Top IT Careers for 2014

Information Technology, shortened to IT is now the buzz word with its pervasive effect and increasingly pace in the technology world. Enabling seamless communication and integration across the globe, IT industry has successfully moved up the value chain with time, spreading its dominance in every field. Presently the proliferation of androids, smart phones, tablets have ushered in the new app economy, escalating opportunities for myriad jobs and thriving career for IT nerds in the concerned field.

Why The IT Job


Unlike other sectors, the IT sector remained unscathed during the 2007–2009 recession, loosing just 1% employment in 2009 and regaining it 2010. Career prospects in reputed IT companies has witnessed steady rise with 33% in 2013, 29% in 2012, 23% in 2011 and 20% in 2009. The spate in cloud computing, social and mobile technologies has induced the IT industry to reinvent themselves, heading for the reset button. The high demand for technology and services has resulted in rapid growth for high paid IT jobs.

As predicted there will be further rise in opportunities in the next decade. Between 2010 and 2020, jobs are expected to rise at an average annual rate of 6.1 percent.

Projected IT industry growth

Lucrative Careers In IT

With a galore of options awaiting you, aspiring professionals can prefer for any and attain proficiency for a thriving career.

Software Engineer: Caters to researching, designing, developing and maintaining software systems together with hardware development. So want to design the next Facebook? Software engineers design the programs that we use in computers and mobile devices.

Application Engineer: It includes designing parts of applications like interface, middleware. Developers need to create programs using basic coding languages for the future Android devices and iOS.

Web Modeler/Developer: Includes planning and conducting web-based software. Also manages development of new products for production, marketing for creating new software in the internet. It includes creating web pages, web content and web applications together with understanding of operating systems, creating visually stimulating sites for the surfer, optimizing sites for mobile tech and having keen knowledge of Web languages like Javascript and HTML.

Data developer: The professionals create data designs and also evaluate the data requirements of a particular company.

Business Intelligence Analyst: Shouldering the responsibility of a company’s information analysis and offering practical solutions which also include reviewing and analyzing of information tools. The job also requires analyzing information from varied resources, transforming them into an understandable language.

Network Manager: Network manager deals with the daily operations and maintenance of the networking system and automation operations of the company. The professionals need to co-ordinate with network engineers and analysts for implementing, testing, deploying and incorporating network systems.

Cloud Architect: The job is related to cloud computing of course. It involves large number of computers being connected through a communication network.

Besides these, other money-spinning jobs will be Cyber Security, IT Consultant, Games Developer, Technical Author, Multimedia Specialist and others.

These varied profiles in the IT domain find varying demands as per the growing requirements in different sectors. The following chart reflects the demands as expected to be in 2010-2020

Careers in IT

IT Skills to Master

Keep your IT skills top notch and updated with the rapid growth of technology and speedy alterations in business processes. Your potentials and talent will aid in sustaining in the lousy economic background and competitive market. The skills to master can be:

  • Must be tech savvy and have the willingness to learn
  • Flexibility in adopting innovative ways of working
  • High business acumen
  • A keen eye for details
  • Logical thinking and reasoning
  • Remaining updated
  • Creativity and unique intuitive nature
  • Accuracy in delivering work
  • Organizational, administrative and communicative skills
  • Confidence to meet deadlines
  • Project management skills
  • High intellectual capacity and foresightedness
  • Ability to take instant decisions
  • Computer Networking skills
  • Academic and technical skills

The Top Best IT Companies To Work For

Got the degrees and skills? Waiting for what? Here is a list of top IT companies in the world offering world class job prospects and work culture.

  • Microsoft
  • Sap
  • Oracle
  • CA Technologies
  • Google
  • Symantec
  • Yahoo
  • Infosys
  • TCS
  • Adobe

2013 was a prospective year for the cloud, social media, mobile technology that is predicted to prolong in the upcoming years by the top IT experts. The shift will be massive in both the public and private sector that will offer strong job outlook and highest paid careers.


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