Tips on how to help children stay focused during the tutoring

Tips on how to help children stay focused during the tutoring

There are multiple tips on how the teacher can improve his performance to make the studying process most efficient. What combination of strategies in teaching can bring the best result? The undeniable truth is that to make the process of studying successful both teacher and student should do their best to concentrate on every task. Of course, teachers must do the first step to help children make the second one.

What should a tutor do to make pupil concentrate on the subject?

When preparing for the lessons, a teacher must take into consideration every single factor capable of improving his performance or bringing it down. The receipt is not new. It is also quite time-consuming. But while the arrangement of some aspects is desirable, those influencing the ability of children to focus on your task represent an obligatory set. These are the aspects you cannot afford yourself omitting if you are aiming at the effective lesson.

Prepare exciting lessons

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A pupil can easily get bored if he knows what to expect next. Use the variety of teaching strategies allowing to keep the audience engaged throughout the whole lesson. Invite some guest to entrust your students his life story to discuss it further in the classroom. Make use of visual methods implying funny pictures or let students draw the creatures of their own to explain some rule or illustrate the story. When preparing your lessons, think of strategies in teaching in combination with present-day issues and interests of your audience. What’s happening around? What are the interests of modern pupils or students? Include some current topics or discussions of recent events to evoke their interest to your subject illustrating your awareness.

Make certain

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A child who has difficulties with a concentration on subject matters can easily find an object to fix his attention on, especially if it is out of order. One of the elements of essential strategies for tutor in this concern is absence of visual, audio and other types of distractions. Do not underestimate its influence! Keep order on teacher’s table and in the room in general. Make certain there is no extra information on the blackboard. Do not offer your pupils to focus on anything else but the current task to receive a maximal result and the best interaction!

Alternate between the activities

One of the most difficult tasks for the college students for the junior school pupils is to concentrate on the tutor’s words when he is talking much. This is both true for classroom activities and for private lessons. To simplify this task for your students, limit your discourse. Use bright examples (funny, correlated in some way with their life at school or out of it) to help them focus on the subject of discussion. Divide your speech into smaller pieces. Ask questions to your audience as for the new information they’ve just heard from you. Among the rest of classroom strategies, a tutor should also add to his armoury the diversity of activities. The reward is worth spending time on the well-planned preparations! Let your students interact with each other discussing some issues between two or in groups, make them sing a song related to the topic, don’t be “extra traditional”.

Include physical exercises

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Most of the senior students just like junior pupils fail to concentrate long on the studying issues. Break your lessons into sections to devote some time to the active play like jumping jacks, ball games indoor or outdoor. It can last about from 5 to 10 minutes. Senior students will also gladly walk along the classroom playing some roles. Such activities are included in a set of strategies for tutor to introduce to his audience when the shift of attention and change of activities are needed. This is especially useful before some tasks demanding maximal concentration. Lasting about 15 minutes, such preparation can make an impressive impact.

Divide tasks into pieces

Sometimes, the reason why a child faces difficulties trying to concentrate on the task resides in the duration and complexity of the assignment. Portion it, and you will see: it is sooner performed when it includes some breaks. Shift to some other activity or just have a five-minute physical drill. To understand what teaching strategy to implement to simplify the task for your pupils there is one more genius method. Asking them, you can learn everything you need to grab their attention and succeed in reaching your teaching objectives.

Play with memory

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Students with better memory easier focus on any subject. Regular memory games will help them develop their concentration so that they could use it when performing your tasks. Such games are easy to introduce as both senior students and children from the junior school like such activities them. Including these games is helpful with students in the class. A tutor can also use them in private lessons. You can find a large variety of similar fun of different levels of complexity, but even simple ones like a colour-form match are useful.

The devil is not as black as it is painted! Use these hints to make your teaching performance most engaging and efficient to enjoy it yourself and to let your audience feel the same about your lessons!

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