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Nov 19, 2014

It was the year 2009 when a little boy stood awestruck at the IIT Kanpur campus swarming with “amazingly smart people”. Among the students running up and about to their classes, Aman Goel felt at home. That’s when he knew that he would give in every effort he could and more to experience the magic.

He was driven by the passion to make his two-digit-rank dream a blinding reality. Extreme determination, a strong desire to be a part of IIT, and his best effort to achieve his glorious dream got him a rank of 33 in the 2013 IIT JEE exam. He is now a proud student of IIT Bombay and an ardent speed-cuber (in case you are wondering what that is, it is the art of speedily solving a Rubik’s cube) with a shining career prospect dangling above his head.

Who wouldn’t want that, right? But the strenuous school hours, devoting time for studies and extra-curricular activities on top of it does not leave much room for a hectic travel to a coaching center and appear for the study sessions and tests. Since you have decided to put in everything possible to score a good rank, you might want to be able to solve tests on the go as well. Here is a list of online IIT-JEE test preparation centers to help you with your search for the right one.


This website provides an online practice and test package for students preparing for IIT JEE, PMT and other entrance exam. At present this website has a database of over 40,000 questions segregated into over 900 goals which is updated every week. These goals are actually individual units that every chapter has been divided into and will be tested during assessments. Solutions for difficult questions have been provided in lucid details. Also, if a student comes across a doubt, they can click on the “Ask a Doubt “ button next to every question and they would be furnished with a solution via email.


AskIITians is one of the leading web portals offering online tuition for students aspiring for IIT-JEE exam. Last year 414 students of askIITians cleared JEE Advanced exam and 775 of its students made it to the JEE Main merit list. With a tremendous success rate of 80% in last year’s exam, the founders of this website who are a bunch of former IIT-ians, this website strives at ensuring good ranks for students in their exams not only for India, but also in the Gulf region.


This is one of India’s largest online learning portals for students from standard 1 to 12. The founders of Meritnation have a good amount of faith in self-paced learning and technology to transcend traditional boundaries. Numerous high-quality self paced tutorials and assessments ensure that every student get a good shot at cracking the IIT JEE exam. They strive to enhance learning in every way way possible.


Founded in 2011 by IIM Bangalore alumni, Spanedea is an online tutoring solution for IIT JEE aspirants. This is a fresh alternative for mainstream learning for entrance exams. Students can choose their preferred tutor with the help of reviewing their detailed profiles. Students can find out all the specifications they need to know about a course and even have a talk with former students of the course before paying for it.


This is an e-learning initiative by Career Point. All you need to do is create an account and choose a course that you would need. Once you have made the necessary payments, you would be able to start with your online classes. This is one of the best solutions for your IIT JEE exam preparation needs since they provide you with all the necessary materials required to excel in IIT JEE exam.


This website provides online courses for students preparing for IIT JEE examination. The courses are designed to ensure an all-round development of students aspiring for IIT JEE. Online recorded classes for IIT JEE recorded live via professional virtual classrooms are available for download. They also provide comprehensive study material with updates on the go with their finest virtual learning environment available on tablets and smartphones. Numerous students among the ones who have enrolled in this portal have excelled in their exams and are enjoying a lucrative career now.


ClearConcepts offers excellent online classes for IIT JEE exam to students in India and overseas. The founders of ClearConcepts believe that understanding the basic concepts is crucial for acing any exam. And they seek to help their students score outstanding marks in their exams. They provide not only online classes for IIT JEE exam, but also live interactive sessions for clearing students’ doubts. Students can schedule upto 6 online doubt clearing sessions per year with a faculty member. Their virtual classroom initiative, E-Tutor, provides students the best study material prepared by the eminent faculty members. They employ intelligent technology to make the learning experience more refined and effective.

Brilliant Tutorials:

Brilliant Tutorials is the one-stop solution for all your IIT JEE exam preparation needs. It provides online tutoring for students aspiring for IIT JEE exam. It provides students with valuable IIT JEE study material to help them achieve good scores.

Kshitij IIT JEE:

This is India’s one of the leading online coaching centers for IIT JEE exam preparations. This website provides online IIT JEE course preparation, test papers, test series, free study material and video recording of lectures for future reference. Also there are provisions for 24*7 helpline support to discuss doubts with an IITian..


Plancess is a complete online tutoring solution for students who are appearing for IIT JEE exam. They provide quality study material, test series and video lectures prepared by top 100 IITians to help students crack the exam with ease and confidence.

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