Why Study in Australia?

Why Study in Australia?

As the third most popular destination for international students, Australia provides a unique education experience that nurtures innovativeness, creativity, and independent thinking. International students flock to study in Australia not only because of the high quality of teaching but also because of the social, cultural, and environmental diversity. Furthermore, Australia is one of the safest places and enjoys a standard of living that is among the highest in the world.

A Popular Destination for Indian Undergraduate Students

There are thousands of high-quality courses on offer across a wide range of study areas in Australia. Courses range from certificates and diplomas through to undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs. The most popular degree programs that students seek in Australia are Business and Management, Dentistry, Medicine, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Veterinary Science, Law and Criminal Justice, Education and Engineering.

India is the second biggest contributor of foreign students studying in Australia (China being number one). In 2014, Australia recorded a 28% increase in the number of Indian students over the previous year.

According to the Director of the Victorian Government Business Office in Bangalore, Annie Santhana (as cited in Business Standard, 11 January 2015) "In September 2014 over 50,000 Indian students enrolled across Australia, out of which half of them (25,000) enrolled in Victoria." The number of Indian students in Australia is expected to rise every year.

Here are six main reasons that make Australia a popular choice for Indian undergraduate students.

  1. Similar Education System

Australia offers the best alternative for Indian students to pursue their studies because Australia’s education system is similar to that of India’s, as it is based on the British education system. So it’s easier for Indian students to get admitted to Australian universities without the hassle of credential evaluation or university review of qualifications. For instance, Indian students who have completed two years in an undergraduate programme in India can enrol for the second or third year of a Bachelor’s program in Australian Universities.

  1. High-Quality of Education

The Australian education policy is firmly constituted. The Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) is responsible for accrediting all the courses provided by Australian institutions. The Australian Universities Quality Agency (AUQA) and the Australian Quality Training Framework 2007 (AQTF 2007) ensure the quality of education being provided.  All the universities must follow strict government regulations before they are allowed to accept international students.

Also, Australia is home to some of the best universities in the world. Top universities in Australia include, Australian National University (ANU), Monash University, The University of Adelaide, The University of Melbourne, The University of Queensland, The University of Sydney, and The University of Western Australia.

  1. Multicultural and Safe Society

With a population of more than 23 million people from over two hundred countries, Australia is one of the most diverse countries in the world. The multicultural nature of Australian society creates a harmonious environment in which international students can live and study. Most Australian institutions have teachers from different parts of the world. Australia also has one of the lowest crime rates and political unrest in the world.

  1. Affordability

Although Australia’s living standard is amongst the best in the world, living expenses and tuition fees in Australia are significantly lower when compared to the U.S and U.K. The cost of pursuing an undergraduate education in Australia ranges between USD$10,000 to $USD 17,000*. In the USA the cost of education for an undergraduate degree program ranges from USD$19,000 to USD$27,000 while in UK the cost ranges from USD$11,000 to USD$40,000. (*Please note, the cost varies depending on the preferred location, the institution and the level of study you choose).

International students are also encouraged to take part-time work up to twenty hours per week, providing a great opportunity to recover living expenses. Also, there is the possibility of scholarships for international students, which can help lower the tuition fees.

  1. Internationally Recognized Qualifications

Australian qualifications are recognised by global employers as well as most of the leading educational institutions around the world. This is made possible by an Australian Government organisation known as the National Office of Overseas Skills Recognition (NOOSR) that promotes the recognition of Australian qualifications internationally.  In addition, the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) and NOOSR work hand in hand to see that degrees from Australian institutions are widely recognized.

  1. Employment Opportunities

With the UK becoming quite strict about sending almost everyone back after completion of degree, most Indian students are not sure of their job opportunities after studying there. Is it the same in Australia? Not quite so. According to the Australia’s Graduate Outlook Survey report (2011), demand for international graduates by Australian employers in 2011 increased by levels not seen since the Global Financial Crisis in 2008.This demand is likely to continue as the Australian economy keeps growing despite the tough global conditions.

Studying in Australia offers a different experience. Its geography and vibrant culture give international students plenty of opportunities to explore some of the world’s most famous landmarks and exciting cities. The subtropical climate with warm summers and mild winters, rainforests, mountains, and sandy beaches provide a great outdoor lifestyle. Students enjoy easy access to health services, sporting events, and entertainment clubs.

Adjusting to a new environment and culture might be a challenge at first, especially when you are a new international student. Fortunately, almost all universities in Australia provide support services to international students to facilitate a smooth transition to their new environment.

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