Tips For Students: A Few Tips And Tricks For Learning Geometry (Part-1)

Sep 03, 2017

Geometry can be seen as troublesome by many students due to the sheer nature of the subject, the variation in diagrams and the way of its learning.

Yes, it’s a problem. But there are several ways through which this issue can be turned into a part of the solution. In this article, we’ll be discussing a few proven tips and tricks for a beginner to learn geometry in the best possible manner. So let’s begin without further ado.

1. Use only a clear protractor that’s made of plastic

Protractors are going to be an integral tool in your geometry arsenal. Therefore, you need to ensure that they remain in a perfect working condition to get you the desired results at the time of any measurements.

A clear plastic protractor can come in especially handy for your purpose because it can help you see through it with ease. Its transparency is its biggest upside. So make sure you use only a clear plastic protractor for your geometrical measurements.

P.S. Several scales with built-in protractors are also available in the market. It’s advisable to avoid using them for your geometry practice. That’s because they are more prone to errors than individual protractors made of plastic.

2. Use only a clear, transparent scale for your measurements

Just like the protractor mentioned in the first point of this article above, it’s also advisable to use a clear and transparent scale for your measurements (preferably, one that’s made from plastic) because it allows you to see through it.

This helps to improve your accuracy on the whole; something that can positively influence your math grades in particular. So don’t turn a deaf ear to it. Use only a clear and transparent scale for your geometrical measurements and construction.

3. Make a habit of DRAWING DIAGRAMS whenever you practice geometry

Geometry is nothing but the math of shapes, figures, and angles.

To understand it better, it’s advisable to visualize the problem in precise detail and then draw a diagram of the same on a piece of paper. This practice can go a long way indeed.

  • Understanding the different properties of shapes and visualizing them in exactly the way they are is essential to succeed in geometry.

  • Hence, practice drawing diagrams at every instant to improve your knowledge of shapes. This knowledge is going to come in handy in higher classes where you will have to break a complex figure into several simpler shapes for further calculations.

4. Use a sharp pencil for geometrical constructions

Your pencil is the most valuable tool you have for making clear and accurate diagrams.

Always use a sharp HB or a 2B pencil for your diagrams for more accuracy. A simple practice like this can make all the differences in the world and can also simultaneously improve your performance for good.

Note: An engineering drawing pencil with a 0.05mm lead is more advisable over HB/2B pencils. So if it’s possible, get one. It’s going to benefit you more in the long run.

5. Know the basic five postulates of Euclidean geometry in thorough details

Geometry is founded upon the five postulates of Euclid, an ancient mathematician. A thorough understanding of these five postulates can help to improve your overall comprehensibility of the subject.

So what do these five postulates say? Let’s see.

  • A straight line segment can be drawn joining any two points.

  • Any straight line segment can be continued in either direction indefinitely in a straight line.

  • A circle can be drawn around any line segment with one end of the line segment serving as the centre point and the length of the line segment serving as the radius of the circle.

  • All right angles are congruent (equal).

  • Given a single line and a single point, only one line can be drawn directly through the point that will be parallel to the first line.


So that concludes the first part of this article for now then. We’ll be coming up with a second part as soon as possible. So do drop in from time to time to check whether it’s on our site yet. Till then, adieu!

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