strong your vocabulary is and learn new words at (web version) 3. Magoosh Online Test Prep After applying for Fall 2015, while waiting for result, he created this app for ME to learn GRE words as I plan to take the test for the next application season. It's free, beautiful, useful with 2 learning modes of 200 most common words in GRE test.  You can find its link here:  Android Apps on Google Play GRE Hit Parade GRE Hit Parade: Appstore for Android

  • Answer:


  • Answer:

    Merriam-Webster Dictionary

    There is nothing more helpful for an English learner than having a full comprehensive dictionary at hand all the time. With the Merriam-Webster dictionary app, you have this and much more. The app contains thousands of words defined and their usage explained. The best thing about this app is that you do not have to be connected to the internet to use it; you can access the extensive database offline. Another feature is the ability to listen to a word’s pronunciation meaning you never have to embarrass yourself again with wrong pronunciations in public. If you are connected to the internet, you can also make use of the “word of the day” tool to learn one new word daily.

    uVocab – Vocabulary Trainer

    With uVocab – Vocabulary Trainer you can learn new words and then test yourself. You can browse through the words alphabetically and tap on one to see a brief description. As for the tests, they do not have a limited number of questions. You can keep going until you get tired. You can also view your progress and even check the questions that you got wrong and re-study them.


    Traditional English learning and improvement methods can be just a tad boring. If you are looking to spice up your lessons try Voxy. With new lessons on a daily basis, flash cards and news stories there is no end to the amount of fun learning available on Voxy. Apart from building your vocabulary, Voxy will help you to pronounce words correctly and improve your general spoken English.

  • Answer:

    Yes , it is more than sufficient to get a good rank in Gate .. made easy postal study course materials are well designed, standard numericals are given .. Take postal study course of made easy and I think you will definitely be benefited .. You can check it by this link Postal 

  • Answer:

    A2A. I have seen some of the Made easy notes but, I realised they are just the things(with printing mistakes) copied from the standard books.Your books can tell you better. However, I cannot really tell you if you would get the worth or not since I haven't studied from them. But, if I would have been at your place, I would have resorted to 'just' books (E-version) instead of spending on some notes. In fact, most of the toppers are the ones who prefer standard books over these material. There are many things you can get online without spending a penny even the hand made notes of ACE or made easy. So why spend ? Rest, if you feel you'll get a better idea or help with some notes or stuff, you can surely go for them. Because, at the end what matters is the effort you put in. But, even if you buy one, don't follow those notes blindly. If you have any doubt or feel what's written is not correct, refer standard books. Good luck !

  • Answer:

    GRE is not a big selection criterion for MS programs.  The selection of a candidate for MS program is a 2 stage process:

    Screening process by the admin department: This screening process goes something like, there is a list of cut-off score or threshold values for certain selection criterion. For example, all students with GRE above 310 will be cleared, or all students with CGPA above 8.0/10.0 will be selected etc. This limit is not very strict and is flexible. TOEFL is one such criterion that will fall only and only in this screening process and not evaluated for the next one, unless you are going for TA/RA, in which case they need to evaluate your English language capability (still it will be least importance). Selection process by Adcom: In this process, you will be judged on your GPA, GRE score, SOP, LOR etc and is highly flexible. A student with great acads but not so good GRE can be selected over a student with perfect GRE score and average acads. It depends on your whole application file BUT certain parameters weigh more than the others.

    Usually the selection criterion goes like this (in descending order):

    Academic GPA/CGPA/%age as well as ranking in your batch Undergrad university SOP Research ex/Work ex GRE LOR

    These other factors will vary from case to case:

    Final Year Project Internship and papers Co/Extra-curricular Prof Letting

    Problems people might face:

    Backlogs Year Gap Plagiarism

    Some people may disagree, but this is what I personally think, seen and experienced.

  • Question: What are some strategies for taking the SAT?

    Posted in: SAT | Date: 30/07/2016


    Look for wrong answers instead of right answers.

    Don't know the right answer? It happens. But if you know which choices are definitely wrong, you will significantly improve your chances of getting the question right. This is called process of elimination. Since you aren't penalized for wrong answers on the SAT, you should always guess, even if this means choosing an answer at random.

    Here’s how it works: Each question has 4 possible answer choices. Eliminate even one possibility, and you have a 1:3 chance of guessing correctly.  Let's say there are 9 questions where you eliminate 1 choice and guess among the remaining choices. Statistically, you will guess correctly 3 times and incorrectly 6 times. You just earned 3 points!

    Know your personal order of difficulty.

    SAT questions are not arranged in order of difficulty (so that easier problems come earlier in the test than the hard ones). Instead, it’s important to identify the questions that YOU find easy or hard. Remember, you’re not scored onhow many questions you do. You’re scored on how many questions you answer correctly. So slow down on the questions you personally find easy or medium difficulty so you can pick up the most points. Just make sure you guess on the rest!

    Own your test booklet.

    You paid for that test booklet, personalize it. Scratch work is extremely important on the SAT. Don't be embarrassed about it—writing in your test booklet will help you keep your mind focused.

    • Mark up geometry diagrams. Keeping track of your work directly on the page will help you avoid careless mistakes.
    • When you use process of elimination to eliminate a wrong answer, cross it out! Don't leave it there to confuse you if you have to choose between two remaining answer choices.
    • When you answer a question but aren't entirely confident in your choice, circle the question or put a big question mark next to it. That way, if you have time to go back at the end of the section, you can find the question easily and quickly.

  • Answer:

    The same as anyone. Buy your official SAT guide and use Khan Academy for practice. meanwhile 1st year , college, is normally light , you should be able to do good. Stay confident and be sure to get a score 1300+ and get into a much better college than any NIT.

    Good luck~

  • Question: How much time is required to prepare for the IELTS?

    Posted in: IELTS | Date: 30/07/2016


    Many students want to know how long it will take to get the score they need. It's impossible for me to answer this question because it depends on too many things. For example:

    - How many hours of study do you do each day? - What kind of study do you do? - Do you have a teacher or someone who can help you? - Do you live in an English-speaking country? - Do you like learning English, or do you just need an IELTS score?

    Maybe the last question is the most important one. In my experience, people who enjoy learning English tend to make the fastest progress.

  • Question: Is TED useful for learning English?

    Posted in: Communicative English | Date: 30/07/2016


    Yes, definitely.* The speakers are uniformly good English speakers, even though some are not native English speakers. The subject matter is varied, so there is something that will appeal to many tastes. The videos have closed captions, which can be enabled (via "CC"), so that viewers can see the correct spelling of the spoken words, and the videos can be played over as needed for the viewer to comprehend the words, sentences, intonations, and inflections used by the speakers.

  • Question: How can I prepare for GATE without coaching?

    Posted in: GATE Exam | Date: 30/07/2016


    YES IT IS! and in very FIRST ATTEMPT. I perceive coaching(GATE) as they want to manufacture toppers only. Their factory comprises of best faculty with best resources, even after this they have to bargain with toppers to advertise their institute.  I had done coaching in class XI for IITs. All we know about the cut throat competition. Coaching taught me everything no matter it is relevant to my exam or not. They were focused on hard, harder and hardest questions. I badly need some direction and shape to my preparation at that time. So this time I decided; let me know myself what is my weakness and what is my strength.  Downloaded the syllabus--> stick to the wall -->  Read the blog having failure and success stories of GATE--> Attended the webinars (for guidance)-->  Novels motivated me-->  All INDIA Test series helped me to evaluate and to shape my practice-->  Solved previous year questions for guidance of breadth and depth of the topic--> left 25% of topics thinking them as not my cup of tea-->  Worked on my accuracy and speed-->  learned to handle the pressure.

  • Answer:

    you can try this and have access to almost 1 GB of Books , videos and study material - including all sources- manhattan, magoosh, Princeton review for absolutely FREE.

    steps to follow :

    create an account with Welcome to Filestream | Filestream . authenticate the account. download the torrent file from here (27 kB only :P) : Link : upload this torrent file (27 kB) to the upload file section in Filestream. now download the file (950 MB) using the dropdown arrow.

  • Answer:

    The writing section is my biggest worry. I'm considering a GRE course, but I don't want to seat through an entire course just for this one section. I am also considering a writing tutor but I don't know how to ensure the legitimacy of one. How can I improve my writing specifically for GRE style?

  • Question: What is top 8 IELTS book list for IELTS preparation?

    Posted in: IELTS | Date: 01/08/2016


    The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS

    Cambridge IELTS 10

    English Grammar in Use

    English Collocations in Use

    English Vocabulary in Use

    New Insight Into IELTS

    Target Band 7: IELTS Academic Module – How to Maximize Your Score

    Cambridge IELTS 11

  • Question: How can I prepare for IIT JEE ?

    Posted in: IIT JEE Mains | Date: 04/08/2016


    Make sure you can solve problems from the NCERT class XI and class XII textbooks. For best concepts, use IIT Mathematics for JEE (Main and Advanced) by M.L. ... For the most abundant supply of difficult questions: New Pattern IITJEE Mathematics by Dr. S.K.

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Barath was an expert and educated. He gave bit by bit clarifications and ensured I comprehended everything before continuing. He was entirely educated in statistics and was very patient.


Ramya is very professional, easy to get along, friendly and most importantly an expert in accounting and finance. I have enormous respect towards her.


We have now worked with numerous teachers throughout the years. ​Lisa is, undeniably, the best we have had. ​As an instructor, she comprehends the topic and educational plan necessities.


Akash was the best guide for my 17-year old child. Andrew set up a decent affinity with my child and had the option to pass on guidance in Kannada in a way that my child could understand.


Very good and nice service. I do recommend all people to check once here then wasting your time and money to any other places


It was an excellent coaching by Ramesh Sir who helped my son to prepare for academic as well as for IIT JEE , Thanks to Merit class for their potential followups and result oriented plan schedules, but i would like to suggest to start group classes also to help student who can not afford for home tuition fee


We are very happy with merit class, I have opted for Economics tuition and got a tutor from them, that tutor is really good and has lots of patience to explain for my kid to understand.

M Venkatesh

Excellent service provided by Merit class for exam preparation. Thank you all for providing for expected concern


Jansi has worked with other tutors in the past, but Meera was by far the most knowledgeable, insightful and confidence-boosting coach she had ever had. She clearly diagnosed the active reading skills that needed to be developed, and worked with her on a step by step approach that has improved her mastery of both the main ideas and details of the passages.


Naresh basically created a Powerpoint presentation to my specifications, teaching me every step along the way, patiently explaining every keystroke and making sure I could do most of the inputting myself.

Betta Swamy

Mithun explains clear the points that I need to understand to continue with the project. Discuss about inheritance and virtual functions.

Lalit Tyagi

I learned critical writing skills and organizational tools. Raj is a very clear thinker and is excellent at helping me with my writing. His extensive vocabulary and facility with grammar make him a wonderful teacher!


Gomathi was punctual and organized for our meeting. She was knowledgeable about the topic. She is also warm and flexible as a tutor. I would contact her again in the future.


Jagan was helpful in giving me some last minute tips the week before the test. Nothing revelatory, but useful mental things to stop getting in my own way. Thanks Jagan !


My husband and I had an incredible lesson with Geetha. The information was super clear and she made lessons according to our English level. She is super knowledgeable and has great tools. I highly recommend her.


Madhur stands apart from most. So if you have a fantasy that one of those Crash Course guys comes into your life in the flesh, this is the guy for you.


I would greatly recommend Ashwin as a tutor. He is extremely thorough in his explanations and knowledgeable in mathematics. He has helped me a lot in calculus thus far.


Gugan was available to help me last minute with a case study on Operations Management. He was very knowledgeable and patient and spent extra time with me to make sure I understood the process and concepts.


Eric is calm and helpful by explaining things in a format I understand the concepts. He is the best tutor to work with.


Janani really helped me with my Algebra. I highly recommend him. He not only assisted me with my homework but his experience as a Professor was super helpful too.


Maruthi is very responsive to messages and works with your schedule to schedule lessons. I would highly recommend!


Ivan is extremely knowledgeable and patient. He taught me business process management and value chain management for two semesters during my A Level program. He discussed and analyzed the cases that I had to work on very thoroughly and answered all the questions I had.


Glory was fabulous in helping my son with an important final project for his course in GD. She is excellent and very knowledgeable about the profession and has an extensive background in various software applications and techniques. A true professional with years of experience!


Jagan is extremely knowledgeable and will guide you on understanding along with solving your problems with practical methods for the solutions needed.


John was patient and knowledgeable helping me unwind and rewind my work flow with excel. I look forward to setting up my files in a more efficient way and then learning how excel formulas can work me out efficiently.


Vinay is so patient and good with my teenage daughter. She has learned alot from him already. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing help with Maths.


Surbhi has been great working with my niece in Algebra - she is really proactive and takes an active interest in how she learns. She is dedicated, practical and professional. My niece finds her style to be thorough and easy to understand. She looks forward to working with Surbhi because she knows she will understand the material much better after she works with her. We are really excited to be working with her this year!

Panneer Selvam

Aashita was so friendly and extremely thorough. She was very patient and took her time explaining concepts. She breaks everything down so it's simple to understand. I'm so glad I found her!


Jaya has taught me effective strategies to help me understand reading passages more easily. She has also helped me better understand how to approach vocabulary questions, even if the words are unfamiliar. Jaya is very understanding and patient and truly wants the best from her students.


Megna paces herself to my daughter's needs. She is always willing to go back and review a concept that's not clear, and tests understanding of a concept before moving on.

Raja Anirudha

There was an instant click between my daughter and Latha. She has been great so far, planned material, print outs, homework like assignments for mom and dad to follow between sessions.


My twins are in second grade, they like writing, and have the first writing lesson with Suganya this week. Suganya is an experienced and knowledgeable tutor, She knows how to work with child. She try to motivate and cultivate the children's inspiration for creative writing, And teach them how to learn and own new words from their reading.


Doris is helping strengthen my math skills for the JEE. She is extremely patient and has an amazing way of breaking down the problem piece by piece so you can understand it fully.


I have been working with Dev for a few weeks now on college physics. Dev has been great helping me work through homework problems and explaining difficult concepts. He provides a lot of helpful tidbits of information, examples, etc. and will explain things until you understand them and feel comfortable with the material


My son has learned a lot from Thomas in a short period of time. He gives it his all and is intuned to my son's weak areas. He intuitively knows when to stop and give him extra attention even if my son acts like he knows what is going on.


I would not hesitate to recommend Pavi to anyone struggling with math, as I was. She has definitely helped to calm my anxieties, and my quiz grades have certainly improved.

Disha Agarval

Manoj is a real pleasure. Excellent teacher with a lot of patience. And she works with your schedule - very accommodating. Would recommend Manoj to anyone that has a real urge to learn and learn well.

Ravik Kanjilal

Magendran is calm and helpful by explaining things in a format I understand the concepts. He is the best tutor to work with.


I finished with Jaya, it was wonderful. She took her time and helped me break down the hard concepts. She is very organized and had written some notes down for me prior to our visit to help me as well.


Our flat member recommended Jenny. We are new to Jenny, but so far things have gone well. She is reliable, patient and attentive. My daughters are enjoying the introduction to a brand new subject, accounts.


Rajiv is a great tutor. He was easy to talk to and very knowledgeable about economics. He explained some difficult concepts in a way that was easy to understand and gave great real-life examples.


Madhu is an amazing, knowledgeable and competent tutor. She tutored my daughter for the SAT (both English and Math) and was extremely personable and knowledgeable in both subject areas as well as the essay. Additionally, Madhu shared many strategies on how to analyze a question, if necessary how to guess or skip. My daughter came back from the test saying she felt really confident and much more prepared than before working with Madhu! You won't be disappointed!


Highly recommended. He did a great job with what we were working with. Also, Madhu has a tremendous amount of experience!!


Vinay was excellent and explained Spanish concepts in terms that my son could understand. Highly recommended. She took the time to recommend materials that were relevant to the topic at hand.


Veeresh told me Strategies on how to concentrate on a test process of elimination and how to think first while reading the question. They of course worked.

Shantha P.rao

When I first met Krishana Sir I was a novice in Statistics. After three months of obtaining tutorials from Krishana Sir, my professor started referring other students to read my work and follow my approach to questions.


He teaches me a lot about math even though it was hard for me to understand. He is doing a great job of being patient with me. He was working with me on math cause I struggle a lot with math but I'm starting to understand math a lot more than previous only for him. I'm happy that he's helping me out a lot can't learn it without him.

Trusha Jain

Taneash is very patient. He listens to questions and then answers very clearly and concisely. He is very knowledgeable about Java and is very professional in his teaching method.


We met on time and she was interested in identifying my goals and determining the best way to reach them. She was very knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable learning from her.

Vikhyaat Babel

She is tutoring my son in preparation for the SAT. My son likes her and the lessons are progressing well.


Manoj has prepared my son for a computer Science exam. He is very knowledgeable and a guru in his subject. My son and we are very glad and satisfied to have Manoj teach him.


Jana and I have met once thus far and we worked on one chapter I was having issues for the demo. One with regular class I had more confidence and now am comfortable with the topic. He was able to explain things and work with me well.


Worked on HTML5 and CSS3. Gene was kind enough to share many shortcuts and things he has learned over the years, which made the sessions worthwhile. I am much more comfortable with this technology now!


Preethi was very nice, punctual and well prepared. My daughter who has been feeling down on her math skills and hard on herself said Preethi was so nice to her, I think it was encouraging to her to work with this tutor .

Amit Ram

Sajan teaching style is perfect for my daughter. He challenges her to really think about the whys and the whats all while making Math fun!


Mr Thahir was an awesome tutor for my son. My son was really struggling and after working with Thahir Sir he got excellent grades on his tests. He is extremely knowledgeable and patient and knows how to convey the material in a timely and understandable manner. He is a must have tutor!


Lokesh tutored me in Statistics. She is very knowledgeable and explained things very well. I understood more with her in an hour than I did in a month of classes.


Mithun was great in helping our daughter prepare to take the NEET entrance. He made the sessions very enjoyable for her and she was very confident going into the exam.


Janardan was very helpful and insightful. He went the extra mile to make sure I understood every concept. He was patient, and showed me several tricks and tips on how to make the concepts easier for me.


Valar was extremely well prepared and the lesson was informative, challenging and fun. She has obviously been a teacher for many years and knows what she is doing!


Anto has been professional on time and is well like by my son it has only been a couple of months but all is going well. I think the two hit it off well and will work well together on getting him going in the right direction.


She is helping my daughter on the math section of the SAT. She is very helpful and patient. She replies quickly and sends helpful problems for the student.


Aranya was amazing! He took the time to explain everything every formula in maths! Very patient and knowledgeable. He helped me understand a homework. It was a pleasure working with him!


If you really want to learn and you are looking for someone who really wants to help you out Shifana is the one. She is very committed and also knowledgeable, you will have no complains. I look forward to every lesson I have with her, I cannot believe in a short period of time she has been able to help me a great deal!


My son Meran really enjoyed lesson with a Kiran, they went a wide variety of topics in one session, each being explained in detail and very well. Great communication and attention to my son's questions Really recommend to everyone who looking for strong math tutor for IB


I highly recommend taking lessons with Latha. I live roughly 2 hours away from HSR, but she is very well committing and comes on time everyday. In-fact, I'm planning on taking more lessons with her in the near future.


Meera is a very good tutor. I needed to prepare for a my internal job posting and she helped me a lot! She is very nice, professional and exactly what I needed! I definitely recommend her.


Just started but she put emphasis on the right topics and will further continue. Also, good and clear communication skills. Friendly and knowledgeable in accounting. Thanks, need more tutors like her.

Mohita Kodesia

My experience with Zameer was excellent. He has years of experience and really knows everything in Maths. I recommend him to everybody who needs to improve their maths game.


Manoj helped me to understand how to set up and navigate on a Joomla. I feel so much comfortable now setting up a Joomla project now. He was great!


Seenu was a great tutor. He replied very quickly to my message and was great at what he did. He helped me with Finance and walked me through every single step and made sure I understood. He was very quick to respond and knew all his material very well.


We are very happy with Jaber's style of tutoring. He's a very patient and sympathetic teacher, and always puts in the extra effort to ensure everything he teaches is well understood. In addition to class room exercises, he gives homework to help consolidate what's been taught in the classroom.


Pradeema has helped me with JEE Physics Preparation and general interview practice. She has really consolidated important concepts whilst also introducing me to new ideas, encouraging me to develop problem solving skills and confidence when tackling unfamiliar problems. Her extensive feedback and tips at the end of the practice interview were so valuable, and taking this forward into the actual interviews really put me at ease. I would thoroughly recommend! Thank you :)


Extremely impressed so far. I would like to thank you for your help. Also really appreciate the feedback after each lesson. Mithun feels so much more confident with his french now.


Everything is always well explained, she goes step by step and doesn't rush to anything. She makes physics more understandable and Ameena is such a nice person!

Likhith M

We have been with Vikram since September. He’s tutoring my son in Further Maths IGCSE. I notice a greater improvement in his confidence and he says he’s able to focus in class more. That’s a great resolve for us.

Paromita Sundas

Arvind is absolutely fantastic with my son - he has learnt so much in such a short space of time. Helping him to understand many aspects of NEET also, giving advise on which books to purchase, case studies to research and how to answer exam questions to gain the best possible marks.

Jeet Sharma

My son has really taken to his learning with Krishna. He has a friendly, professional manor as well as letting the student know what is expected. He is very helpful and patient when necessary. If my son doesn't understand something he will try to explain a different way until he does understand it. Krishna has such a lovely manor with my son - especially as he didn't want a tutor originally. Now he knows he learns so much from his tutor. I highly recommend Krishna for Maths and Physics tutoring.


Rajesh, Thank you very much for tutoring my son leading up to his IB exam. He is much more confident now on Comp Science which is a huge improvement from just a couple of months before. He said you are a great tutor!


Fantastic tutor ! Always ready to help, explain things well and very supportive just very thankful that we have found a great tutor. Thank you Sabitha.


Been a really great help during the past month with prepping me for my IB chemistry finals. Incredibly patient and thorough with all the details!


Nikita is reliable, knowledgeable, relatable and adaptable. She has improved not only my daughter's knowledge and skill set, but also her confidence in the subject. Nikita has been fantastic!


Very useful information about the topic and surrounding information that isn't normally covered but is becoming more apparent in the new syllabus. Also very detailed explanations made for some great notes.


Very thorough lesson. We were able to focus on what I needed for a module in English language in my first year of undergraduate study.

Kamasani Hari Babu

Apart from some connection issues on Hari's part, he was an absolutely fantastic tutor. Not only was he active and seemed to genuinely care about the learning process, he also always came ready to the lessons with prepared material. Additionally he's a really friendly guy and flexible with setting up times for the lessons. I'd recommend Hari's help to anyone struggling with maths, easy five stars!

Anshu Sud

Mukil was super helpful, we went over many different types of questions based on a topic I struggled with and now I can confidently say I am no longer struggling! Only problem was his timing, every thing else was okay.


My son doing his second month English IGCSE lesson with Sreepathi today. Gowrav stated today that he is already feeling more confident and having a tutor like Sreepathi made him start liking English again. We will not hesitate to ask Sreepathi for more lessons in English and the other subjects.


Rajan designs the lessons in a unique way that it is both informative as well as interesting and fun! I highly recommend him, for any one who is looking for an expert in advance maths.


My children are really enjoying their lessons with Hema. So much so that they have said they wish she was their school teacher! Both are making good progress and already understanding better.


Neena was very helpful for my JEE preparation. I had highlighted Physics as my main weakness for the exam and she has definitely helped me improve my articulation of my ideas within concepts and technical points. Would recommend for anyone looking for help preparing for their IIT JEE exams.


Raju marking sessions were always reliable and in-depth and a must do if you want to prepare the best you can for the NEET. Would recommend to anyone and I will be coming back if I need any more help with anything else!


Tutored me for just under a month with my TOFEL and the way Anu helped me to develop my writing and my ideas was invaluable. The interactive sessions are friendly and Anu always got the best out of me, making sure to answer any of my questions and continuously pushed me to develop my thinking.


Bella has been working with my son for a couple of weeks, but already he has a much better understanding of topics and programming. He is also looking forward to lessons which is great. I can really recommend Bella who has been super efficient and diligent in her lessons. Very grateful for her support.


Madhu has supported me to correctly order my thoughts and put structure in my essays. He also gives very detailed feedback on how to improve work and when he edits work for correction, he explains why. Consistently reliable .


Anitha has been tutoring my son for his in Computer Science. He is fantastic. He is incredibly knowledgeable. He delivers the sessions effectively and tailors them to fit what my son needs from him on the day. He's really responsive so it's easy to set up sessions. I can't recommend him highly enough.


Megana was a great help for my Psychology. She helped me link theories as well as reword several sections. Very supportive and friendly


The lesson was extremely useful. Anto explained the most effective way I should approach maths problems and offered me help to explain the math behind my theory in order to include make my understanding better, for a higher mark. He gave me detailed and useful explanations.


Excellent teaching skills, Hema has the ability to understand child individual needs. She has a fun way of explaining simple to complicated maths to the child. I would recommend her to anyone whom is searching for a tutor. Thankyou


Latha is so positive and encouraging in the sessions with my daughter. The pace is great and she has always prepared plenty of examples to work through. My daughter has built up her confidence in maths and made great progress.


Jaya is a very accommodating tutor and always puts in a tremendous effort for our tutorials, by creating specific and detailed lesson plans - tailored to my needs as a student. This really enhanced my confidence and helped me thoroughly during my preparation for my final exams.


Madhu Sir is a great tutor. I've already gained good insight. Madhu Sir explains the content very well, he is nice and a really good tutor. I would recommend!


Pankaj has gone over and above all of my expectations. He is an excellent teacher and knows his work. My daughter is doing very well that l had to increase her lessons to 4 a week instead of 2. He makes the lessons enjoyable, interesting, productive and gives my daughter homework. I could not have asked for a better tutor. Thank you very much Pankaj.


Anand is an amazingly helpful tutor. I always feel like I have learnt a lot after lessons, and always enjoy them. Anand has an amazing knowledge of physics and really helps me to build a better understanding of the subject. I would strongly recommend it.

Ms. Shanthi

Good at explaining. Talks through topic thoroughly and makes sure that its understanding. Covers large amounts of content during one session.


Thank you Yazmin for your fun and approachable style - it put my daughter so much at ease with you. Your tuition helped her very much, even though we came to you relatively late. Her grade was much improved upon her mock result. Many thanks!


Great tutor who focuses on building a bond with her students aswell as significantly improving their grades!


Manoj has a great passion in sharing knowledge and put rigorous effort to help their student. I definitely recommend him for IB preparation. Thank you Manoj, you are a star!

Vikas Kumar

My son has found Vineeth's lessons to be well structured and extremely helpful. He has enjoyed all his classes. Thank you Vineeth


Before I had decided to take up tutorials for Maths, I had felt out of touch with the subject. My interest had faded, I started to read and write less and my grades were falling. I had completely neglected the subject. But as soon as I took a tutorial with Manju, I realized why I used to love the subject.

Poornima Saravanan

Rekha has been preparing my home schooling son for his Maths exams for the last 3 months. She has plenty of passion and energy for this subject and has been very flexible with our haphazard schedule. Cant recommend her enough. Thank you Rekha.


Had our last lesson with Shalu today. My son's exam is tomorrow and can't thank Shalu enough for the solid preparation. Awesome teacher and you won't go wrong if choose meritclass.

Ripon Das

Maria is a fantastic tutor. With her help, I was able to achieve a grade 8 in my English language IGCSE and a grade 9 in English literature. Thank you so much Maria!


He explained everything really well and made sure to test me by asking me questions and made sure I understood everything. Arun explained every old question paper until I can practice my self.


My daughter really enjoyed Nikhita's lessons, she found them very helpful and engaging! Even though math isn't exactly classified as a particularly fun subject, she still managed to make the lessons something to look forward to rather than dread. Thank you


Fantastic tutor. Really connected with our son. We feel confident with her style of tutoring as our son enjoyed MATHS!


When I don't feel confident enough help & constant motivation is applied to get me through the lesson and overall targets set of achieving something. Also very detailed planning/schedule made for the the student (which helps a lot to boost confident).


My daughter is really benefiting from the additional explanations out of the lesson. Magesh, thank you for your flexibility with scheduling!

Sunil Kabra

Really great tutor. Has helped me improve my essays exponentially in a very short amount of time! Tutor is on time every day.


We hired Madumitha through Meritclass. She is very helpful and co-operative, explains and engages the student with the task.


Really great tutor. Has helped me improve my math skills exponentially in a very short amount of time!


She is very professional, she plans the sessions meticulously and is very focused on how she wants to approach each lesson. We find that this makes a huge difference. My daughter finds her approachable and has really opened up to her.


Ragu has been fantastic with my son. I have always supported him throughout school but I found that as he was moving into key stage two, I had a limited knowledge of the latest teaching methods and my teaching methods seemed to clash with the way that they were taught at school. Since working with Ragu, I have felt rest assured that my son is receiving the support that he needs to keep him ahead of the class.


I have rated Bala as excellent in all sections because I believe that he deserves this rating. Being knowledgeable does not always mean being able to teach but he has both skills so it is not surprising that we are already seeing improvements at school.


I would like to say thank you to my tutor. She was fantastic! She was very knowledgeable and taught me study skills as well as exam technique. I really enjoyed the tuition sessions and I ended up doing very well in my Physics exams

A Khan

Swathi has been fantastic with my son. She is very experienced and up to date with the latest teaching methods. We are very pleased with his progress and we believe that with her support he will be fully prepared for Secondary school


We tried two other tutor agencies before MeritClass and Radhi and we could not be more pleased with her support. I knew straight away she was right for my daughter because I could tell she was smiling on our first telephone call.

U Reddy

The best thing about her teaching style is that she motivates the children and she gets them to enjoy their writing. They genuinely enjoy having her there and over the past few months, she has pretty much become like a member of our extended family! I would recommend Mrs Kavya to any parent looking for an excellent English tutor.

Nandini Beschi

Praveen is an outstanding math teacher. When I initially read his profile, I doubted that he could be as good as the other parents had said – but they were absolutely right. The children love having him as their maths teacher and we couldn’t be happier!”


I contacted MeritClass because I needed a tutor to help my son with his +2 exams, particularly with exam technique. We were already using the Bond at home books but I felt that he could do with more support. Everyone says that you shouldn’t tutor for the +2 but I was convinced that at least three-quarters of his class were receiving extra tuition! We started quite late, but we were consistent doing 2-3 sessions per week and it paid off. Thanks to Kiran


My husband and I have always been against private tuition but as our daughter approached her Public Exam, it became clear that her school was not supporting her in the way that she needed and her grades would suffer as a consequence. We found a tutor through Merit Class and the tutor did a good job. The tutor was quite young with impressive feedback on her profile including many top grades and I could not find a fault in her.


Mullai Balaji was a god send. He is enthusiastic about his subject and his enthusiasm rubs off on my children. He managed to turn my daughter’s A-level Maths grades from a predicted Cs and Ds into A-grades. She received her results last month and we will definitely be continuing with him next year.


Our tutor is very good – He been able to help our children improve in their Levels in Maths and English but more importantly, his approach seems to have had a positive effect on other parts of their academic life. Their form tutors have said that they have seen a general improvement in attitude and attainment across the board and we are very pleased with this


Ragu has been with us for almost a year now. The goal was initially to get our son into a top college and now that we have achieved that goal we decided to continue with his as a tutor. Our son has gained admission to one of the best colleges in the country and we are glad that we retained Ragu’s services as we believe that with his support, we can keep our child in the top sets when his PG.

Pradish Haridas

I’ve found Naveen to be enthusiastic and extremely patient. Our son has special needs and he has been able to help him with his numeracy and literacy skills. He now finds homework a lot less stressful.

Prakash Nedungadi

Over the past few years, we have gone with a number of agencies but we felt that the children were not necessarily gaining much, particularly with the last tutor who seemed to be more interested in his fees than supporting our children. I am extremely glad that we stumbled upon MeritClass. So far we have had two Maths tutors and one English tutor through MeritClass, and all have been extremely good. The downside has been when our children get used to a tutor and they end up moving to a different city. Having said that, MeritClass have been generally good at finding an alternative tutor and the children have been quick to adapt to having a new tutor.


Just to say thank you to Mrs Uma and thank you the team at MeritClass for your help in matching us with Mrs Uma. We really couldn’t ask for a more professional tutor. We discovered quite late that our son is hyperactive and it became apparent that we would need a specialist tutor. Mrs Uma has done an excellent job with supporting him


Madhu is one of the best tutors we have encountered. She plans her lessons carefully by identifying his needs, she sets him targets for every term and every few weeks she sits with us to provide feedback on his progress. I cannot rate her highly enough!

A Datta

Prior to having a home tutor, I was really concerned that the children would feel overwhelmed with going to school and having a tutor to give them even more work at home but it turned out to be a very smooth transition for them. So far our tutor Vino, has been brilliant. It’s only been a few months but my daughter said that she makes her feel very clever. I hope that she can stay with us until they have both finished their JEE Mains exams. Even though the exams are a few years away, I know that with her support, especially at the rate that we are going, they should be able to go beyond the target levels that their school has set for them!


She clearly puts 100% into her students. Now my son claims that Maths is his favorite subject! (It’s as if he has magically forgotten how he struggled with maths for so many years!) Soniya is an excellent tutor!”

Chaithra Reddy

Before we signed up with MeritClass we had a very clear idea of what we wanted – someone older and more mature as we felt that they would be more experienced with working with students with special needs. Within just two sessions, it was clear that she was not the right fit…She was a good tutor with lots of qualifications and experience….but just not the right tutor for our son. MeritClass contacted us with details of an alternative tutor but we had our reservations about taking on a young tutor with only two years of experience. However we could not have been any more wrong. A young tutor turned out to be exactly what our son needed and indeed excellent.


He is very professional, he plans the sessions meticulously and is very focused on how he wants to approach each lesson. We find that this makes a huge difference. My daughter finds his approachable and has really opened up to her. She even looks forward to the sessions!


Sam tutored my daughter for A level government and politics. A very patient and accomplished teacher, and one of the nicest people to deal with. Very highly recommended!


I’ve had a very positive experience with Radika, she is extremely patient, precise in her teaching techniques and as a result I feel much more confident in my general chemistry knowledge. I would highly recommend!


Lots of thanks to Darshana. She helped me understand where I'm losing marks all the time and helped me understand sections that took me hours to understand.


Rajesh explained everything really well and made sure to test me by asking me questions and made sure I understood everything


Amazing teacher and wonderful explanations. Understand all of her teachings and it doesn't matter if you don't get something because she makes you feel like you will get there and it is judgment free .


A really friendly tutor, always finds a way to explain things in a simple way so that you are able to understand it. I highly recommend! :)


Meera is an excellent tutor. My daughter is so happy with her lessons. Looking forward to next lessons with Meera. Thank you so much


Vineeth was really helpful, I feel much more confident on the topics we've covered. I'm looking forward to the to continue next year too.


Well explained, good points made, easy to understand All in all Brilliant. I would suggest merit class to any one who need an expert home tutor.


The Best place in HSR for the young ones, not only building their skillsin Maths but MeritClass's teaching methodology also helps the children to continuously improve themselves. The teaching program is tailored for individual child and followed with regular assessments.


Took Physics, Math and Biology classes for 3 months, faculty is knowledgeable and well qualified, good experience.


I took tuition with MeritClass for nearly 6 months for Engineering subjects. The faculty members are very knowledgeable and cooperative.


Our tutor is very good – He has been able to help our children improve in their Levels in Maths and English but more importantly, his approach seems to have had a positive effect on other parts of their academic life. Their form tutors have said that they have seen a general improvement in attitude and attainment across the board and we are very pleased with this.

Anita Kumar

Cristy is an excellent tutor. He has been tutoring my son for the SAT Subject Tests in Biology and Math . He is dependable, patient, and I would highly recommend him as a tutor.


Rekha has only had few months with my Son. Within that short period of time she was able to notice his difficulties to figure a strategy to help. Very good instructor.

Vaskar Sengupta

Nithi has patience, does not seem to be in a hurry, willing to go over basics as well as review mathematical building blocks while correcting prior test mistakes.


Malathi works well with my child through patience and understanding. She is well versed in the material needed to be reinforced. My son enjoys his time with Malathi. Highly Recommend!

Vinny John

Veera is an energetic tutor. He is organized in his lessons and comes with a variety of tools to make the learning complete.


My son was struggling in Algebra, Madhu helped him a lot to start understanding the subject and he is still working on him . My son is improving everyday .I strongly recommend Madhu as a teacher. He has command on the subject and he explains well . I and my son both are very satisfied with his teaching style.


My son has more confidence in his writing since working with Daisy. She's an excellent instructor and was always prompt.


Chintiya is a patient and effective tutor for my daughter. She is always very courteous and willing to accommodate. She is responsive yet flexible. We have seen a positive change in our daughters' grades and schoolwork because of the skills that she is mastering from Chintiya. She is also encouraging and positive in her feedback and reinforcement.

Mehabo Badsha

Akash is great, he connects quickly with the student and the topics they need help with. He jumps right in and moves as fast or slow as the student needs. Akash is extremely bright.


Mani went over all her questions and made sure she understood. He gave her lots of tips for solving problems. We will see the results when she takes the midterm next week.


Madhu did a terrific job. Very detailed and patient. Was able to explain logic material in detail and followed up for understanding.


My high school-aged son has major learning disability issues and was very frustrated by poor grades. Thanks to Malathi he scored 60 percent on a recent exam and was so very happy with himself. She is a great tutor!


Andrea is helping our son with the college essay process and she has given us good insights on how to approach the essay prompts. She listens and makes the student comfortable in expressing their ideas.


Alex's explanations are easy to understand. I felt that I Left the session feeling confident on subjects that I was weak on prior to the session. This makes me very happy.

Binod Kumar

Great, knowledgeable tutor. Very good at breaking down complicated topics so that you come away thoroughly understanding everything you need to know.

Anshu Mehta

Alex has helped my son dramatically improve his Understanding of Chemistry and improve his grades. I Would strongly recommend him.


Hema has helped me gained a better understanding with one of my weak concepts in math. She is prepared with reviews to help you practice what you just learned.


Kavya is an experienced TOEFL tutor. My niece feels very comfortable in her class and her teaching methodology. She is very knowledgeable and understanding and well prepared.


Jo was an excellent tutor in Maths for my daughter. He was knowledgeable and patient. I recommend him highly.


Sharvesh worked with my daughter on a senior level French college essay. Her teaching skills along with her experience in translating literature were apparent in the advice she gave and in her understanding of the wording necessary to communicate complex thoughts in French. An excellent tutor.


Sharvesh worked with my daughter on a senior level French college essay. Her teaching skills along with her experience in translating literature were apparent in the advice she gave and in her understanding of the wording necessary to communicate complex thoughts in French. An excellent tutor.


Mary has helped my 6 year old progress in his reading. He enjoys his sessions and I appreciate Mary's input.


He was very flexible and is a very good teacher. He explain things very well and was extremely patient. I did very well on my test with just one lesson. I highly recommend Magesh for a tutor.


Lekha is very patient and promotes a positive attitude. She used multiple methods to explain a problem

Stuthi N

Excellent tutor. I learned so much during our lesson. He even followed up with an email and told me I can email him whenever I needed to. Worth it!


Dare I say, caring. Vinay exceeds any expectations. He was able to help my son with his current accounting. The more difficult of the 4 basic accounting classes. He even showed my son areas of the online book site that my son had no idea that he could access to help himself. In the end it is my son, who is now more confident in the material.


Shashank is very very smart in Bio and has a great way of making the concepts real. She has patience and brings lots of great presentations to supplement current materials. She is patient, reliable and results-oriented.


I have a 15 year old son and he is doing great. He has only had Madhan two weeks and things are looking up. Madhan is reliable and a great motivator.


We had a great first lesson. Madhan was able to evaluate how much I already knew and to adjust her lesson and approach to my capabilities. I'm looking forward to my next lesson.


Vinay focused on financial accounting and gave some homework to do. He knows his stuff inside and out. Very easy to work with. Has an excellent command of the material and is a great teacher and communicator.


Tutor is extremely good, patients and knowledgeable. We are extremely grateful for having found her and her talent for teaching. My son's grades have improved eminently.


Raghu has been working with our daughter for 5 months. This has been a great experience and my daughter has learned so much! Wish we used her sooner. She will continue with sessions over the summer and into next year.

Mukesh Seth

Praveen was great to work with! Not only was he exceptional in his knowledge of all aspects of math, he was also very personable and approachable. He was able to explain things in a way that was easy to understand. I would recommend him highly!

Mythili Arun

Maha is helping my daughter to get ahead of her work in middle school accelerated mathematics. She and my daughter work well together.


Vino has been working with our daughter for 5 months. This has been a great experience and Janavi has learned so much! Wish we used her sooner. She will continue with sessions over the summer and into next year.

Sabari Raj S

We had a good initial session with Danny. My son enjoyed his coaching. Danny was organized and clear in his objectives for the session. He also explained the commitments needed.

Binod Kumar

Arokyaraj was great to work with! Not only was he exceptional in his knowledge of all aspects of math, he was also very personable and approachable. He was able to explain things in a way that was easy to understand. I would recommend him highly!

Anshu Mehta

Vinoth is helping my daughter to get ahead of her work in middle school accelerated mathematics. She and my daughter seem to work well together.


Charan is an excellent instructor. He explains the whole mathematical process to a question. I like the style of tutoring he does. I feel much more comfortable with the math section of the sat.

Akshaya Mishra

Praveen is an outstanding chem tutor! Half way through the school year, my daughter was struggling with chemistry and feeling very discouraged. Praveen was able to explain the material to her in a clear and comprehensible manner. Not only did her grade improve significantly, but she finished the year with a much deeper understanding and actually started to enjoy chemistry. We highly recommend him!

Kavitha Jagadeesh

She does a good job fostering growth by analyzing the topic and presenting an easy to understand approach to solve similar problems independently. Very personable and most of all my son feels comfortable working with her.


Mogana priya seems very patient and eager to help my daughter she was very insightful and warm with her approach to a first time student. We look forward to future lessons and throughout the upcoming year.


Blessed to find Gautham who happen to live near HSR Layout, and who is a Math major. My kids liked the session and understood a lot of their class work. I am able to say Gautham showed me how to do it while working on her math packet. Looking forward to summer sessions to head start my kids for the next school year.


I have found that Ganesh is very pleasant and patient with my children, they enjoy his lessons and learn a lot. I would highly recommend him as a French tutor. Thank you.


Laksmi is extremely nice and very knowledge with the content she is tutoring as well as resources for students to use in between tutoring sessions. I enjoyed my first tutoring session with her immensely.


Mano is not only a outstanding tutor, he is also highly experienced at various ways of teaching and making lessons extremely enjoyable while learning efficiently.


Needed to review math concepts. He was very honest with strengths and weaknesses. My daughter now has a plan for what to study and work on before next session.


He is very helpful and kind. He actually knows what is talking about when he helps you and I would recommend him to you.


Wow! Veer was a great teacher and broke down how to use Adobe Illustrator into easy, manageable steps. He was patient and thorough. He taped the session so I'll be able to review and practice on my own. I really appreciate that. We had a three-hour session today and I'm going to book him again soon to learn even more. Highly recommend!

M.shanmuga Perumal

Asma worked with our daughter on English and Math. Asma identified her strengths and weaknesses, clarified concepts when it was needed, and challenged her as soon as a topic was mastered.

Raja Paul

Mamtha is a great tutor, my son likes her so much because she is very creative, devoted and has a lot of positive energy! She has been tutoring my son in English (reading, writing, grammar) since March and I can't say anything but what a great visible improvement my son made in school!


Ameena is extremely knowledgeable in all areas of science. Especially Biology. She is also very patient. We highly recommend her!


Madhu Gowda is an amazing tutor! His demeanor and approach towards educating others is refreshing and admirable. He brings great energy when he enters a room! My son really enjoys himself during their time together and no longer dreads the idea of doing "extra work."

Priyanka M

My son was very happy to work with Priya, she made him feel comfortable, went over several concepts and answered many of his questions in one hour. She helped him not only to understand concepts better but offered some tips to memorize the most important facts. He feels much more confident and capable of independent study.


Highly recommended. Vinitha was very precise and encouraging. I could tell that she really cared. Choose Vinitha as your tutor. She will help you to achieve your writing goals.


My daughter felt totally comfortable asking questions. Mahesh explained things in a way that made the math problems make sense. Goal accomplished! Great tutor!

A.v Subbarao

Radhi is an excellent chemistry tutor. She clearly explains the subject material in a well organized fashion. She is easy to understand.

Dr Aparna U Simha

Asifa was very helpful with my doctorate level quantitative research class and the software paper. I made it through my first software application assignment.


Vivek is now tutoring two of our girls and each in need of the different subject. Vivek has given each of them the confidence and the tools to learn the material in a very comfortable situation.


Excellent teacher and super nice approach to both my children teaching English. Highly recommend Shalu. She helped greatly with Yasemin to improve her vocabulary and story telling.


Very happy with Malathi. She has great skill as a teacher and made an instant concoction with my daughter. Thank you!

Anjum Ara

We hired Sunantha to help our son break through some of his limitations in the area of language, grammar and reading comprehension. She is very patient and was able to quickly assess the area of need and begin to help form a strategy to tackle the upcoming and dreaded standardized tests necessary for college. Highly recommend!


Joseph is a outstanding teacher. Very reliable, kind, understanding and terrific with helping my daughter understand the work and makes it fun! She looks forward to her tutor time with him.

Pv Krishna

Vinitha is great with my son Magesh. He has a better understanding and she has been giving him tips on how to study more effectively.

Suresh Babu

Joshna is a very effective computer science tutor. He is smart with terrific communication skills. He taught my child good problem solving skills. We would recommend him highly.


Madu did a nice job jumping right in to NEET prep for my daughter. Off to a great start on college test prep!


Naveen prepared my daughter for a Spanish test. He was available on short notice and arrived with additional materials to review. My daughter took the assessment confidential. Thanks to Naveen.


Mani is an inspired teacher. More importantly, he inspires my son with the fascinating way he brings the subject material to life. As if that wasn't enough, he has an intricate knowledge of the subject material and how it will be tested. I know my 10th grader is going to walk into that exam confident and prepared. Sometimes it's not enough to just know the information.


Organic Chemistry was actually fun, and I understood it. Ravi is hands down one of the best if not the best tutor. Really awesome, patient and smart. An extreme pleasure to be taught by him.


Dinesh is very professional and great with students. He knows his materials and presents it well. Very pleased with his work overall.


I really appreciated how much she had prepared before the lessons for Maths Exam. She tells you what you need to change and knows exactly what to do.

Apurva Roy

Very helpful and patient teacher. She makes sure you understand the concepts before practice problems. I would recommend her services.


Reena is an excellent tutor. She considers the specific needs of the child and creates a lesson to build on the child's strengths and to eliminate their weaknesses. She is not just a math expert; she is a true teacher who genuinely wants the child to succeed. She is organized, punctual, and supportive.


Jennifer is great! She has so much patience with my son. She is very knowledgeable and my son comfortable asking questions. Jennifer is always on time. Would recommend her highly.


Deepa is a very patient and expericed tutor. She helped my daughter about vocabulary expansion, grammar learning. She also recommended books to my daughter that is what we wanted exactly. We are very glad that she would be our tutor.


Ram is a brilliant tutor. He expertly explained a difficult calculus topic to my son, who now understands it completely. Besides being super intelligent, he is also extremely nice. I will definitely be contacting him again!


Mithun continues to tutor in a patient and efficient manner. Our son is ahead of schedule and we have no worries whatsoever that he will excel at his accounts.


Whether your a beginner or average student in Maths Prassana will improve your understanding and knowledge of the subject. His approach to teaching made my lessons enjoyable and informative. I highly recommend him to any student.


He is a great tutor. He is attentive to his students needs. He prepares something special for each lesson which help us a lot.


With her vast experience as an educator, Mano was able to take control of our 5th grader's Language and math issues and resolved them quickly.


Vinodth did a great job assessing my son's needs and working at his pace. He made him feel very comfortable and relaxed despite his struggles. My son was able to understand the lessons and thrive. Vinodth is very knowledgeable regarding the ASVAB and we look forward to working with him again in the future!


Hashana is helping my daughter with math and english she is showing improvement as well as great daughter is work habits and organization is improving

Sobha Rani

Vineetha is the tutor I have been looking for. She is patient and makes learning fun. She has a keen ability to understand my limited abilities and she knows exactly what I am trying to learn. I have every confidence that I will be conversational in English very soon with her help.

Ayushi Goenka

My daughter loves when Ms Meera comes. She never wants me to cancel - even when she was sick! They have a great rapport. It has only been a few lessons so far but my daughter already seems more confident.


Hari helped my son with the maths apaper and did an excellent job. He was extremely knowledgeable, clear and able to identify where my son needed help and target those areas. Hari had a very short period of time and with just five lessons was able to help my son achieve a good grade on the exam.

S. Sairam

Veena was able to help my daughter understand her current Spanish lesson within the first session. She was patient, friendly, and understanding to her concerns. We will definitely be continuing our tutor sessions.


I'd recommend Vinoth for the following reasons: 1- sessions are fun but at the same time you gain a lot of knowledge because he can relate the topics covered with real business life. 2 - Vinoth is very patient and willing to take the time to make sure that you understand what he's trying to explain. 3- I had a midterm a week ago, so I had some confusion. I texted him and he was more than happy to clarify my confusion over the phone with no prior appointment what so ever. I guess I was lucky that he had the time and the phone call lasted for about 15 min, but still it was VERY nice of him to do that 4- If you work really hard and make some progress and he notices that, he'll mention it. To me this is important because first it's encouraging and tells me that I'm on the right track. 5- The fact that he has a flexible schedule is a huge advantages. Highly recommended!!


I am very much enjoyed my tutoring sessions with Kumar. His knowledge of French is excellent! Highly recommend him as a tutor.

Dr. Amarnath

She is a good teacher, knows her material and is patient enough to repeat things till you understand. You can never remember everything that you learn but she did give me quite a few good pointers that I had no idea about. It was worth the time spent with her. I would definitely recommend her if you are looking for a tutor.

Veerjeet Singh

My sons just had their first home tutoring session yesterday and as Ganesh left they told me that they already learned quite a bit! We plan to book future sessions with him again.


It's my first home tuition. Teacher Gautam retrieved my problem from our conversation and he kindly told me how I practice to fix it. I'm sure I can improve my English level with him.


Hemanth is a very knowledgeable tutor. He is very patient with me and truly helps me understand the material. Something I didn't have any clue about, I now know about. He truly broke the information down and challenged me to see if I can derive at the correct answer. Great tutor!


Gopi is a wonderful tutor. Our daughter missed a lot of school due to a medical issue and was really behind in Kannada. Gopi has a gentle, patient style and really engaged our daughter in studying. Our daughter is rapidly catching up and all of her test scores have been 90 or above! Kannada is a wonderful language, but really tough to learn. Having a one-on-one tutor like Carrie has made a huge difference for our daughter.

Bineesha Vijay

Mujahid is very patient and very thorough. I liked that he took the time before the lesson to have a conversation with my son as well as with me in order to find out what our needs and expectations are. While my son took an assessment he had a conversation with me to learn more about his needs.


Vinay was promoted and ready, taught not just the math but strategies to handle problem. My son was looking forward to his next session.


Manoj was great! He was able to go over a lot of my problem areas on my first session. I'm sure with his help and a few more sessions that I'll be able to pass the test in no time.


I needed assistance for an outline for my project. I was pressed for time, he had awesome ideas, Guided me in the direction I needed to be. I'm very impressed with his knowledge, and appreciative.


I have Archana as my algebra teacher, she has helped me not only with my current algebra work but she has also been preparing me for my future SAT's. Archana is an amazing tutor because she always makes sure you understand the subject before moving on. She constantly challenges me by advancing me onto the next topic, so that the next day in class I already have a full understanding of what is being taught with no difficulties. Archana has always helped improve my test grades by going over the old ones to perfect the new ones to come. She has made my year of algebra very easy for me.


My daughter really enjoyed her first lesson with Frank. He went through a lot of ideas and structures of how to write a good essay in history. The lesson is very engaging and she learned a lot in an hour. She is looking forward to her next lesson.


Magesh is a great teacher and made learning easier for me. Very knowledgeable and patient too! I learned a lot in just one lesson. 5 stars for sure!


I highly recommend Megna to anyone interested in learning Maths or needing a Maths tutor for school. Megna is from my locality and knows exactly how to teach Maths. She is also a very nice girl and is really patient so reviewing complicated topics is a pleasure. I've been able to learn a lot from our sessions and am very thankful to find her as my tutor.


My son had been making great progress in mathematics thanks to Niranjan enthusiasm and his great teaching skills abilities . I really recommend him highly as a tutor in mathematics to anybody who is struggling with math or need help with SAT.


Vishu was able to teach me more than I learned in 6 hours of class in one hour. He broke it down into understandable components that made it possible for me to get a handle on the material. I feel well prepared for my upcoming exam. Thank you Vishu.


I had needed assistance for an outline for my project. I was pressed for time, he had awesome ideas, Guided me in the direction I needed to be. I'm very impressed with his knowledge and appreciative. Thanks Hemanth Gowda


My daughter really enjoyed her first lesson with Gopi; he went through a lot of ideas and structures of how to write a good essay in history. The lesson is very engaging and she learned a lot in an hour. She is looking forward for her next lesson.

Evita John

Madhu is a great teacher and made learning easier for me. Very knowledgeable and patient too! I learned a lot in just one lesson. 5 stars for sure!

Chinnu Reddy

Magesh has been tutoring my daughter last 2 weeks. So far my daughter is very happy with his tutoring. She had many NEET tutors in the past but Matthew is one of the best tutors. He is very considerate and put his heart to tutor my daughter. I am saying this because my daughter's past tutors either did not know what they were doing or not fit tutors for any students. I highly recommend Magesh to parents who are looking for an excellent and ethical tutor. Thank you so much Magesh for tutoring my daughter. Thanks again!

Sumanta Ganguly

I highly recommend Madhavi to anyone interested in learning German or needing an Italian tutor for school. Madhavi is from German and knows exactly how to teach the German language. She is also a very nice girl and is really patient so reviewing complicated topics is a pleasure. I've been able to learn a lot from our sessions and am very thankful to find her as my tutor.


Gayatri did a session with my daughter and she was very good. She was very patient and explained everything in a way my daughter understands.


Despite the rainy season, Joseph still came to give us a lesson. He is very knowledgeable and patient. But he could simplify his vocabulary a bit so that we could understand him even better.

Dr Bala Krishnan

Practiced equations of Molarity and Solubility. Ravi was very helpful and has agreed to meet with my daughter frequently over the next two weeks to get her grade up before the end of the term.


Megna is very kind and compassionate. She is very patient and caring of those she tutors. She is also very knowledgeable in what she teaches and helps others try to understand where and why they are making the mistakes they make. She is also very flexible with her schedule. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a tutor!


Simarpreet was very professional and knowledgeable. My son really enjoyed working with him. My son left the session feeling very confident on the material that they worked on together. MY son and I look forward to more lessons with him.


He is knowledgeable about the subject and flexible with time. I would recommend Akash to anyone looking for an algebra tutor. He will reschedule last minute if something comes up.


Mano helped with derivatives and limits. Mano goes out of his way to meet with students as needed. Richard is reliable and eager to share his knowledge with others.

Athar Zama

We are extremely pleased with Anands's tutoring and his amazing math knowledge. Our son is very comfortable working with Anand.


She is teaching me anatomy. I like the fact that she's always on time and has great explanations. We cover all the materials in a short period of time.

Chandra Kala

Raj took his time to ensure that concepts were clear before moving on to new ones; did not rush to move lesson along, instead his focus was on identifying challenging areas and addressing them


Dina was very patient and easily connected with my son. Dina was able to easily analyze his weakness and strengths.

Divya Nair

We have thoroughly enjoyed Elizabeth's tutelage. Thanks to Elizabeth's wonderful teaching techniques, my son's recent progress report showed great improvement .

Seema Suresh

Great job with math review. Gives lots of material to study and practice with. Takes her time and makes sure that you know the material that is being reviewed.


Very happy! Janaki made me feel extremely comfortable during our first session. I feel much more secure already. Can't wait for my next session.


Lakshmi went over some difficult financial accounting topics with me when we had met. She spent efficient hours helping me understand the information and walked me through long complex problems in a simpler manner. I like her outgoing and positive attitude which definitely gives me more confidence.

Pinky Nayak

Great job very thorough with math review. Gives lots of material to study and practice with. Takes her time and makes sure that you know the material that is being reviewed.

Tasleem Taj

My meeting with her was very good. I felt I made a good choice picking Mrs. Latha. My child said she likes her also and that is important to me!


Ram took her time to review what my daughter was currently learning and helped her with some tricks to affirm her knowledge. My daughter left feeling confident to face her next algebra class for the first time all school year. Looking forward to the next session.


I am very pleased to have Ms. Radhi as a tutor for my son. She has a lot of patience with children of elementary school age. Ms. Radhi also has very creative teaching skills that help children learn without even realizing it.


Meehir is an excellent tutor. He took his time to understand and listen where my son is having a problem. He answered all questions and explained the concept patiently in a simplified term. I highly recommend Meehir.

R Paul

Kavin has a great deal of knowledge of Java and is astute with the various methods for learning the programming language.

Minu Sharma

He worked with my grandson and took him through the lesson at his pace. Made sure my grandson understood everything before going on. A very good session for my grandson

Vinod Vijayvargiya

Vinay is working with my son in French. My son is already feeling more confident and motivated. Vinay is helping to determine my son's deficits and fill in the gaps since my son has had three different teachers in the past year.


Raghu helped a friend of mine and he was very professional. He went far beyond the actual lesson and followed up to make sure the essay was on track. Highly recommended

Ramesh Gowda

Raju was really great to work with. He really took the time to make sure that I have understood the material and I really appreciated that. I will definitely work with him again!


I was very impressed with Manoj's in-depth knowledge of Java, he explains each step as he demonstrates, and test my understanding along the way. This is my first lesson and so far, I am pleased. Thanks, Manoj.


She is a great teacher! I have very beginning level so we started to learn basic things. For example, such verbs as to be, to go, to have. Also Gayu helped me with pronunciation a lot! Thank you!!!


Elizabeth was very patient and encouraging. I am sure that there are many tutors that of course have command of the French language, but due to Elizabeth's extensive experience in tutoring, her lessons have a process in place that gave me the best chance to learn and build confidence. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to learn French.


Professional and knowledgeable German tutor. Got right to work and provided excellent assistance to a 16 year old HS student. Easy going manner facilitated the session and made the first session a great experience.


Veena tutor my 6 year old son for the first time this past weekend. She was very patient, professional and knowledgeable. My son seemed to like her and to be interested during the the tutoring time with her. Looking forward to see my son improve his reading, writing and math skills.

Meena Thomas

We are so pleased with what Murali has accomplished with our son. He responds well to her teaching and he looks forward to being tutored.


Professional and knowledgeable French tutor. Got right to work and provided excellent assistance to a AS Level student. Easy going manner facilitated the session and made the first session a great experience.


Very knowledgeable tutor! I will highly recommend him. He went over some chemistry materials. My son gets to familiar with materials after his explanation. I will definitely hire hime for 12th std too.


Among all the other things she does well, keeping our son focused is at the top of that list. It's not easy! I loved her dedication.


Mathu was patient and very knowledgeable of the subject she taught my daughter this week. She asked clear questions and provided constructive, concise answers to all of our daughter's needs and problems. She took the time to patiently review and work out any and all exercises until both were satisfied that the lessons were understood. She also had an upbeat personality and was very easy to communicate with. I would highly recommend her for Algebra and any other math subjects she has expertise in.


Krishna is a great tutor who is very patient with my daughter. My daughter describes him as awesome and his tutoring sessions as amazing. Krishna is easy to contact, reliable, always on time, respectful, and flexible.


I needed to find someone patient and knowledgeable in Spanish, my son has problems just getting it! Chantiya seemed to know exactly what he needed and at a pace in which he could retain and clearly understand the subject. We would definitely recommend her for your child's tutoring needs.


David has a thorough understanding and passion for math. He broke down and revised material in different ways so my 11th grade daughter was able to understand. David provided in depth and very thorough answers and explanations. Even one session was enough to jump start things for my daughter. He is a very friendly and personable guy. We look forward to continuing our tutoring sessions with him.


Madhu has been tutoring my 16 year old daughter for almost a year now and her patience and dedication to the job is humbling. She never loses her cool, never just "gives up" like I've seen other tutors do. She also laughs with my daughter and engages her in a way that is beautiful to listen to (from my place in an adjacent room). Nothing phases Madhu, and she is a good natures and caring person who has an open mind. Madhu is always easy to reach.


Megna is amazing and can really break down problems and finds different ways to explain something in order for me to better understand it. She makes a great math coach and I'm so glad I found her!

Nishant Garg

My son explained after the session that he learned a lot with her and will continue with the tutoring. She is also very professional. I really appreciate her help.


She was always on time and very patient with my daughter. Math is not my daughter's favorite subject but Jacqueline made it easy and not boring! I requested for HW so that my daughter could practice the concepts on her own. Would definitely recommend her!


Anand deserves a greater than five star review. The reason for this is in his manner. He has the uncanny ability to make the subject matter really interesting . This is invaluable because it sets up a great dynamic with the student. Our son is thrilled with Anand and thrilled, also, with his outstanding results at school


I knew before the first tutoring session that Kumar is thoroughly experienced as a designer, but his knowledge and teaching skills immediately exceeded my already high expectations. Kumar is knowledgeable about graphic design issues and also communicates his knowledge clearly and patiently. His explanations have helped me get a good initial grasp of InDesign and its complexities.


Mani provided good direction and insight. I hope for future meetings to reach the end result. I will recommend him.

Sangeeta Gupta

Two Months completed and I already feel at ease! Kritika was great with my daughter, she was very patient and kept her focus on her work! Cannot wait to see the growth in the sessions to come.


My daughter really liked her tutoring approach. She was kind, patient and knowledgeable of the subject. I'm so happy we found her to help my daughter prepare for the earth science regents.

Abhishek Varma

Manju was great. She certainly knows her material and was totally prepared for our time. I plan on calling on her again in the future. Her prepared examples were very helpful and she patiently listened to and answered all of my questions and I feel that our time together was totally worth every penny.


Ankita is an expert in Trigonometry and very helpful. As a beginner in Trigonometry, I was unsure of myself on a lot of topics, but she was very patient and spent the time to teach me. She can improve your knowledge. Study with Ankita is a great deal.


He's helping my son so much, not only with the "how-to's" but also building confidence and an understanding of what he could do were he to integrate programming with his artistic abilities -- couldn't ask for more!


Vimala is wonderful. She tutored my son in IIT Physics and I'm happy to say, I am satisfied with the results. She is patient, caring, and makes the student feel comfortable. I would definitely recommend her.


Matthew helped my son with Algebra and biology. He is patient and very effective and the fact that my son has one person he can work with for both subjects is an added bonus.


Glad to be back learning with Magesh! Went over priority topics, review of fundamental grammar, new vocab, made lesson plan for future sessions.


Bala is disciplined and professional. My daughter felt very comfortable in his presence. He's a dedicated trainer, very patient and offers great techniques and great advice. Bala is a warm and caring person. My daughter will definitely continue to train with Ray.


Math functions and formulas seem less intense because Miss Vijaya is great at what she does, she is passionate and dedicated. More to come as far as ASVAB break down and preparation


Guru is a highly professional and wonderful tutor for my son who is in middle school. He has the insight to dig deep and determine what his students need to work on to succeed. We really enjoyed our summer sessions and recommend him to others.


Jegan really knows the topic well. He was very patient and explained everything in great detail. I'm looking forward to him working with my son again. He's a great tutor and won't go wrong hiring him.

Venkatesh V

Vijay is truly an excellent tutor and I learned a lot from him. He takes his time to explain things until you fully understand. I would recommend anyone who wants to learn Arab or brush up on it, like I am, to take lessons with him! I'm so happy I found him!


He came prepared with diverse material and did a good job of starting to work out a plan of study. Please pass on my appreciation.


Best teacher. I can already tell, I will learn a great deal with her. Guna made the lesson fun an kept me focused at the same time.


Magesh did a great job in her first tutoring session with my nephew. She is knowledgeable, patient and my nephew enjoyed the class.

K Apsara Reddy

Passionate - so good and knows what she doing and likes to teach and I think she like to give you ideas in simple way


Manoj was accommodating for a last minute test prep for my son. He went over major concepts. My son said he felt more confident.

Sujith N

My experience with Anand was great! He is an amazing tutor and I was very impressed with his level of knowledge. He is very intelligent and communicates his knowledge of the subject very well. I was very comfortable with him as he is patient and understanding. His experience in academia benefited me because he understands the curriculum and environment I was coming from. He was punctual and flexible. I appreciate and enjoyed his help and will undoubtedly be contacting him in the near future for further assistance.

Kala Deepak

My experience with Vinay was great! He is an amazing tutor and I was very impressed with his level of knowledge. He is very intelligent and communicates. His knowledge of the subject very well.


She was clear and when I asked for some follow-up notes so I could keep learning she did it right away. She showed up in time and we got right to the lesson.

Ashwini .s

Really great tutor. I had great difficulty in my micro bio course (not my strength at all) but she was patient and took the time to explain whatever I questioned. She left the door to communication open if I had a question outside of the session she was able to help me. Very much worth it.


I was preparing for a college placement exam in Chemistry. Ruben was able to clearly explain every question that I had, regarding many different topics. I would highly recommend him as a tutor.


Farah is a great tutor and always responds quickly either by phone or email. Also, she is always on time and I can depend on her. She takes her time to explain to the student about not only math but also how we use it every day in our lives. She gives examples of how we use math unconsciously and how important it is to get to know it. I appreciate her putting in the extra training and explaining it thoroughly.


I am very happy with my new tutor. I feel very comfortable with her, and really feel that I am on my way to learning Maths! It's been a few months now and I LOVE my tutor! She is amazing and my progress is obvious.


Manoj Is a great tutor. My daughter had a lot of questions before her NEET Exam, after only one month class she felt happy, relieved, and prepared for a test. Manoj was nice, pleasant and very knowledgeable.


Anand has helped my daughter not only learn Economics and Accountancy but built up her confidence too - we are so delighted in her progress so far.


Taught me the beginning staging in Biostatics and had a lot of patience with me. Instead of going to what I did not understand he wanted to see my syllabus, so he can get and idea on what I should know. He explained everything thoroughly and gave me a breakdown which was very helpful.


Ravi helped me with my physics and calculus. I was very confused with the material that I had learned so far this year, luckily I found Ravi not too long after the school year started. He was able to go back and explain the homework and lessons that I didn't understand before.

Sonal Saxena

I really loved the way tutor taught me how to enjoy learning math. He is highly intelligent and really fun to work with!

Srikumar J

Melissa was ready to go and very efficient and helpful - excellent tutoring session! She was extremely clear in her instruction and catered the lesson to my specific needs. Would recommend her highly!

Kalpana Mc

We are taking classes with Mr. Karuna to improve our writing and grammar. He is a very patient and talented tutor, able to identify our needs right away. He brings great work sheets and explanations that are clear and to the point. We have improved our grammar in just a few classes, and we look forward to learning more from him. Great tutor, great person!

Sapna Tiwari

I was scared and disgusted to study with the teacher since I was younger but I was so comfortable to learn with him. He was so patient and flexible for everything... This tutor could do everything easier rebuild my brain and he used his tricks which is so many tricks with maths that you can learn from him. He combined his knowledge with me and make it easier.


For the student's outcomes, Madhan has been valuing it frequently and adjusting the way of teaching to meet the needs of the student.


Kiran assisted me with math section of GMAT. I explained him what teaching style I was looking for and he did exactly what I requested. Specifically, I didn't want a tutor that would solve all the problems for me, I wanted to solve myself and someone to be able to guide me and help when I can't solve.

K Vinod

Nina helped my son to cover math topics for his upcoming SAT. She was very patient with him and demonstrated to manage the subject well. My son looks forward to continuing his lessons with her.

Yogesh Kumar Sharma

I hired gokul to help me prepare for an algebra assessment. I found him to be knowledgeable, patient and approachable. He was also very flexible with his schedule, as I work full time and could only meet on certain days. I would HIGHLY recommend this tutor.


Arun is a knowledgeable and resourceful tutor that assisted our daughter in achieving the grades we knew she had the potential to attain. Also, he made himself available for questions regarding her progress. We highly recommend his services!


Adhav has been working with my son on algebra and French. He is a gifted tutor who really knows his stuff and knows how to relate to kids. I highly recommend him.


It was really great working with Sapna. She really helped me grasp the concepts I was struggling with and offered various methods to approach them. She proved extremely knowledgeable, patient, and kind.


Madhuri is an excellent tutor! She is very knowledgeable and responsible when teaching me English. I'm improving my conversation skills, and she is very creative in helping me do this. She gives me different kinds of tasks based on my needs and interests. I think I'm moving forward in my English learning, thanks to my great tutor. The atmosphere Madhuri is an excellent tutor! She is very knowledgeable and responsible when teaching me English. I'm improving my conversation skills, and she is very creative in helping me do this. She gives me different kinds of tasks based on my needs and interests. I think I'm moving forward in my English learning, thanks to my great tutor. The atmosphere Madhuri creates in our lessons is always very positive, and she is very kind, patient and friendly. I would definitely recommend her to my friends and all other students because of her professionalism.


Muthu tutored my daughter and she is absolutely amazing. She is in third grade and Muthu was able to get her to do ALGEBRA! We are very pleased with her.

S Dutta

Poorni has been resourceful and reliable in successfully tutoring our 12-year-old daughter. Her math grades were raised within a short period of time.

Ashwini. V

My daughter said her first month with Malik was great. He explained the material in a way she could digest and retain.


Latha was patient and kind, allowing me to learn while guiding me in order to learn how to become more proficient with Algebra. I highly recommend her as a tutor!


Preethi combines not only a practical method with an understandable lesson plan but also engages the student in the history and passion of playing instruments. She is very helpful and goes above and beyond to help her students. She makes every lesson unforgettable and exciting. She not only welcomes new challenges in achieving her students' goals but goes beyond what is necessary to accomplish them.

Sangeetha G J

Nisarga has been great with our daughter. She has helped our daughter a lot in improving in her math and writing. We like the fact that she is very calm because that helps our daughter in trusting her and she really enjoys learning with her. We highly recommend her.


Praveen was extremely responsive and proactive from the start. He asked questions immediately even before the first meeting to make sure he was sufficiently prepared to make the most of the first session. Praveen immediately put my son at ease and boosted his confidence. He explained information in a way that made it easier to understand. He provided great insight for approaching various types of problems.

Leena Varghese

She taught me my equator and she taught me how to estimate how much because there was no exact answer and for my writing she helped me with my similes and my metaphor and helped me with my answers but did not tell me the answer she helped me get to my answer

Anitha Rao

Manoj is a knowledgeable, conscientious and patient professional. He has tailored the lessons to my needs. He is a delight to work with, and I recommend him highly!


Kiran is Awesome and he gives excellent advice regarding English literary work! He helped me to look at my work from a multi-dimensional perspective-giving me a roadmap on how to go ahead. He is has lots of experience and insight

Jyotsna Singh

Vinay is very familiar with C Programming and was extremely knowledgeable. If needed in the future I will reach out. This review should not have minimums or maximums. Thank you so much!!!


Mahender is organized and well prepared for Biochem subject. He tutored my son during the summer break with great result that he got good grades in Biochem.


Ramakrishna is an honest, patient and caring tutor. He’s helped me with several of my college projects and confidence has improved immensely. He truly cares about my improvement, and I can tell he really loves helping people learn! Would enthusiastically recommend him!

Abhiyarithvik L

Govind made an impression on our son Thomas. My son does not like tutors in general. However, Thomas was impressed with Govind's knowledge and how easy he explained difficult concepts.


We worked with Jennifer for 2.5 months, and are very happy with the outcome. Jen was quick to build a rapport with my son, and so he was comfortable working with her right away. We saw consistent improvement in basic understanding of concepts as well as confidence each week.


Jagan is a very good tutor. He has a good command of the subject matter and was helpful with test preparation with regards to explaining clearly and in detail exam review questions... would certainly recommend him.


I was so happy with my lesson with Revathi. I am confident she will be able to help me in the areas i am struggling with . She took time to find out what my weak were and focused on these . i look forward to my next lesson


Best teacher, ever I had. I will be with her for the long run for sure!! Excellent! Knowledgeable! I can not wait for the next lesson. She is so kind of human being. Her teaching style is very unique.


Madhan is a very knowledgeable tutor with a good attitude. He provides good explanations and is very patient. Great to work with and encouraging, definitely recommend.

Rajashree Anure

Jasmine knows how to improve conversational skills, correct pronunciation, and widen vocabulary. She is a good patient tutor who I think can also teach you lots about the language.


Saranya is very patient and postitive. She is able to gently correct mistakes so my son does not get frustrated or discouraged. He even says she makes the lessons fun. I would highly recommend Saranya to anyone looking for an elementary tutor. She is tutoring my son in both writing and math.


He has patients and I like how he explains the topic. He also shows you a different way to understand the issue. I would recommend him for tutoring in Physics. Great tutor.

Murali Ramamurthy

I thought the assignment was really complicated but after Ragu had broken it down, I began seeing it for what it was and was able to connect more with the it. Very patient tutor.


Ravi was an excellent tutor. I had a great tutorial with him. He taught me how to create a database using MySQL. I will recommend him for all of my friends. Thank you Ravi.

Dipti Simha

The lesson went well, Madhav was able to show me exactly what and needed to know and a few professional short cuts. Great instructor


Great tutor. Extremely helpful and well prepared. The pace was great and delivered in a way that made it very palatable.


Ravi knows what he is talking about and makes math look easier to you. He explains any topic you throw at him very nicely in a way anyone could understand and master. He helped me in various topics ranging from the very complicated to the very basic. Easy to relate to for current students and that makes it overall easier.


Gopal is excellent at teaching the concepts for discrete math and electrical engineering concepts. Drag me to class but look forward to Gopal's clearly taught tutoring lessons. Should have signed up with him months ago! He goes beyond "helping" and teaches.


Helped me to prepare for a Math final exam. I was very weak with many of my math skills. Ravi reviewed everything with me and worked really hard to make sure I understood it all.

Shruti Kothari

2 Months with Rajkumar and he has exceeded all expectations. I'd highly recommend using Rajkumar for all of your tutoring needs.


I reached out to Ragav to help with teaching French to my son and she is simply brilliant. She knows how to handle all ages and make the process engaging and so fun. The boys have picked up a lot of French in such a short amount of time. We love seeing her every week and feel very lucky to have found her. I 100% would recommend her to French lessons for any and all ages.


He is one of the best tutors, very professional but also a very personable adviser for the young student.


Dina was very patient and easily connected with my son. He was able to easily analyze his weakness and strengths.

Meetu Johnstone

Gowtham targeted my strengths and weaknesses and helped me strategize a plan for studying. Very organized and professional tutor. I was satisfied with my session and I am looking forward to the progress that I will make from using the tools he has provided.

Divya Shree

Mahesh is really professional, knowledgeable and patient! He explains things clearly and efficiently gives really good suggestions! I highly recommend him and I'm really glad I found him!

Md Rashid

At the beginning I was a little intimidated to approach a tutor to teach me French, especially since i don't speak the language and its my first time ever. I was so impressed and instantly felt comfortable with Gayathri's style and how easy it is to learn with her. She had a fun and progressive style in her teaching skills.


Anthony is doing great job in combination of high intelligence and patience. Important to understand TOEFL test requirements. I received from Anthony priceless knowledge of proper answer structure to improve my test results.

Manish Kumar

Really like working with Vanitha. She takes a very patient and professional approach. Sets homework and review goals. She take a step by step approach to lesson planning.


Latha is a great tutor! She customized the sessions for me and accommodated my needs perfectly. We had two NEET lessons and both times she prepared carefully and wrote all the notes in advance. Very patient and kind. Will continue studying with her!


I had my first chemistry tutoring lesson with Vinay today & he was great. At first, I didn't understand my work but left the session knowing all I needed to know. He taught me a lot in the 1 hour I worked with him & he was very fun to work with.


Vivek was a wonderful tutor for our 8 year old. He was incredibly patient, creative and fun. I liked that Vivek always gave up progress updates and celebrated our son's accomplishments along the way. Very positive and respectful Vivek was able to keep our son's attention even when our son was struggling. Our son may still not like homework but he enjoyed the time he spent with Vivek and we saw definite improvements in his writing during the time we had Vivek as our tutor.


Lakshmi is very knowledgeable and patient with my daughter. She is great at preparing materials that are appropriate for a 6th standard. My daughter has improved tremendously in Science and Math since tutoring with Lakshmi. Excellent tutor always prepare and give very good feedback on my child's weaknesses and strength and her progress also Lakshmi in very personable and patient. My daughter really likes her as a tutor.


Pallavi is very dependable, always keeping our schedule. She helps me to focus on my weaknesses and is both patient and encouraging. I recommend her to anyone in need of a maths tutor.


Nagendra is very supportive and helpful and available for any and all questions, his easy going personality was perfect for me. I would highly recommend him.


What a help Rekha Bora was to my son. Can't wait to see her again next week. If you are considering to hire her, you should do so right away. She is punctual and a wonderful teacher.


I was looking for a tutor who could help me to improve my English speaking and conversation skills and I truly can consider me as a lucky devil! In a comfortable and supportive atmosphere, Megna helped me with her competent and knowledgeable speaking advises. She has an excellent feeling for my improvement needs and makes every lesson to something special. If my friends would ask me for a teacher recommendation I would know who it is without any hesitation.

Niranjana Devi

Vidya helped me to learn Java. I was lost before he began helping me. Methodically, step-by-step lesson, he built up my foundation of understanding. By the time we finished. The cloud in my brain had lifted, and rays of light penetrated.

Poornima Pavan

Raghav was patient and explained how the tutoring sessions will work. He gave me confidence once again and I feel that he will help me improve my score.

Madhu Reddy

Vinay helped me pull together concepts that were not expanded upon during my class lectures. He was very quick to recognize and explain what the problems were asking and how to solve them.


Ravi has been positively terrific for our 11th grader. She is a motivator, an explainer, and a person who is slowly but surely turning him into a student who is ambitious and genuinely curious about learning and striving for excellence. We deeply appreciate her intelligence, sincere effort, and vivacious personality

Rihvik J

Vendhan is patient and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend. Time we spent was very productive and I feel more confident about my studying approach. I feel that Craig was very easy to talk to, and working with Vendhan through Wyzant makes things very simple for someone looking for a tutor.

Ragini Sinha

I was happy to share the momentum of feedback with Merit class. Dr Rajesh helped me to fix a Shadow teacher for my kid, we were in search for very long but not able to get the right candidate who can adjust to my kid mentality to take her progress, finally I got Ms. Divya, she is such a wonderful lady connect with my daughter and we are happy.


Initially, I felt difficult to take decision paying registration later with no other option I paid but we got a very good tutor and they adjusted my registration fee with fees.


We took tuition for Hindi. The teacher is very good and on time to class all the time. We are happy to have such a good one.


Megna did a wonderful job in my college initial draft and gave me a valuable suggestion on how to develop a college project. She gave me quick responses on time, along with a helpful suggestion.


Vanatahi is great. He is clear in his communications, has a good resource and knowledgeable. My 15 year old son understands Vanatahi's direct teaching style and is very hopeful in learning the skills needed to become better at writing.

Shweta Talikoti

Praveen walked in and immediately established a rapport with my 7 th grade son in French. Immersion is very important in language acquisition and she was great about not speaking any Kannada. He helped him with writing, reading and pronunciation in a way that was fun and entertaining. I would certainly recommend him to teach any child regardless of ability.


Veerav did an excellent job of orientating my daughter to the material and answered all her specific questions thoroughly and patiently. A good IIT JEE tutor is difficult to find. We highly recommend Veerav!


Linda plans tutoring lessons in a beautiful and engaging way for children. I love to see her with my daughter! She goes the extra mile to make sure her students learn and benefit from her classes.


Awesome tutor, great session comes to session prepared and is very focused imparting information and is patient with her knowledge of programming. I recommend her highly


She is very patient and understanding. And also, she is very flexible with her schedule. I highly recommend her to everyone.


Megana is very dependable, always keeping our schedule. She helps me focus on my weaknesses and is both patient and encouraging. I recommend her to anyone in need of an maths tutor.

Ruhi Saba

My tutor is very supportive and helpful and available for any and all questions. His easy-going personality was perfect for me. I would highly recommend him.

N. K. Madhuri

What a help Shivam was to my son. Can't wait to see him again next week. If you are considering hiring him, you should do so right away. He is punctual and a wonderful teacher.


Rajiv was an amazing tutor who was very well organized and professional He began working with our daughter 7 weeks before the NEET. On his first day, my daughter took an assessment test which would help guide Rajiv's lessons and give us an idea of her weaknesses. He worked primarily on improving her weaknesses in addition to continuing to teach the rest of the material on the NEET. My daughter had weekly homework and completed a number of practice tests. The result- a very good. We could not have done it without Rajiv and I would highly recommend him.


Karan knows statistics! He explained difficult concepts clearly and was very encouraging. I look forward to working with him more.

Harshita B

She is helping my daughter on the math section of the SAT. She is very helpful and patient. She replies quickly and sends helpful problems for the student.


Sreejith is a terrific teacher. He has engaged my son completely in the subject of Maths. My son is not usually a fan of maths, but Sreejith has made the subject material interesting and alive and reviews material in a way that my son says makes it easy to retain. I am so grateful to Arnold for working with my son and recommend him without reservation!


She is always so patient and helpful. Im so glad I decided to learn Spanish. It's always fun with Vani. Thank you!


Paruthi was an excellent Excel tutor. He was always on time, very professional and made learning excel really accessible. He came prepared with a detailed workbook, a full agenda and lots of patience! Would 10/10 recommended.


I think my son and his tutor Kiran have a really great bond. My son's not a talker, but I know from the little conversations we do have that he sees Kiran as a role model. Kiran studied three or four of the same subjects in high school that my son does, and has influenced him quite strongly to pick up Economics as a subject at school. This has broadened his horizons quite a bit in terms of what he's able to study in the future. They have a collegial relationship. My son doesn't feel judged; he feels he has a choice to get tutoring so he gives it more energy, because it's not being dictated to him.

Amrutha Shiv

My son has always liked Maths. Unfortunately this year, he just didn't get or understand his teacher. His grades reflected this and his general attitude to learning Math. He hardly studied for tests, mid year exams etc. - he just had a lack of interest. Ahmad changed this completely. My son studied so hard in the weeks leading up to the exam - as opposed to his usual, cram the night before.

Velan Kumar

Since our tutor has helped Charlotte she has had Excellence in all her maths and physics. Definitely a tutor with great attitude.


My son's results have been good, but to be honest I don't really understand them and don't have anything to compare them to since it's his first year of BE. But I do know he's had more Merits and Excellencies than Achieved.


Being a student himself only a few years back, our tutor understands what students go through. He teaches from a student's perspective alongside a teacher's.

Shalini Kapoor

Vineeth was an awesome tutor for my son and we plan on getting back to tutoring with him early in the year next year.


Great match of tutor with Rajiv. Her tutor had heaps of good knowledge about the subjects and the scaffolding of knowledge Pippa needed in order that she gained a good understanding.


My daughter has found her tutor Jansi to be extremely helpful in her studies and leading up to her NEST exams. They have bonded well and my daughter actually enjoys going to see Jansi, which is miraculous in itself. Thanks so much. We will continue to use your services and recommend you to others.


Gomu is a great tutor, and with her assistance my daughter learnt heaps and felt confident about doing the assignments and exams. She also guided my daughter with a paper that they didn’t offer at her school, which she needed for future study and college.


Best home tutors. I have hired tutors for French and Maths and was completely satisfied with the quality they have provided.


Excellent and I think his very good teaching and I can understand what he did so my think is good teacher and his theory also wonderful he explained the proper Technic.

Rahul Sakthi

MeritClass provided me a platform to reach out to students who eventually take up my course. It has helped me in gaining financial independence and a strong student base in a matter of weeks. Thanks for the help


Rao has been a very good tutor for my son, he has taken a keen interest in helping my son overall, just not in the subject he has agreed to tutor. He is punctual and provides feedback to me about my son's progress after each session.


Magesh has been enthusiastic, professional, considerate, and above all supportive. He always answers any questions promptly and offers expert advice and direction inclusively and is always encouraging.

Yadav G

Madhu is very punctual and on point with he delivers. So far he has not missed a step. Excellent Coordination with my kid.


We are so delighted with Ragavi and her teaching style. Our son looks forward to his tutoring each week. Congratulations Ragavi for the terrific work you are doing with our son.


Shivani was very clear, concise and relatable. He was able to help our son by getting on his level and stepping him through problem areas. I would definitely recommend him.


The main pro of this tutor is that he provides each topic with some framework to tackle that kind of problem. I haven't found any comparable, easy-to-use frameworks in any other tutor or in fact in my school.

Shantala H

Its very efficient, easy to arrange and tailor made for your son/daughter. I would definitely recommend to any friends. One to one tuition makes such a difference.


My son is getting on brilliantly with his tutor and the English Comprehension homework that previously he was struggling with. For the first time in years he is actually reading books without pictures and his reading aloud is speeding up as he grows more confident. Me and my husband both really pleased with his progress. Thank you so much.”

Amrita Bajaj

Personal service. Teacher was suited specifically to my child which was fantastic. Everyone was extremely friendly and helpful. The teaching itself was to a very high level and done very well. Cannot fault the Radhika in anyway or form. Fast, efficient, reliable, helpful and friendly. Terrific service. Absolutely thrilled.


I don't hesitate to recommend MeritClass services as they do listen to your requirements and match your child to the tutor.

Narendra Solanki

We are over the sky with all the help we got from our tutor and we cant express our gratitude more.

Zan Wilz

College level finance: He is familiar with a lot of complex finance problems. Most tutors I have worked with are intelligent and familiar with the concepts but not on a level to teach it. Hemanth understands the material and is able to teach it in many ways. He is effective and provides clear answers.


Magul was helpful in giving me some last minute tips the week before the test. Nothing revelatory, but useful mental things to stop getting in my own way.


I've only had two lessons with Judith, but she has helped me so much already! She is a great teacher. She is knowledgeable and critical in very helpful way. She is also very flexible with time and locations.


The most important consideration for an adult student is finding a teacher who has experience with all different types of learners. I find Nisha can teach anyone of any level and walk of life. She is amazing.


I would greatly recommend Vinay as a tutor. He is extremely thorough in his explanations and knowledgeable in Mathematics. He has helped me a lot in calculus thus far.


Our session went very well! Yusuf knows his stuff very well and took his time to make sure I knew everything I needed to before my exam.


I look forward to continuing sessions with Hari! He helped me issue spot a very dense property exam and helped my narrow in on specific issues. I plan on continuing sessions with him.


Vivek was a very professional and knowledgeable Tutor! He gave step by step explanations and made sure I understood everything before proceeding. He was very knowledgeable in statistics and was super patient. Would definitely recommend!


Senthil was great in explaining the statistics evolved in medial studies I need to understand in simple terms - help we easily grasp the terms and function behind them. Will use him again soon.


Vinoba helped me find some weaknesses right away in my first lesson. He was also very upfront about what I needed to change with my study plan. I will continue working with him

Jaya Vallabhi

I have just started from a very basic understanding and Arash quickly adapts the level to meet yours, while at the same time demands your full focus and intensity to learn as much as possible during the lessons. Fantastic so far, would recommend to anyone.


Just to say "Thank You" to Mrs Janani and "Thank You" the team at MeritClass for your help in matching us with Mrs Janani. We really couldn’t ask for a more professional tutor. We discovered quite late that our son had dyslexia and it became apparent that we would need a specialist tutor.


Over the past few years, we have gone with a number of agencies but we felt that the children were not necessarily gaining much, particularly with the last tutor who seemed to be more interested in his fees than supporting our children. I am extremely glad that we stumbled upon Tutors.


I’ve found Naren to be enthusiastic and extremely patient. Our son has special needs and she has been able to help him with his numeracy and literacy skills. He now finds working with this tutor a lot less stressful.

Madhu Pillai

Our tutor is very good. He has been able to help our children improve in their Levels in Maths and English but more importantly, his approach seems to have had a positive effect on other parts of their academic life.


He is enthusiastic about his subject and his enthusiasm rubs off on my children. He managed to turn my daughter’s A-level Maths grades from a predicted better grades. She received her results last month and we will definitely be continuing with him next year. We cannot rate him highly enough!

Anuradha Desai

My experience with Jagan was excellent. He has many many years experience and really knows his chess. I recommend him to everybody who needs to improve their game.


Nadhan is able to convey complex concepts simply. He focuses on helping you improve your language skills in a positive and encouraging way. His knowledge of both french and English is helpful too.


I turned to MeritClass as I needed help with quantitative data analysis for my Masters thesis, after speaking with several tutors I decided to work with Milan based on his expertise in statistics and his knowledge in the area of conjoint analysis. Milan asked the RIGHT questions and made sure he understood the assignment before we proceeded, he was able to provide guidance throughout the entire process and stuck to all the deadlines.


Gireesan was a great tutor. He replied very quickly to my message, and was great at what he did. He helped me with Finance and walked me through every single step and made sure I understood. He was very quick to respond, and knew all his material very well. In addition, he was easily reachable, over phone, in person, and even over video chat. He was patient and very kind as well. Definitely recommend him to everyone and my friends, and would without a doubt work with again in the future.

Swati Khare

He is a very good listener and understands where your misunderstandings are and where your difficulty with the problem lies. Maghi is very good at explaining the steps or the rationale for the solution of the problem. He is very good and a pro at this.


Vinutha is determined and extremely helpful! Always so patient and very flexible with timings and availability. He has overall improved my confidence in facing the geography IB exams.


My daughter had her first session today with Ankit. She is already feeling better and has certainly had a boost to confidence as a consequence. Much appreciated support, thank you!

Radhesh Jha

Great tutor. My son who is studying in 11, likes him and he engages with the Maths - so we’re happy! Reliable & knows his stuff. Would recommend.


He provides thorough explanation on tricky questions, and makes sure you understand the concepts well before moving on, truly a selfless teacher, highly recommend him.


I was looking for a tutor for the first time. I found other sites a bit more expensive. I found a tutor for my son and had the first lesson. Everything went smoothly and will be having the next lesson next week.


Easy process to find a suitable tutor who could teach the subjects. Good communication from the tutor and we are extremely pleased with tutor's ability, knowledge and understanding. Highly recommend.

Prakash Rao

I was very pleased with the process and speedy success in finding a guitar tutor for my grandson. the sessions have worked out very well for us as our tutor has been able to provide the tuition at our home. His sensitive and relaxed style of teaching has been just right. This introduction to music making has been so good for our 9 year old.


Megana tutored my 10 year old son in reading and writing. She immediately connected with my son and understood how to present the material to him. She is professional, reliable and mature. I highly recommend Megana as a tutor.


It has been a huge help for me as I prepare my application for a MBA program. She gives me enough confidence to fly on my own but provides support when necessary.

Vikram Dabrae

Sanchana helped my son review for his Differential Equations exam. He is bright and patient and I believe she helped my son to master a very difficult topic.


Raju and I spent time reviewing the problems in the book, and he broke it down for me on the board to ensure that I was following the .


Mithal has been fantastic with my son. She is very experienced and up to date with the latest teaching methods. We are very pleased with his progress and we believe that with her support he will be fully prepared for Secondary school.


I would like to say thank you to my tutor. She was fantastic! She was very knowledgeable and taught me study skills as well as exam technique. I really enjoyed the tuition sessions and I ended up doing very well in my Physics exams


I have rated Meritclass, five star because I believe that he deserves this rating. Being knowledgeable does not always mean being able to teach but he has both skills so it is not surprising that we are already seeing improvements at school.

Apeksha P

Sacha helped my son review for his Differential Equations exam. He is bright and patient and I believe helped my son to master a very difficult topic. I would not hesitate to use Sacha again.


Veeresh has been fantastic with my son. I have always supported him throughout school but I found that as he was moving into key stage two, I had a limited knowledge of the latest teaching methods and my teaching methods seemed to clash with the way that they were taught at school. Since working with Veeresh, I have felt rest assured that my son is receiving the support that he needs to keep him ahead of the class.


Dedicated towards ensuring that the student understands the matter before attempting to solve it. Makes sure that no doubt remains in the candidates' mind after completion of a chapter. Enjoyable to study under Merit Class.


She is very professional. She plans the sessions meticulously and is very focused on how she wants to approach each lesson. We find that this makes a huge difference. My daughter finds her approachable and has really opened up to her. She even looks forward to the sessions!


We had a requirement for a student, who was very dull and hyperactive. We got the best teacher from Merit Classes as per our need, the fee is a bit expensive but still, the teacher is very good.

Bhagyamma H

Jayakumar is very good at teaching and explaining Chemistry subjects. She is very enthusiastic and makes Chemistry enjoyable. She is also nice and patient.

Anoop D

I am so happy that I found Megna to teach me to advance higher mechanics. Her unique style of teaching made things easier for me to understand. An excellent tutor that has a great enthusiasm for teaching.

Sidhanth Joseph

The tutor was really good at explaining math questions and makes sure I am confident in the ones I struggle with or revising over them. The course really helped me!

Manok Kumar

Rakesh is friendly and approachable and makes content easy to understand. Her lessons are enjoyable. I would recommend her as a tutor.

Ravi Kumar

Swedesh is a patient, intervening and vastly knowledge person. I can’t thank him enough for all the help that he gives me. With his helps I was able to take my work to the next level. I will definitely recommend him as a tutor.


I used to struggle with maths. After getting a home tutor I am doing maths very well and confident about solving problems.


Teaching is my passion and working as a tutor supplements my income. Awesome institution and a place I love to work.


We found a caring and humble home tutor for our daughter. She likes studying with the tutor and in fact prepares herself for the next class.


I got a nice teacher for NEET, the patience of the tutors and dedication was above the mark. Glad to have as the tutor like you.


Sharma did really master in English and he set the curriculum in such a way that helped my son to learn more on his own. Thank You Merit Class for providing me such a good tutor.


I am pretty happy with the service provided by Merit Class, but only one thing I would like to suggest, expecting more revision in classes and clearing the doubts to the students will bring better result.


I got a good instructor moreover my requirement is very specific which I have shared with Rajesh, understanding my concern and provided a female teacher for my special kid to get adjust for the teacher.


We are very pleased with the kind of interaction that has been made possible between the student and the tutor which we believe which is very important to a clear understanding of various concepts that are dealt with.


The tutor for IITJEE worked well. The tutor always gave on pro tips to my son and helped in solve things smarter and efficiently.

Haritha Jain

Tutor lakshmi had a patience of earth when teaching my kid. The way she tought the concepts where really interesting and lovely.


Teacher did a commendable job and every day he made the class more interesting and pushed the limits on my son to explore more.


I really admired the level of research he has put up before starting each and every class. At some point, it motivated my daughter too do her own research to compete with the tutor.

Ankit Chandra

A Great Tutorial in Bangalore. Am a Mechanical engineer student and I got a very good tutor. Thank you Mayank Sir.


Excellent service for them. Tarun is a perfect teacher and his creativity is surprised for us after seeing the results.


For my kids, I got a very genuine tutor. Merit Class support is very good for me. Thank you for providing a good service.

Veeresh R V

Immediately needed Mechanical teacher for Engineering Subjects, got a good tutor on urgent basis from Merit Class.


We needed an English tutor an urgent basis and started classes with Merit Classes. I found teachers are very good at the institutes. Thanks


I was looking for a home tutor for my brother's exams. Found Merit Class experience to be very easy, they matched the tutor within a day. Great service by the team.

Venkat Krishna

Merit Class doing a wonderful job, the way they interacted with us, is completely satisfactory and teachers are also good.


I am very glad to thank to Meritclass, after long search we got a good tutor for IIT JEE tuition. We are very happy with tutor.

Pratheeksha Nair

I have admitted my daughter in the last year in Francis institute who is in 10th grade and she was very dull student and they promised me that improvement would be shown in 3 months and now due to their efforts and my daughter hard working nature now she is getting 85% and the faculties are very much experienced. Thank for the support and knowledge provided to my her. Especially day to day methodology and weekly scheduled tests pattern, my daughter has improved in her academics lessons.Thank you Merit Class Tuitions.

Roshan Fernandes

Very happy to work with Merit Class, staff is very close and everything systematic in terms of teaching qualities.


I opted for exam preparation, that to in very short span of time they gave well knowledgeable tutor and it helped me a lot for exam.

Sulabh Srivastava

We really appreciate this team for providing such a good tutor for crash course, we are very thankful to Merit Class.

Subhasish Mazumder

Merit Class is a one of the best tuition provider according to me. I enrolled myself as a home tutor and I got very good client from them even payment also I got from meritclass on time

Ravi Puranik

I take home tuition for Accounts, my sister takes classes for Math, very good teaching thanks to Merit Class.


This is best platform for tuition. I join this organisation and get more benefit. Person who wants to makes his carrier bright, you have no other better option to Merit Class.


Teaching with concept methodology. All teachers are very cooperative. I am taking tuition from last 3 years.


Excellent teachers with good qualifications and experience. Also, the service was excellent. Thank You

Srinidhi B S

Excellent teacher!! Best in his field of work !! He taught my son and my son who was afraid of Kannada is now loving Kannada and passed 12 with 87 percent! He has an open system of teaching which I as a parent appreciate a lot. Please do not believe in the negative comments below because he's no where near those comments


Dedicated and experience Accounts teacher we have got. Satisfied to take Accounts private tuition from Merit Class.

Venita Kundapur

Very good teachers. Very satisfied to take maths tution from them. I got 88% marks in maths in CBSE class XII 2018. He is best maths teacher in Bangalore.


Indeed they are best in terms of math and other subjects also. They focused on clients needs and understands students properly. I would recommend to all aspirants who want to use this service.


We just shifted from Sikar(Raj.) to Bangalore. My kids aren't that comfortable with the environment & faced so much difficulty in setting up in the environment. I urgently need a good spoken English home tutor. Heard about Merit Class from some of my relatives & without wasting time, booked one spoken English home tutor. Merit Class has arranged one on the very next day. Now the tutor comes daily & makes my kid that much really comfortable with the school environment that they now have really good friends in the school who supports them academically & also understood their problem & helped him. Thank you Merit Class.


Thank you Hemanth for your help to provide me the tuition. And thank you Merit Class for your fast service.


I got a tutor within short time from Merit Class. Teacher is also pretty good. I am preparing well for exam with the help of my tutor.

Niranjan S

I am happy with the tutor though the fees are quite high. He is punctual and clear with concepts, my son studying well now.


Very good interaction with these people. They have provided best teacher for my children. We look forward long term relationship with them.


If you ask me, i will strongly racomand this institute for tuition, teachers are perfect and creative.

Anagha Shree

"I would like to suggest to the aspirants who are keen to learn Citrix. Merit Class is one of the best institutes who can teach Citrix administration superbly with all its experience and knowledge. "

Gnana Guru

They provided Good lady faculties for my girl. She is very punctual. My child loves the teacher which Merit Class provided. Faculties are excellent. Administration hospitality and understanding is amicable.

Aniruddh Kale

Sir is Dedicated towards ensuring that the student understands the matter before attempting to solve it. Makes sure that no doubt remains in the candidates' mind after completion of a chapter. Enjoyable to study, thanks Merit Class team.

Rohini Vinod Kumar

Service is good but follow up make more irritation, need to make proper schedule for feedback collection, otherwise, teacher is good.

Jigar Doshi

Its an average experience, we do expect more test to be conduct for student because then only I can check the progress, hope look forward to correct it.


Excellent teacher!! Best in his field of work! He taught my son who was afraid in Math. But now he is loving the subject and passed 10 with 91 percent marks! The method which he uses for teaching is unique. As a parent I really appreciate it. He is an experienced teacher. I recommend him. Thanks to Merit Class

Aman Warsi

I got a tutor who was really good in teaching and his passion towards teaching is also good. Merit Class had provided me such good tutor.

Dr Vedavathy Nayak

Got an awesome teacher who made to feel the subject so easy and it is very interesting to learn now. Thanks to Merit Class

Tusarakanta Sahoo

Great tuitions! The teacher has many years of teaching experience. Explains the subject lucidly and she is very friendly to the students.

Bini Easow

The best teacher in the town. Very dedicated, conscientious, upright, honest, practical, understands the child's requirement & deals with it accordingly. Uses all the natural resources available. Answer gives to the elicit child. Great entities in various fields of education. Has illuminated many minds with knowledge. A salute to the sacrifice made by the great teacher.


Found a very good tutor for my nephew from Merit Class and the services provided was pretty good and professional.

Surya Prakash

Merit Class is a great place. The tutor is Mr S Giridhar. He is an accomplished personality and is committed to his job.


Merit Class tutor is a solid tutor who took the time to evaluate the needed focus for my upcoming exam. I look forward to working and developing my abilities with teacher. Thanks a lot !

Mary Kavitha

Great work. Provided professional teacher for my kid. His previous percentage was 52% and after the tuition my kid improved a lot. Now he is getting 73%. Thank you so much Sir for helping my kid to get a good teacher.


When they approached us for tuition with registration, I felt it is quite risky. But that time we didn't have any other choice. Finally I got a very good teacher from Merit Class.

Samah Noorain

After posting a requirement, with in 4 Hrs they arranged a tutor for me, i am very happy, thanks to Merit Class team.


Finding a good home tutor in big cities like Bangalore & even when you just shifted to the new city is really difficult. But thanks to Merit Class which I just got by searching home tutor over the web in my location. I wanted a home tutor for my daughter. She wanted to learn Maths and science. But after experiencing the services of Merit Class , I also booked a home tutor for myself for spoken English. It was really an amazing experience. I'll definitely recommend this to all my known.

Bheemana Gouda

I ask them IIT and JEE group teacher for my brother and they provide me well experienced teacher on the same day. Excellent quality service.


They provided me with a great Tutor for Maths and Physics. Service is very good. Fees are also reasonable. I had lost faith in Home tutors agency but Merit Class has reinstated it.


Merit Class provided teacher for us, Vivek sir has helped me a lot with my math during my school life as well as in my college life. I was very poor in maths from lower class to class 8. So, I joined Merit Class and Vivek Sir cleared all my concepts and also gave me unlimited doubt clearing classes. He helped me in every step and made maths one of my strongest subjects. I scored 97% in my class 12 boards and got IIT. I am thankful to Merit Class and Vivek Sir. Highly recommend Merit Class if you want to score and perform well in maths.

Nagu Prem

Highly appreciated and recommended. Teachers are really good here. I tried many but here I got the solution. Good Tutors.


One of the best place to take tuition. Faculty and support provided by this institution is of best quality. My brother scored 95.6% in 10th board after getting good support and faculty by Merit Class. All the best, keep it up.


I was looking for a Accounts tutor near my location and Merit Class did an excellent job to find tutor for my Son. Kudos to Merit Class Team.


very nice home tutorial. i really thankfull to Merit Class. as they help our 3 kids on to there CBSE Board Examination. All scored very well. Thank you miss Rani and mr Suraj for your effort and teaching.

Sanjay Rai

Merit class is a very good platform for right teachers to get, we got an excellent tutor for my daughter, they take feedback of each and every classes to asses the progress.

Rini Thomas

Very happy to give review for Meritclass, they provided such a good tutor, I recommend for other students also.


Quik response from Merit Class after posting a requirement, we really appreciate for their work, Keep it up. Thank you.


I asked for Math teacher from this institute, my son taking classes from Jayram and improving a lot.

Col Gopimohan

Very good institute for home tuition, the teacher is very friendly with my kid and helping for exam preparation.


Meritclass tutor teaching my son and making him to understand the concepts of the chapter in easy way. Nice coaching by the tutor.


They provide good and experienced teachers for all classes including music and communication skills also.


Interaction with these people is very good and very professionals, teachers also focusing on basics and fundamentals, their apps are helping a lot to improve taking more tests.


Good coaching, after taking classes we are seeing good improvement in my son studies. Thank you for providing a tutor.

Surya Prakash

I will give 10 out of 10 rating for providing an excellent tutor for my daughter, he is very professional and knowledgeable.


Quick response and arranges a tutor for us, Thank you for providing such a great effort and service, we appreciate.


We found an excellent teacher for Maths, Mr Alok is very professional and helping my son to learn concepts.

Ashwini Kale

Best service we got from merit class, my daughter is pretty happy to learn new methods for solving maths questions.

Karan Kaushik

Excellent tutors, we are very happy with teaching. Initially, my son is very poor in science subject but now he is scoring well.


It is a nice institute for home tuition. The faculty members are very good and co-operative. They guide students very well.


Took Physics, Math and Biology classes for 3 months, the faculty is knowledgeable and well qualified, good experience.

Dushyant Dubey

I am very happy to work with merit class, very good in support and providing more opportunities to merit class.

Shashikant Desai

Merit class tutors are well trained, creative and conceptual to deliver the knowledge to students, we are benefited a lot.


Excellent approach and service as well. Strongly suggested for students to try with the new methodology of teaching with professionals.

Shrikanth Upadhyaya

I got the best tutor for my nephew at Merit Class. One of the best home tutor provider in Bangalore.

Nitin Goel

They provided good and experienced teachers for all classes including Competitive Exams and Communication Skills also.

Mohammed Muzamil

They provide Best Quality in 1-on-1 Home Tutoring. Every student can understand the way they teach. Very elaborative & very clear, while they were teaching me.

P K Sharma

Merit Class faculties present in this institute are very generous and helpful. Each and every query is being sorted out by them. The pattern they follow is really helpful and strict.

Shaik Salma Begum

Merit Class provided good and experienced teachers for all classes including music and communication skills also.


I am very happy taking tutors from here. Highly Recommended. Now I am seeing good results from my child.


Very good in teaching, Pro Ravi tej teaching Maths to my kid almost from 2 years, we are so happy to have such a great teacher for my son.


Awesome Experience. Really loved it, Home tutoring made me more confident in my subjects, now feeling very clear in concepts.

Gaurav Joshi

Sometimes all we need is simple teaching or teaching concepts in a simpler way. Nalini did exactly the same, she did explain to my kid the concepts more practically and in a more engaging manner.


Tutors are very friendly. Teaching concepts with basics to make more easy to understand Advance Level, we are very happy with the tutor.


The tutor arrangement was really nice and qualified. The test sessions they conduct was really good and showed some good results.


We are very happy with Premier tuition tutors. They are very knowledgeable.

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