Tapping Into Technology: Textbooks With QR codes a Hit Among Tamil Nadu Students

Jun 15, 2018

Tamil Nadu has developed as one of the states in India to provide digital content to the students and teachers. Digital content has been introduced for classes I, VI, IX.

The below data is the result of the digital content:

No. of times content viewed using QR codes

No. of distinct users

DIKSHA App downloads

Most viewed (Aalamarathil Vilayadu)




Over 25,000 times till June 7

After the schools have reopened on 1st June in all states. The new textbooks for classes I, VI, IX based on the syllabus that has QR codes are used and accepted by the students.

Researched data indicates that nearly 3.80lakh users of the QR code that are in the textbooks to access the online resource, till June 11. This digital content is hosted on DIKSHA App, it is a national digital platform of the Ministry of Human Resource Development.

As the part of the refurbished textbooks, digital content is linked to the QR codes and is created by the School Education Department. Students can download DIKSHA App to access the content or use QR code scanner which can be downloaded on Android phones to link to the portal.

The digital content has reached to nearly 9.38 lakh views.

According to a senior official from the department the huge response to QR codes shows that the state is quite strong in e-literacy and the exposure to online content among the teacher and students are good. This has even indicated that the network connectivity across the states has a good quality.

As per some teachers in Tamil Nadu, they have already made video lessons by experts on each and every topic like, Respiration and Law of Thermodynamics. The video or the lessons has been prepared in such a way that it keeps the students engaged and includes simple experiments.

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