The Pros and Cons of Online Tutoring

The Pros and Cons of Online Tutoring

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The Wall Street Journal recently published an interestingly titled article called ‘The Invasion of the Online Tutors’.  The headline certainly tells a story, which is that in a relatively short period, online tutoring has become hugely popular as an alternative to in-person tutoring.


In fact, India is leading the way in global online tutoring by offering professional linguistic and academic coaching capabilities at an affordable cost.

The relative convenience and cost effectiveness of online tutoring versus in-person tutoring are perhaps the two most obvious reasons why online tutoring is preferred by many students and parents alike.

However, before you opt for online tutoring, you must evaluate both the pros and cons of the training method.

Online tutoring: Pros

  • Convenience – You can find an online tutor from the convenience of your home using LearnPick. You do not have to travel all the way to the tuition centre (a big boon if you are staying in a city), or dress up, or wait for the session to start. All you have to do is set up a time with your tutor and just login to your Skype account at the agreed time. In addition, most online tutors are flexible with their timings. If you have a busy schedule, you can request the tutor to slot training sessions as per your availability.
  • Cost effective- Because the infrastructural costs of arranging an online tutorial are minimal, tutors charge lower per hour rates for online tuitions in comparison to in-person sessions. Since you no longer have to travel for the tutorial, you save money on fuel. Therefore, in most cases online tutoring works out to be more cost effective than in-person tutoring.
  • Recording of online tutorials – One of the biggest advantages of online tutoring is being able to replay the recorded sessions. Not only does it reinforce the learning, it can also be a novel way to do your revisions just before the exam, giving you a competitive edge over your peers. 
  • Remote access to experts- There is a possibility that you do not find a suitable tutor locally. Instead of having to settle for a tutor who is not up to the desired standards, online tutorials allow you to look for a subject matter expert who can help you, although remotely. 
  • Shy students can benefit from remote tutoring – For someone who is an introvert and hesitant in seeking clarifications in a group study scenario, online tutoring offers the chance to feel more at ease and interact with the tutor more freely. 

Cons of online tutoring

Here are some drawbacks of online tutoring:

  • Requires more self-discipline – In-person tutoring requires greater discipline in terms of keeping track of the tutorial sessions, logging in time, being attentive and not getting distracted by what’s going on around you or being tempted to access social media accounts, and instead focussing on what is being said and asking relevant questions. Online lessons may well prove to be ineffective if the student is not disciplined and organised. 
  • Not effective for all subjects – There are certain situations in which online tutoring may fail to deliver. For example, in foreign language lessons students have to follow the mouth movement of the teacher to grasp the pronunciation, which is not easily achievable in online tutoring. Likewise, if the homework requires the student to draw or write on paper, then online tutoring may not be as helpful.
  • Communication barriers – The subtle non-verbal cues play an important role in the effectiveness of student-teacher communication. A frown on the face, scratching of the forehead, or looking distracted, may tell a teacher that the student is not following the lesson well. In online tutoring, such cues often go unnoticed.

Taking into account all the benefits that online tutoring has to offer, it certainly is a great option for students who cannot find the right tutor locally, and need some flexibility in terms of sessions scheduling. If you have a high-speed internet connection, headphones or an inbuilt microphone, and Skype, you can consider hiring an online tutor.

However, as with in-person tutors, individual knowledge and teaching skills vary across online tutors. Therefore, be as cautious and probe the tutor’s expertise before hiring.

With, finding qualified and experienced online tutors is a breeze. Simply, register as a premium member to access a large database of online tutors. Select the tutor that best meets your requirements.


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