First time in India Feature VIDEO CALL is our Time-Money Saver For All Students!

Oct 06, 2015

Dear all Students and Learners,

Let’s get straight to the point.

Since that all-important first meeting with a prospective tutor often proves to be a long, awkward, time-money-energy-consuming, stressful process, in which it also gets very difficult to decide where and when you could meet to discuss official matters in peace, quiet, comfort and safety, we have decided to solve the entire problem for you.

You can utilize our “Video Call” module to ‘virtually’ see and speak to your prospective tutor at YOUR time and convenience, at LOW or NO cost, even from the safety and comfort of YOUR room! No; neither you nor the tutor has to actually visit any place / person as such, for this meeting. That is latest technology that we wish should serve you. Or else, what is it there for?

Now, to explain how safe and simple it is, really:

You can, in a few totally guided, easy steps, get an appointment fixed with your potential tutor/s through our fool-proof “Video Call” module.

The process works two ways. Either a tutor likes your Profile and wishes to “Video Call” you through us, or you reach out to a person you wish to learn from, via the same.

Md Shahbaz Anwar

We have already kept a Calendar ready for you to mark the date/s you could keep aside for official interviews with tutors each month. Just state your preferred timings for the same. Your convenience noted by us and your prospective teacher, s/he can select a date and time to meet you. Or suggest some date or time to you. If it suits you, you can “Video Call” with the person by giving your Approval through our module. In case you cannot meet the tutor on that date and time, the meeting can be rescheduled by mutual consent.

Md Shahbaz Anwar

Once an appointment is fixed, it is marked on our platform and you can see your prospective teacher on dot at the appointed time, in the appointed ‘Chat Room’, on the computer / smartphone screen before you! Or, you can just hear each other through ‘Voice Chat’, without viewing each other’s faces. You can discuss all you need to within the time that is pre-allotted for the meeting and once all matters are agreed and decided upon, you can proceed further.

No loss of time, money or energy. No question of miscommunication / misunderstanding / mistake, as every detail is discussed textually and made note of for reference, on our portal. No first-meeting-formalities related awkwardness. A complete, undisturbed, one-to-one discussion on just the necessary points and nothing else. You get to see or hear each other clearly, without even having to visit! In total, it means-- every possible problem and doubt dispelled at one go! In complete, mutual safety and privacy, too.

Oh yes! Just in case…

You also have the option of communicating only with the people you prefer, while managing to avoid the rest, discreetly.

Do you realise how sure and secure the process is? That is exactly why we have brought it to you.

All you need to have ready with you, are:

  1. A Computer / Laptop / Smartphone.
  2. Earphones with microphones.
  3. A webcam / Audio-chat facility.

If you still have any queries remaining, we are there to solve them all at 8100455373

Rest assured:

“First time in India Feature VIDEO CALL is our Time-Money Saver For All!”

Happy Progress!

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