Hot Tips to Maintain a Proper Teacher-Student Relationship

Mar 14, 2018

A relationship between a teacher and a student is extremely crucial, especially when you are in college. In schools, it might be different and awkward to walk up to an instructor and discuss your family problems, but in a college, an educator can be your best friend, he can be your guide and suggest things that might help you in the long run.

You can even discuss your family problems or your relationship problems with your teachers, not only to maintain a good relationship with them but to seek assistance, and help if required. Some teachers are known to be better friends with students, than their friends and even their parents, such can be a student-instructor relationship. Maintaining good relationship with teachers will also get you good grades and credits at the end of the semester.

Here are some tips to maintain a good relationship with your teacher, and get the most out of college:

  • Make a Good First Impression – When the college starts, all students are alike to the teachers, because everyone is a new entrant. The instructors do not know you, thus, this is the best time to make an impression that is good and lasts long on your teacher’s mind. Whenever you are in the class, try to be active and ask a lot of questions. Educators love students who make them realize that they are active in class and listening to them. But in the context of asking questions, do not start irritating them. Avoid being annoying and ask only meaningful questions. Sometimes, a lot of questions also disturb the flow of the on-going class and disturb the other students as well.
  • Be Punctual and Come to Class on Time – Educators notice those who arrive late and are not at all attentive in class, but those who come to class on time, not only show their respect for the instructor, but also make a good impression on them. If you come to class on time, your educator will see you as a sincere and devoted student, and will always think highly of you. Such small habits also showcase your overall personality and you will be seen in a positive light by your teacher.
  • Be Polite and Avoid Arguments – Many moments of disagreement will come between you and your instructors, but always try to keep calm and avoid argument at all costs. You can always discuss your disagreements and choose to be polite, but arguing and using bad language is not at all recommended. It will destroy your relationship with your educator, and you can never improve your image again, no matter what you do. Such episodes will not only ruin your own personality but will also be etched in your teacher’s mind forever.
  • Follow Instructions and Do Not Disobey Them – When an instructor is taking a class, he needs to maintain a code of conduct, and if a student is not following his instructions, it is seen as a matter of insult and disrespect. If the educator has asked you not to use your phone in the class, or stop chewing gum in the class, you follow their instructions and obey them. It is their class, and they decide the rules. By disobeying them, you display a character that does not deserve to be respected.
  • Submit your Assignments on Time – Those who ask for delays in submissions are not seen as good students by the teachers. If there is some emergency, you can always talk to your educators and ask for an extension in the deadline date, but if there is nothing wrong, and you can submit your assignments on time, do that! Do not delay for no reason, and cause trouble. Instructors do not like the students who always delay their submissions. They are viewed as irresponsible students, and you will also receive bad credits and bad grades from your teachers. If you cannot submit your assignments, or you have a lot of other work to do, you can seek online assistance. You can get your academic papers done by online experts. There are many websites, which provide extensive services such as scientific thesis writing service. You can ask them to help you, and for reasonable prices, you can get your assignments done to avoid late submission.
  • Do Not Hesitate to Apologize – If you have committed a mistake, you should not hesitate to apologize. An apology will not make you small, but it will increase your respect in front of your educator. He will see you as a responsible, mature and educated student, who understands that apologizing is an act of maturity and not ego.

These tips will help you maintain a good relationship with your instructor and excel in college without any hassle.

Joshua Robinson

Joshua Robinson is a professional writer at edu birdie. He started his career as a tutor but became a writer in a short period. He still helps students with their writings, but as an adviser.

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