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Any Class, Any Course.
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    Merit Class, No L-139, Bhaska's Plaza, 5th Main, 15th Cross, Hsr 6th Sector, Opp Rajesh Jewellers, Bangalore 560102
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    Mathematics, English, History, Geography, Hindi, Computer, EVS, Language, Science, All Subjects, Special Education, Physics, Accountancy, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, Zoology, Biology, School level computer, Bengali, Marathi, Commerce Subjects, Social Studies, NTSE, Algebra, NSTSE, Botany... More [+]
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    Merit Class concentrate exclusively only on Bangalore region and is the outcome of a long quest to combine the latest in pedagogy, through its unique tutoring methodology, with the best in technology, which makes it available to students from all over the Bangalore.

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    We have learning centers in different parts of Bangalore.and providing education service from primary to Post graduarion.

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Tutors are highly qualified and experienced. in CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, IB and NIOS Board all subjects from class 1 to 12

Syllabus Offered:

We offer customized courses for all classes, from Primary (Class 1 to 12) to Post  graduation level.All compitative Exams ike IIT JEE, NEET, and MBBS aswell

Class 1 - 5 Mathematics, English, History, Geography, Hindi, Computer, EVS, Language, Science, All Subjects, Special Education
Class 9 - 10 Mathematics, Physics, English, History, Geography, Accountancy, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, Hindi, Zoology, Biology, School level computer, Bengali, Marathi, EVS, Science, Commerce Subjects, Social Studies, NTSE, Special Education, Algebra, NSTSE
Class 11 - 12 Mathematics, Physics, English, History, Geography, Accountancy, Botany, Chemistry, Computer Science, Costing, Economics, Education, Hindi, Physiology, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Zoology, Biology, Statistics, Bengali, EVS, Food & Nutrition, Business Studies, Philosophy, Commerce Subjects, Business Organisation, Anthropology, IT & Computer Subjects, Logic, Fashion Study, Algebra, Arts Group, Home Science, Anatomy, KVPY Exam
College Level Mathematics, English, History, Geography, Accountancy, Botany, Business Mathematics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Costing, Economics, Education, Hindi, Physiology, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Zoology, Biology, Statistics, Electronics, Bengali, Bio Technology, Food & Nutrition, IT, Bio Chemistry, Philosophy, Public Administration, Direct Tax, Indirect Tax, Financial Management, Auditing, Anthropology, Mass communication, B.Tech Tuition, M.Sc Tuition, B.Ed Tuition, Actuarial Science, Bio-informatics, Bio-medical, Pharmacy, Banking & Finance, Arts Group, B.Com Tuition, BA Tuition, B.Sc Tuition, BBA Tuition, BCA Tuition, Home Science, Hotel Management, B.Arch Tuition, BHA, BTTM, BMS Tuition, M.Ed Tuition, Bachelor of Tourism Administration
Engineering Entrance & IITJEE Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, GATE Exam, IIT JEE Mains, CET, WBJEE, Architecture, JECA Exam, AMIE, BITSAT, AIEEE, MCA Entrance, BCA Entrance, JEXPO, Polytechnic Entrance, IIT JAM, NATA Exam, AMITE, IIT JEE Advanced
Engineering Subjects Mathematics, Chemical, Civil, Computer, Electrical, Electronics, Instrumentation, Mechanical, Production, IT, Drawing
Languages English, Tamil, Marathi, Gujarati, Malayalam, Kannada, Sanskrit, Danish, Swedish, Business English, Persian
MBA & BBA Forex Trading, MBA Entrance, Management Subjects, BBA Subjects, BBA Entrance, BHA, MHA, BTTM, MTTM, Bachelor of Hospital Administration (BHA)
Medical Entrance & AIPMT Botany, Chemistry, Physiology, Zoology, Biology, PG Medical, AIPMT, MCI Exam, NEET, AIPG Exam, MDS Exam, MBBS Tuition, COMEDK Exam
Class 6 - 8 Mathematics, Physics, English, History, Geography, Accountancy, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, Hindi, Zoology, Biology, School level computer, Bengali, Marathi, EVS, Science, All Subjects, Commerce Subjects, Social Studies, NTSE, Special Education, Algebra, NSTSE
Competitive Exams UPSC Exam, SSC Exams, Defence Exams, Bank Clerical, Railways Exams, IES Exam, IBPS, Bank PO, SBI Exam, RBI Exam, WBCS, SSB Exam, ACET, AMAESI, CSAT, EPFO, Police Department Exam, KVPY Exam, EAMCET, CTET, DMRC Entrance, PWD & CPWD, TNPSC, NDA, LIC, GIC, RRB, PSU Exam, UGC Exams, Sub-Inspector Exam, NPTT, GPSC


Merit Class, No L-139, Bhaska's Plaza, 5th Main, 15th Cross, Hsr 6th Sector, Opp Rajesh Jewellers, Bangalore 560102


Near kurl on showroom


Monday to Saturday 6.00 AM to Evening 10.00 PM. Sunday ; 9.00 AM to 2.00 PM

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Courses Offered

Admission Open for Local classes [8]

Civil Engineering Classes
Engineering Subjects
Pin Code: 560068
Civil engineering is a professional engineering discipline that deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of the physic
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Class 1 To 5 All Subject Coaching Classes
Class 1 - 5

Class 1 To 5 All Subject Coaching Classes
Class 1 To 5 All Subject Coaching Classes

All Subjects
Pin Code: 560068
All school subjects are taught by competent and caring teachers. Course Details: 1) Experienced teacher 2) Regular mon
  • Su
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RBI Preparatory Exams
Competitive Exams
Pin Code: 560068
This is the bank exam held for recruitment to Reserve Bank of India (RBI) for the job of Grade B officer. Find information regardi
  • Su
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Accountancy Guidance For Standard 11-12
Class 11 - 12

Accountancy Guidance For Standard 11-12
Accountancy Guidance For Standard 11-12

Pin Code: 560068
Accountancy is the practice of recording, classifying, and reporting on business transactions for a business. It provides feedback
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Kannada Language Learning Programme

Kannada Language Learning Programme
Kannada Language Learning Programme

Pin Code: 560068
This rich language of culture and heritage is learnt thoroughly through expert trainers. Starting from the basic component and str
  • Su
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IIT JEE Mains Training Sessions
Engineering Entrance & IITJEE
Pin Code: 560068
Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Main is conducted to offer admissions to interested candidates in undergraduate engineering progr
  • Su
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NEET Preparatory Course
Medical Entrance & AIPMT
Pin Code: 560068
The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test or NEET-UG is an entrance examination in India, for students who wish to study any grad
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MBA Entrance Guidance
Pin Code: 560068
The key to crack any MBA entrance exam is to have a perfect blend of Faculty and study material which you will get through this co
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  • Answer:

    Oxford English Grammar Course Basic With Cd Paperback (english)

  • Answer:

    Differs to person.  You can simply follow the standard gate syllabus. ( You can start from technical subjects scheduling maths at some other time.)  Simple. - Theory, gate questions.  If at starting point you find theory revision boring, you just start to solve questions. It will clear you whether theory brush up needs or not. Also you will get idea how to read the things, which part can't be ignored, etc.  Don't waste too much time in theory revision. Although don't ignore it at all.  It depends on you whether you need 'chapter - questions' pattern or whole subject and then questions.  GATE questions are must. Your subject is not complete without theory and gate questions both.  Join any test series. You can also follow its schedule instead of standard syllabus. Give all the chapter wise (if it have) tests after gate questions. After completing whole subject give the test of that subject. Suppose there are three - basic, middle, advanced level tests. At this stage do only basic level. I mean - Theory, gate, chapter wise test, whole syllabus basic level test.  Follow this order for all subjects.  After completing all the subjects, follow middle level and advance level tests (may be both at same time) . Thus you can complete syllabus two times.  Then give full length test.  No need to complete whole 100% syllabus. Even in tests if a question comes from topic you decided to skip, skip it.  If at any time need arises to see books, do it. 

  • Answer:

    1) getting recruited into PSU. 2)Doing Mtech and then getting recruited or carry on with teaching profession. 3) Doing MS and going into research field 4)Doing masters and then Phd and then continue into research and or teaching field.

  • Question:What do we need to do to clear the GRE exam?
    Posted in:GRE | Date: 29/07/2016


    lessons that I learnt while preparing and giving GRE. 1. Time management is crucial so whenever you start to solve questions make sure you time yourself. Helped me a lot 2. For solving Reading Comprehensions stick to one book/strategy and practice a LOT. Use the technique which gets you the best result. 3. The current GRE format doesn't focus on difficult words or expects you to know all the words rather it tests how you understand english as a language. So, read good articles. I suggest this website Arts & Letters Daily. 4. Engineering students tend to ignore Math, do not make that mistake. 5. Lastly and most importantly, give a lot, A LOT of full tests.

  • Question:Is it necessary to take coaching for the GRE exam?
    Posted in:GRE | Date: 29/07/2016


    1) This is the most important. Don't let anyone tell you that you can't score 325. You most definitely can. Stick to a fixed plan and work hard. 2) If you are a self-learner, Magoosh Online Test Prep is the best resource for you. It's premium plan is very close to the level of actual GRE and is considerably  cheaper than other coaching institutes. Also, it has great resources like study plans, GRE blog and ebooks for quant, flash cards, etc. which are free. Use them all. I'm speaking from personal experience. 3) If you think you'll learn better in a class structure, I think Manhattan Prep is good. I've attended Princeton Review and their materials are shit. Also, the coaching institutes focus on quant and are not a big help in verbal. 4) Join MS in US facebook groups. MS in US-Fall 2015 has pdf files of most of the materials in their 'Files' section.  5) Try not to buy any materials. Almost every book has a pdf copy which you can download for free. Official GRE guide is a must-have but you can borrow it from friends and seniors.

  • Answer:

    Many students asked me how they can get a better score in the Speaking test. One of the things that matter in the Speaking test is your pronunciation. When you study with a teacher, improving your pronunciation is easier – he can correct you and you can listen to him and just copy the way he pronounces words. But what do you do if you’re all alone and study by yourself?

    A number of things, actually!

    Firstly, you can use a free web-based text-to-speech application such as this one (click here to try). “Text-to-speech” means exactly that – you type a word and the program says it. Get a passage of text and start reading it out loud. Any word you are not sure how to pronounce, type in that website and click “Say it” to hear it. Repeat it again and again until you remember the right way to say it.

    Secondly, you can record yourself – using a computer or a tape recorder, an mp3 player, a mobile phone – now there are many devices that allow voice recording. Then listen to your recorded voice and take notes of which words are mispronounced. Start working on those using the talking website again and get them right.

  • Question:Who wrote Edward 2 ?
    Posted in:English | Date: 29/07/2016


    Christopher Marlowe

  • Question:Who wrote Macbeth ?
    Posted in:English | Date: 29/07/2016



  • Question:What is the capital of Cameroon ?
    Posted in:Geography | Date: 29/07/2016



  • Question:Who wrote the poem Kubla Khan ?
    Posted in:English | Date: 29/07/2016


    Samuel Taylor Coleridge

  • Answer:

    Real Account Rule   Debit What comes in

                                  Credit what goes out

  • Answer:

       The ultraviolet  UV radiation comes only from the Sun star in the planetary system...  Perhaps from other stars in distant galaxies too.  Young stars in their early or later stages of their life and evolution, emit  ultra violet rays.   The scientists in space sciences  use  telescopes specially meant for uv rays... for viewing stars from all galaxies... milky way.

  • Answer:

    CAT, GMAT and GRE assess the potential of candidates interested in applying to various graduate programs (Masters and Doctoral). A candidate interested in pursuing management education (or equivalent) in India takes the CAT, while a candidate interested in pursuing management education abroad or in premier Indian b-schools takes the GMAT. GRE is used by Universities/colleges for admission to their Masters in Sciences programmes.

  • Question:What are some best sites to prepare for GRE vocabulary?
    Posted in:GRE | Date: 29/07/2016


    Here are the main sources:  Sites:  1. Memonic Dictionary: Fun and easy way to build your vocabulary!  2. Vocabulary. com Find out how strong your vocabulary is and learn new words at Vocabulary.com. (web version) 3. Magoosh Online Test Prep After applying for Fall 2015, while waiting for result, he created this app for ME to learn GRE words as I plan to take the test for the next application season. It's free, beautiful, useful with 2 learning modes of 200 most common words in GRE test.  You can find its link here:  Android Apps on Google Play GRE Hit Parade Amazon.com: GRE Hit Parade: Appstore for Android

  • Answer:


  • Answer:

    Merriam-Webster Dictionary

    There is nothing more helpful for an English learner than having a full comprehensive dictionary at hand all the time. With the Merriam-Webster dictionary app, you have this and much more. The app contains thousands of words defined and their usage explained. The best thing about this app is that you do not have to be connected to the internet to use it; you can access the extensive database offline. Another feature is the ability to listen to a word’s pronunciation meaning you never have to embarrass yourself again with wrong pronunciations in public. If you are connected to the internet, you can also make use of the “word of the day” tool to learn one new word daily.

    uVocab – Vocabulary Trainer

    With uVocab – Vocabulary Trainer you can learn new words and then test yourself. You can browse through the words alphabetically and tap on one to see a brief description. As for the tests, they do not have a limited number of questions. You can keep going until you get tired. You can also view your progress and even check the questions that you got wrong and re-study them.


    Traditional English learning and improvement methods can be just a tad boring. If you are looking to spice up your lessons try Voxy. With new lessons on a daily basis, flash cards and news stories there is no end to the amount of fun learning available on Voxy. Apart from building your vocabulary, Voxy will help you to pronounce words correctly and improve your general spoken English.

  • Answer:

    Yes , it is more than sufficient to get a good rank in Gate .. made easy postal study course materials are well designed, standard numericals are given .. Take postal study course of made easy and I think you will definitely be benefited .. You can check it by this link Postal 

  • Answer:

    A2A. I have seen some of the Made easy notes but, I realised they are just the things(with printing mistakes) copied from the standard books.Your books can tell you better. However, I cannot really tell you if you would get the worth or not since I haven't studied from them. But, if I would have been at your place, I would have resorted to 'just' books (E-version) instead of spending on some notes. In fact, most of the toppers are the ones who prefer standard books over these material. There are many things you can get online without spending a penny even the hand made notes of ACE or made easy. So why spend ? Rest, if you feel you'll get a better idea or help with some notes or stuff, you can surely go for them. Because, at the end what matters is the effort you put in. But, even if you buy one, don't follow those notes blindly. If you have any doubt or feel what's written is not correct, refer standard books. Good luck !

  • Answer:

    GRE is not a big selection criterion for MS programs.  The selection of a candidate for MS program is a 2 stage process:

    Screening process by the admin department: This screening process goes something like, there is a list of cut-off score or threshold values for certain selection criterion. For example, all students with GRE above 310 will be cleared, or all students with CGPA above 8.0/10.0 will be selected etc. This limit is not very strict and is flexible. TOEFL is one such criterion that will fall only and only in this screening process and not evaluated for the next one, unless you are going for TA/RA, in which case they need to evaluate your English language capability (still it will be least importance). Selection process by Adcom: In this process, you will be judged on your GPA, GRE score, SOP, LOR etc and is highly flexible. A student with great acads but not so good GRE can be selected over a student with perfect GRE score and average acads. It depends on your whole application file BUT certain parameters weigh more than the others.

    Usually the selection criterion goes like this (in descending order):

    Academic GPA/CGPA/%age as well as ranking in your batch Undergrad university SOP Research ex/Work ex GRE LOR

    These other factors will vary from case to case:

    Final Year Project Internship and papers Co/Extra-curricular Prof Letting

    Problems people might face:

    Backlogs Year Gap Plagiarism

    Some people may disagree, but this is what I personally think, seen and experienced.

  • Question:What are some strategies for taking the SAT?
    Posted in:SAT | Date: 30/07/2016


    Look for wrong answers instead of right answers.

    Don't know the right answer? It happens. But if you know which choices are definitely wrong, you will significantly improve your chances of getting the question right. This is called process of elimination. Since you aren't penalized for wrong answers on the SAT, you should always guess, even if this means choosing an answer at random.

    Here’s how it works: Each question has 4 possible answer choices. Eliminate even one possibility, and you have a 1:3 chance of guessing correctly.  Let's say there are 9 questions where you eliminate 1 choice and guess among the remaining choices. Statistically, you will guess correctly 3 times and incorrectly 6 times. You just earned 3 points!

    Know your personal order of difficulty.

    SAT questions are not arranged in order of difficulty (so that easier problems come earlier in the test than the hard ones). Instead, it’s important to identify the questions that YOU find easy or hard. Remember, you’re not scored onhow many questions you do. You’re scored on how many questions you answer correctly. So slow down on the questions you personally find easy or medium difficulty so you can pick up the most points. Just make sure you guess on the rest!

    Own your test booklet.

    You paid for that test booklet, personalize it. Scratch work is extremely important on the SAT. Don't be embarrassed about it—writing in your test booklet will help you keep your mind focused.

    • Mark up geometry diagrams. Keeping track of your work directly on the page will help you avoid careless mistakes.
    • When you use process of elimination to eliminate a wrong answer, cross it out! Don't leave it there to confuse you if you have to choose between two remaining answer choices.
    • When you answer a question but aren't entirely confident in your choice, circle the question or put a big question mark next to it. That way, if you have time to go back at the end of the section, you can find the question easily and quickly.
  • Answer:

    The same as anyone. Buy your official SAT guide and use Khan Academy for practice. meanwhile 1st year , college, is normally light , you should be able to do good. Stay confident and be sure to get a score 1300+ and get into a much better college than any NIT.

    Good luck~

  • Question:How much time is required to prepare for the IELTS?
    Posted in:IELTS | Date: 30/07/2016


    Many students want to know how long it will take to get the score they need. It's impossible for me to answer this question because it depends on too many things. For example:

    - How many hours of study do you do each day? - What kind of study do you do? - Do you have a teacher or someone who can help you? - Do you live in an English-speaking country? - Do you like learning English, or do you just need an IELTS score?

    Maybe the last question is the most important one. In my experience, people who enjoy learning English tend to make the fastest progress.

  • Question:Is TED useful for learning English?
    Posted in:Communicative English | Date: 30/07/2016


    Yes, definitely.* The speakers are uniformly good English speakers, even though some are not native English speakers. The subject matter is varied, so there is something that will appeal to many tastes. The videos have closed captions, which can be enabled (via "CC"), so that viewers can see the correct spelling of the spoken words, and the videos can be played over as needed for the viewer to comprehend the words, sentences, intonations, and inflections used by the speakers.

  • Question:How can I prepare for GATE without coaching?
    Posted in:GATE Exam | Date: 30/07/2016


    YES IT IS! and in very FIRST ATTEMPT. I perceive coaching(GATE) as they want to manufacture toppers only. Their factory comprises of best faculty with best resources, even after this they have to bargain with toppers to advertise their institute.  I had done coaching in class XI for IITs. All we know about the cut throat competition. Coaching taught me everything no matter it is relevant to my exam or not. They were focused on hard, harder and hardest questions. I badly need some direction and shape to my preparation at that time. So this time I decided; let me know myself what is my weakness and what is my strength.  Downloaded the syllabus--> stick to the wall -->  Read the blog having failure and success stories of GATE--> Attended the webinars (for guidance)-->  Novels motivated me-->  All INDIA Test series helped me to evaluate and to shape my practice-->  Solved previous year questions for guidance of breadth and depth of the topic--> left 25% of topics thinking them as not my cup of tea-->  Worked on my accuracy and speed-->  learned to handle the pressure.

  • Answer:

    you can try this and have access to almost 1 GB of Books , videos and study material - including all sources- manhattan, magoosh, Princeton review for absolutely FREE.

    steps to follow :

    create an account with Welcome to Filestream | Filestream . authenticate the account. download the torrent file from here (27 kB only :P) : Link : https://torcache.net/torrent/CEB... upload this torrent file (27 kB) to the upload file section in Filestream. now download the file (950 MB) using the dropdown arrow.

  • Answer:

    The writing section is my biggest worry. I'm considering a GRE course, but I don't want to seat through an entire course just for this one section. I am also considering a writing tutor but I don't know how to ensure the legitimacy of one. How can I improve my writing specifically for GRE style?

  • Question:What is top 8 IELTS book list for IELTS preparation?
    Posted in:IELTS | Date: 01/08/2016


    The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS

    Cambridge IELTS 10

    English Grammar in Use

    English Collocations in Use

    English Vocabulary in Use

    New Insight Into IELTS

    Target Band 7: IELTS Academic Module – How to Maximize Your Score

    Cambridge IELTS 11

  • Question:How can I prepare for IIT JEE ?
    Posted in:IIT JEE Mains | Date: 04/08/2016


    Make sure you can solve problems from the NCERT class XI and class XII textbooks. For best concepts, use IIT Mathematics for JEE (Main and Advanced) by M.L. ... For the most abundant supply of difficult questions: New Pattern IITJEE Mathematics by Dr. S.K.

  • I got a nice teacher for NEET, the patience of the tutors and dedication was above the mark. Glad to have as the tutor like you.
    Reviewed by: Dimple.s
  • Sharma did really master in English and he set the curriculum in such a way that helped my son to learn more on his own. Thank You Merit Class for providing me such a good tutor.
    Reviewed by: Nidhi
  • I am pretty happy with the service provided by Merit Class, but only one thing I would like to suggest, expecting more revision in classes and clearing the doubts to the students will bring better result.
    Reviewed by: Varun
  • I got a good instructor moreover my requirement is very specific which I have shared with Rajesh, understanding my concern and provided a female teacher for my special kid to get adjust for the teacher.
    Reviewed by: Srinivas
  • We are very pleased with the kind of interaction that has been made possible between the student and the tutor which we believe which is very important to a clear understanding of various concepts that are dealt with.
    Reviewed by: Vidya
  • The tutor for IITJEE worked well. The tutor always gave on pro tips to my son and helped in solve things smarter and efficiently.
    Reviewed by: Kevin
  • Tutor lakshmi had a patience of earth when teaching my kid. The way she tought the concepts where really interesting and lovely.
    Reviewed by: Haritha Jain
  • Teacher did a commendable job and every day he made the class more interesting and pushed the limits on my son to explore more.
    Reviewed by: Anonymous
  • I really admired the level of research he has put up before starting each and every class. At some point, it motivated my daughter too do her own research to compete with the tutor.
    Reviewed by: Jagadesh
  • A Great Tutorial in Bangalore. Am a Mechanical engineer student and I got a very good tutor. Thank you Mayank Sir.
    Reviewed by: Ankit Chandra
  • Excellent service for them. Tarun is a perfect teacher and his creativity is surprised for us after seeing the results.
    Reviewed by: Ritu
  • For my kids, I got a very genuine tutor. Merit Class support is very good for me. Thank you for providing a good service.
    Reviewed by: Prathyusha
  • Immediately needed Mechanical teacher for Engineering Subjects, got a good tutor on urgent basis from Merit Class.
    Reviewed by: Veeresh R V
  • We needed an English tutor an urgent basis and started classes with Merit Classes. I found teachers are very good at the institutes. Thanks
    Reviewed by: Shakila
  • I was looking for a home tutor for my brother's exams. Found Merit Class experience to be very easy, they matched the tutor within a day. Great service by the team.
    Reviewed by: Rohan
  • Merit Class doing a wonderful job, the way they interacted with us, is completely satisfactory and teachers are also good.
    Reviewed by: Venkat Krishna
  • I am very glad to thank to Meritclass, after long search we got a good tutor for IIT JEE tuition. We are very happy with tutor.
    Reviewed by: Chandrika
  • I have admitted my daughter in the last year in Francis institute who is in 10th grade and she was very dull student and they promised me that improvement would be shown in 3 months and now due to their efforts and my daughter hard working nature now she is getting 85% and the faculties are very much experienced. Thank for the support and knowledge provided to my her. Especially day to day methodology and weekly scheduled tests pattern, my daughter has improved in her academics lessons.Thank you Merit Class Tuitions.
    Reviewed by: Pratheeksha Nair
  • Very happy to work with Merit Class, staff is very close and everything systematic in terms of teaching qualities.
    Reviewed by: Roshan Fernandes
  • I opted for exam preparation, that to in very short span of time they gave well knowledgeable tutor and it helped me a lot for exam.
    Reviewed by: Chethana
  • We really appreciate this team for providing such a good tutor for crash course, we are very thankful to Merit Class.
    Reviewed by: Sulabh Srivastava
  • Merit Class is a one of the best tuition provider according to me. I enrolled myself as a home tutor and I got very good client from them even payment also I got from meritclass on time
    Reviewed by: Subhasish Mazumder
  • I take home tuition for Accounts, my sister takes classes for Math, very good teaching thanks to Merit Class.
    Reviewed by: Ravi Puranik
  • This is best platform for tuition. I join this organisation and get more benefit. Person who wants to makes his carrier bright, you have no other better option to Merit Class.
    Reviewed by: Shivani
  • Teaching with concept methodology. All teachers are very cooperative. I am taking tuition from last 3 years.
    Reviewed by: Geetha
  • Excellent teachers with good qualifications and experience. Also, the service was excellent. Thank You
    Reviewed by: Vasavi
  • Excellent teacher!! Best in his field of work !! He taught my son and my son who was afraid of Kannada is now loving Kannada and passed 12 with 87 percent! He has an open system of teaching which I as a parent appreciate a lot. Please do not believe in the negative comments below because he's no where near those comments
    Reviewed by: Srinidhi B S
  • Dedicated and experience Accounts teacher we have got. Satisfied to take Accounts private tuition from Merit Class.
    Reviewed by: Ashish
  • Very good teachers. Very satisfied to take maths tution from them. I got 88% marks in maths in CBSE class XII 2018. He is best maths teacher in Bangalore.
    Reviewed by: Venita Kundapur
  • Indeed they are best in terms of math and other subjects also. They focused on clients needs and understands students properly. I would recommend to all aspirants who want to use this service.
    Reviewed by: Bharath
  • We just shifted from Sikar(Raj.) to Bangalore. My kids aren't that comfortable with the environment & faced so much difficulty in setting up in the environment. I urgently need a good spoken English home tutor. Heard about Merit Class from some of my relatives & without wasting time, booked one spoken English home tutor. Merit Class has arranged one on the very next day. Now the tutor comes daily & makes my kid that much really comfortable with the school environment that they now have really good friends in the school who supports them academically & also understood their problem & helped him. Thank you Merit Class.
    Reviewed by: Mohan
  • Thank you Hemanth for your help to provide me the tuition. And thank you Merit Class for your fast service.
    Reviewed by: Ashish
  • I got a tutor within short time from Merit Class. Teacher is also pretty good. I am preparing well for exam with the help of my tutor.
    Reviewed by: Julie
  • I am happy with the tutor though the fees are quite high. He is punctual and clear with concepts, my son studying well now.
    Reviewed by: Niranjan S
  • Very good interaction with these people. They have provided best teacher for my children. We look forward long term relationship with them.
    Reviewed by: Prasad
  • If you ask me, i will strongly racomand this institute for tuition, teachers are perfect and creative.
    Reviewed by: Aravind
  • "I would like to suggest to the aspirants who are keen to learn Citrix. Merit Class is one of the best institutes who can teach Citrix administration superbly with all its experience and knowledge. "
    Reviewed by: Anagha Shree
  • They provided Good lady faculties for my girl. She is very punctual. My child loves the teacher which Merit Class provided. Faculties are excellent. Administration hospitality and understanding is amicable.
    Reviewed by: Gnana Guru
  • Sir is Dedicated towards ensuring that the student understands the matter before attempting to solve it. Makes sure that no doubt remains in the candidates' mind after completion of a chapter. Enjoyable to study, thanks Merit Class team.
    Reviewed by: Aniruddh Kale
  • Service is good but follow up make more irritation, need to make proper schedule for feedback collection, otherwise, teacher is good.
    Reviewed by: Rohini Vinod Kumar
  • Its an average experience, we do expect more test to be conduct for student because then only I can check the progress, hope look forward to correct it.
    Reviewed by: Jigar Doshi
  • Excellent teacher!! Best in his field of work! He taught my son who was afraid in Math. But now he is loving the subject and passed 10 with 91 percent marks! The method which he uses for teaching is unique. As a parent I really appreciate it. He is an experienced teacher. I recommend him. Thanks to Merit Class
    Reviewed by: Sabina
  • I got a tutor who was really good in teaching and his passion towards teaching is also good. Merit Class had provided me such good tutor.
    Reviewed by: Aman Warsi
  • Got an awesome teacher who made to feel the subject so easy and it is very interesting to learn now. Thanks to Merit Class
    Reviewed by: Dr Vedavathy Nayak
  • Great tuitions! The teacher has many years of teaching experience. Explains the subject lucidly and she is very friendly to the students.
    Reviewed by: Tusarakanta Sahoo
  • The best teacher in the town. Very dedicated, conscientious, upright, honest, practical, understands the child's requirement & deals with it accordingly. Uses all the natural resources available. Answer gives to the elicit child. Great entities in various fields of education. Has illuminated many minds with knowledge. A salute to the sacrifice made by the great teacher.
    Reviewed by: Bini Easow
  • Found a very good tutor for my nephew from Merit Class and the services provided was pretty good and professional.
    Reviewed by: Sakina
  • Merit Class is a great place. The tutor is Mr S Giridhar. He is an accomplished personality and is committed to his job.
    Reviewed by: Surya Prakash
  • Merit Class tutor is a solid tutor who took the time to evaluate the needed focus for my upcoming exam. I look forward to working and developing my abilities with teacher. Thanks a lot !
    Reviewed by: Priya
  • Great work. Provided professional teacher for my kid. His previous percentage was 52% and after the tuition my kid improved a lot. Now he is getting 73%. Thank you so much Sir for helping my kid to get a good teacher.
    Reviewed by: Mary Kavitha
  • When they approached us for tuition with registration, I felt it is quite risky. But that time we didn't have any other choice. Finally I got a very good teacher from Merit Class.
    Reviewed by: Satish
  • After posting a requirement, with in 4 Hrs they arranged a tutor for me, i am very happy, thanks to Merit Class team.
    Reviewed by: Samah Noorain
  • Finding a good home tutor in big cities like Bangalore & even when you just shifted to the new city is really difficult. But thanks to Merit Class which I just got by searching home tutor over the web in my location. I wanted a home tutor for my daughter. She wanted to learn Maths and science. But after experiencing the services of Merit Class , I also booked a home tutor for myself for spoken English. It was really an amazing experience. I'll definitely recommend this to all my known.
    Reviewed by: Bindu
  • I ask them IIT and JEE group teacher for my brother and they provide me well experienced teacher on the same day. Excellent quality service.
    Reviewed by: Bheemana Gouda
  • They provided me with a great Tutor for Maths and Physics. Service is very good. Fees are also reasonable. I had lost faith in Home tutors agency but Merit Class has reinstated it.
    Reviewed by: Rita
  • Merit Class provided teacher for us, Vivek sir has helped me a lot with my math during my school life as well as in my college life. I was very poor in maths from lower class to class 8. So, I joined Merit Class and Vivek Sir cleared all my concepts and also gave me unlimited doubt clearing classes. He helped me in every step and made maths one of my strongest subjects. I scored 97% in my class 12 boards and got IIT. I am thankful to Merit Class and Vivek Sir. Highly recommend Merit Class if you want to score and perform well in maths.
    Reviewed by: Aswin
  • Highly appreciated and recommended. Teachers are really good here. I tried many but here I got the solution. Good Tutors.
    Reviewed by: Nagu Prem
  • One of the best place to take tuition. Faculty and support provided by this institution is of best quality. My brother scored 95.6% in 10th board after getting good support and faculty by Merit Class. All the best, keep it up.
    Reviewed by: Sudheercv
  • I was looking for a Accounts tutor near my location and Merit Class did an excellent job to find tutor for my Son. Kudos to Merit Class Team.
    Reviewed by: Dhanraj
  • very nice home tutorial. i really thankfull to Merit Class. as they help our 3 kids on to there CBSE Board Examination. All scored very well. Thank you miss Rani and mr Suraj for your effort and teaching.
    Reviewed by: Suja
  • Merit class is a very good platform for right teachers to get, we got an excellent tutor for my daughter, they take feedback of each and every classes to asses the progress.
    Reviewed by: Sanjay Rai
  • Very happy to give review for Meritclass, they provided such a good tutor, I recommend for other students also.
    Reviewed by: Rini Thomas
  • Quik response from Merit Class after posting a requirement, we really appreciate for their work, Keep it up. Thank you.
    Reviewed by: V.dhanurenuka
  • I asked for Math teacher from this institute, my son taking classes from Jayram and improving a lot.
    Reviewed by: Ahmed
  • Very good institute for home tuition, the teacher is very friendly with my kid and helping for exam preparation.
    Reviewed by: Col Gopimohan
  • Meritclass tutor teaching my son and making him to understand the concepts of the chapter in easy way. Nice coaching by the tutor.
    Reviewed by: Ahalya
  • They provide good and experienced teachers for all classes including music and communication skills also.
    Reviewed by: Padmini
  • Interaction with these people is very good and very professionals, teachers also focusing on basics and fundamentals, their apps are helping a lot to improve taking more tests.
    Reviewed by: Ankit
  • Good coaching, after taking classes we are seeing good improvement in my son studies. Thank you for providing a tutor.
    Reviewed by: Vraj
  • I will give 10 out of 10 rating for providing an excellent tutor for my daughter, he is very professional and knowledgeable.
    Reviewed by: Surya Prakash
  • Quick response and arranges a tutor for us, Thank you for providing such a great effort and service, we appreciate.
    Reviewed by: Vineet
  • We found an excellent teacher for Maths, Mr Alok is very professional and helping my son to learn concepts.
    Reviewed by: Jacob
  • Best service we got from merit class, my daughter is pretty happy to learn new methods for solving maths questions.
    Reviewed by: Ashwini Kale
  • Excellent tutors, we are very happy with teaching. Initially, my son is very poor in science subject but now he is scoring well.
    Reviewed by: Karan Kaushik
  • It is a nice institute for home tuition. The faculty members are very good and co-operative. They guide students very well.
    Reviewed by: Rashi
  • Took Physics, Math and Biology classes for 3 months, the faculty is knowledgeable and well qualified, good experience.
    Reviewed by: Mrunal
  • I am very happy to work with merit class, very good in support and providing more opportunities to merit class.
    Reviewed by: Dushyant Dubey
  • Merit class tutors are well trained, creative and conceptual to deliver the knowledge to students, we are benefited a lot.
    Reviewed by: Shashikant Desai
  • Excellent approach and service as well. Strongly suggested for students to try with the new methodology of teaching with professionals.
    Reviewed by: Rashmi
  • I got the best tutor for my nephew at Merit Class. One of the best home tutor provider in Bangalore.
    Reviewed by: Shrikanth Upadhyaya
  • They provided good and experienced teachers for all classes including Competitive Exams and Communication Skills also.
    Reviewed by: Nitin Goel
  • They provide Best Quality in 1-on-1 Home Tutoring. Every student can understand the way they teach. Very elaborative & very clear, while they were teaching me.
    Reviewed by: Mohammed Muzamil
  • Merit Class faculties present in this institute are very generous and helpful. Each and every query is being sorted out by them. The pattern they follow is really helpful and strict.
    Reviewed by: P K Sharma
  • Merit Class provided good and experienced teachers for all classes including music and communication skills also.
    Reviewed by: Shaik Salma Begum
  • I am very happy taking tutors from here. Highly Recommended. Now I am seeing good results from my child.
    Reviewed by: Sahith
  • Very good in teaching, Pro Ravi tej teaching Maths to my kid almost from 2 years, we are so happy to have such a great teacher for my son.
    Reviewed by: Divakar
  • Awesome Experience. Really loved it, Home tutoring made me more confident in my subjects, now feeling very clear in concepts.
    Reviewed by: Jagan
  • Sometimes all we need is simple teaching or teaching concepts in a simpler way. Nalini did exactly the same, she did explain to my kid the concepts more practically and in a more engaging manner.
    Reviewed by: Gaurav Joshi
  • Tutors are very friendly. Teaching concepts with basics to make more easy to understand Advance Level, we are very happy with the tutor.
    Reviewed by: Nitesh
  • The tutor arrangement was really nice and qualified. The test sessions they conduct was really good and showed some good results.
    Reviewed by: Shivara
  • We are very happy with Premier tuition tutors. They are very knowledgeable.
    Reviewed by: Anonymous

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