Your Dream Job Awaits! Nailing The APPSC

Nov 12, 2019
Your Dream Job Awaits! Nailing The APPSC

Cracking a government exam isn’t an easy thing to pull off. Given the number of posts available for the youth, government jobs are considered to be a dream for many people. But if you’re prepared for the task and know the things needed to have a government job, the things listed in this article shall help you out with the grind. A government job has way more perks these days to woo the masses; therefore, cracking one is the utmost priority for most job seekers.

State Public Service Commission (PSC) examinations can get overwhelming if you aren’t prepared for them. A postgraduate student looking for a job these days should be well versed in current affairs, basic general knowledge, besides other things. These jobs require above average presence of mind, analytical and logical reasoning and quick problem-solving capabilities, just to name a few. 

If you’re a candidate looking for a stable future, coupled with excellent salary packages, perks, and a tension-free life ahead, then such jobs are the ones you should be looking for. Times have indeed changed - with the advent of newer technologies, APPSC examinations can be taken on online portals as well. While paper pen exams still exist and are used for either entry or elimination levels, online ones are always the go-to option for a vast number of exams that happen on an annual basis.                 

What is APPSC?

The anagram APPSC stands for Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission. Just like every other State Public Service Commission, its job is to look for the best candidates for the state’s crucial management jobs. The Government of India undertakes these commissions and evaluates the candidates appearing for the designated positions. For the state of Andhra Pradesh, the examination is conducted in two languages — the candidate can choose between English and Telugu.  

Just like every other exam, the APPSC examination is conducted in multiple stages, each stage tougher than its predecessor. For starters, the APPSC examination pattern is divided into 4 phases, namely APPSC group 1 test series, APPSC group 2 test series, APPSC group 3 test series, and finally, APPSC group 4 test series. For the most part, the number of vacancies is dwarfed by the number of candidates, which is why finding a reliable platform like will assist you in preparation. Therefore, the examination is divided into these stages to make sure that the selection process stays away from any trouble.              

How to crack APPSC?

As the APPSC examination is divided into 4 stages, Aspirebuzz helps candidates to be fully prepared for some sub-examinations within each test group. These examinations are divided into Preliminary and Mains, followed by interviews. The following steps should help the candidate in cracking an APPSC exam, especially the first stage; they are as follows:

  • 1. Keep your facts in check

APPSC exam is considered to be a tough nut to crack, therefore keeping your points in check always helps you out in the long run. The number of events happening around change daily, so it is still a wise decision to go through them even when you’re not studying. A little peep into the Aspirebuzz learning portal will help you a lot in covering topics that might be asked in the examination.

  • 2. Be quick with problem-solving

Another crucial part of these examinations is the reasoning one. The candidate has to be prepared for quick problem-solving questions. As a candidate, you should be able to solve 60%, if not 70-80% of these questions that are based on analytical and logical reasoning. These questions are related to relevant problems that test the decision-making skills of the candidates.

  • 3. Be effective

The best way to crack the APPSC examination is to be simplistic but practical at the same point. Choose that method of preparation that allows you to understand the topics rather than mugging them. The questions are based on general knowledge as well; thus, you should be able to answer them with ease if you’ve taken the simplistic approach.

  • 4. Build your confidence

If you’ve cleared the first wave of the APPSC examination, then you should brace for the interviews. These interviews are nowhere near easy, which is why you must be confident with the answers you give. Taking the middle path and saying something that doesn’t exist will definitely deduct your marks — it is either a “yes” or “no” in these examinations.      

APPSC in a nutshell

APPSC examinations are the go-to examinations for those who are confident enough with their level of preparation. Overconfidence shouldn’t exist in the right candidate; you could inculcate the learning habit by getting on learning platforms like that lend a helping hand to tackle the multiple levels of challenges these examinations have to offer. If you stay focused and take the above pointers to heart, acing the APPSC will facilitate a breezy start to a successful career!

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