7 ways Yoga helps High School Students

7 ways Yoga helps High School Students

Imagine a rose without thorns! Ah, I already know your reaction: it’s impossible to imagine, right? Just like a rose, human life too, is incomplete without certain ‘thorns’ such as stress, anxiety, nervousness, memory loss and depression, to name a few. I have often heard the wise men say that these elements are a part and parcel of life. But, let’s be practical.

I know some people who’ve even experienced suicidal thoughts quite often, overburdened with such negative elements. How many times have you been victims of low self-esteem, being plagued by the manifold complications of life? Unfortunately, the negative energies of anxiety have not spared even students, in the form of ‘exam stress’ and ‘peer pressure’.

Why is Yoga important?

Here is some very good news: it is indeed possible to guard against life’s evils and embrace peace and tranquility. This can be done with rejuvenated energy – something which should automatically bring a smile on your face. ‘Yoga’ is the name of that wonder-drug that heals you from within, and that too, permanently. This ancient practice comprises a series of postures known as ‘asanas’ that tone up your muscles. This, in turn, makes you physically fit and mentally alert. No wonder, the US boasts of about 25.62 million yoga practitioners, as revealed by 2014 statistics.

Contribution of Yoga to Students

You would be amazed to know the multiple benefits of Yoga, especially for students. Academics require a great deal of concentration, memory and mental strength as well as a considerable amount of energy. Let me share with you the top seven ways in which Yoga helps high school students:

#1. Makes you Flexible

When you stretch yourself, your muscles start to relax as they release lactic acid that is responsible for a feeling of pain and stiffness in your body. Students who are actively involved in sports can minimize any chances of injury if they practice Yoga regularly. This is due to the fact that the different asanas that are a part of Yoga lubricate your joints and ease your muscles. As a result, your ligaments and tendons are exercised, making you stronger and more fit as you move around or play games.

#2. Lowers Stress

Stress has become our constant companion affecting modern lifestyles and threatens to upset our emotional balance every now and then. When you concentrate on Yoga postures or movements, your mind is diverted from your hectic schedule, even if it is for fifteen minutes in a day. Certain breathing exercises like the ‘pranayama’ have a proven effect of resulting in higher levels of attention spans among students. So, use Yoga as a daily stress-buster and notice peace descending upon you gradually!

#3. Increases your Energy

As I have already mentioned, Yoga boosts your energy reserves like none other. As you perform physical movements, there is increased blood supply to all your organs and various body parts. Did you know how helpful Yoga is in eliminating harmful toxins from your system? It leads to overall nourishment of your body that directly impacts your energy levels which tend to shoot up immediately after a quick Yoga session. The more energetic you feel, the faster you can solve your academic problems and enhance your performance.

#4. Helps you Focus

Absorbing new information in your classrooms would be challenging, if your mind keeps drifting away to the conversation you have had with your friend last night. Brilliant academic performance can only be achieved if your mind is calm and miles away from any distraction. This is where the concept of meditation in Yoga comes into effect. Today, meditation is being introduced in several schools as part of the overall curriculum in an effort to motivate students to expand their attention spans. And also improve their concentration power during and after classes.

#5. Makes you Stronger

Most Yoga postures require that you stand in a fixed posture for a specified time. Do you know how this helps you? Such postures help tighten your muscles as you test your power of endurance. Your hamstrings and abdominal muscles gradually become stronger with continued Yoga practice. With increased physical strength comes a greater flow of metabolism that energizes you with renewed vigor. What this means is that you feel less exhausted after your entire day at school and ready to sit down with your books once again earlier than before.

#6. Induces Better Team Spirit

It is very important for school students to imbibe a proper team spirit and bond with their teachers and other fellow students. You must know how to cooperate with your classmates. Also, teachers must make sure that there are a lot of team building activities at high school that inculcates a feeling of healthy competition within peer groups. Yoga contests organized at educational institutions vitalize students making them more competent and smarter. Yogic exercises stimulate a general feeling of universal well-being that is an essential requisite for forming new bonds.

#7. Manages your Weight

Obesity has become an inevitable part of most student lives today, thanks to over-consumption of junk food, stress and lack of physical labor. Almost six out of every ten students are overweight today. When you inhale deeply, more oxygen is absorbed by your blood cells, including fat cells. It burns up your fat cells, making you lose weight slowly but steadily. Cutting down on obesity enables you to lower the risk of numerous maladies and imparts greater physical stability to your body. Once you’re completely fit, you find it easier to devote quality time to your studies.

As you can see by now, Yoga and meditation play a very important role in a student’s life. So go ahead and blend in different Yoga asanas and make them an inseparable part of your life from today onwards. Soon you’ll see the difference. Say goodbye to the irritable and uncertain you and welcome positive energy into your life in all its forms through Yoga.


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