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Jun 18, 2021

When looking for the best IELTS preparation courses, two things that come to your mind are the budget and the authenticity of the material. There are many quality IELTS preparation courses available on the internet, but has quickly become one of the most preferred platforms for IELTS preparation.

Student Rating and Reviews :

About IELTS Material

IELTSMaterial is an online IELTS preparation platform that provides a plethora of paid and free resources. This platform provides countless easy-to-follow tips, IELTS practice tests, strategies and techniques to help students understand the nuances of the IELTS exam. The course material provided by this platform incorporates video courses, live one-on-one classes and eBooks. Besides that, it also provides free trial classes, diagnostic tests, webinars and newsletters.

Students Testimonials about IELTSMaterial

Philo Schmidt said

"Since I am a working professional, I only had a limited amount of time to prepare. So a comprehensive General Training course was the only option, and IELTSMaterial was a great match for me. I only purchased the video course and, apart from that, relied entirely on the information on their website. The tips and tricks shared in the video lessons were very helpful. I am glad I chose the IELTSMaterial course."

Phan Thị Kim Phúc said

"I practised approximately 20 writing tests from the General writing eBook, and I was able to form well-developed answers with great vocabulary. Moreover, my test-taking speed also increased drastically. The sample answers provided in the eBook were very helpful and easy to understand."

Nishanth Sharma said

"I really appreciate the way my trainer conducted the live training sessions. I learnt a variety of new information about different ways to approach questions, vocabulary, tips, and strategies to improve my overall English language skills and test performance in the IELTS exam. The course's learning materials were really beneficial since I was able to practise a large number of sample questions and full-length practice tests. I am highly indebted to my trainer, who helped me get the confidence I needed to crack the IELTS speaking exam."

Ishpreet Kaur said

"Everyone who wishes to enhance their IELTS Writing scores should take this course. The topics and tips listed in this course helped me achieve an 8 band score. It contained detailed explanations about different types of letters. Essay writing techniques and format were easy to understand, and the lessons in the study material provided a concise idea about the test pattern and various topics in the IELTS test. I also got to learn and improve my vocabulary."

Manish Jain said

"All thanks to this course, I got an overall band 8 in just 20 days. I highly recommend this to everyone looking for a course that provides lectures, practice test questions, and sample answers to compare and improve your performance."

What makes IELTSMaterial stand apart from other platforms?

IELTSMaterial is one of the most all-encompassing online preparation platforms on the market. All it's free and paid resources can be accessed from a variety of devices. The affordable courses and authentic course materials offered by this platform are its major selling feature. In addition, you can choose from eBooks, live online and recorded video courses. Besides that, it also incorporates tons of free online resources on its website such as sample practice questions and answers, step-by-step approach to structure writing answers, reading strategies, listening techniques, study plans, comprehensive tips and blogs on the latest IELTS updates on all sections of IELTS exam.

Moreover, it also provides a free diagnostic test facility for the maximum benefit of students. Upon registering for a demo class, you can avail yourself of free in-depth feedback from an IELTS professional on your test performance. The trainer also shares valuable tips on how you can improve weaknesses.

Other perks:

  • Webinars and Newsletters
  • Reasonable courses
  • Lifetime access to purchased courses
  • Countless practice exercises and full-length practice tests
  • Customized study plans
  • Accessible content
  • Self-paced Video courses
  • Easy to navigate website
  • Flexible, personalized live learning sessions
  • Free eBooks with respective courses

Practice tests

Innumerous practice questions on each section of the IELTS exam (Writing, Reading, Speaking and Listening) are provided on the platform and along with each course. In addition to the practice questions, it also provides sample band 8+ answers and a step-by-step guide on how to structure your IELTS Writing answers. Moreover, it incorporates an in-depth guide to the different types of questions asked in the IELTS exam.

Vocabulary Resources

IELTSMaterial also incorporates a plethora of vocabulary resources in the form of vocabulary lessons, grammar exercises, and well-explained difficult vocabulary lists to assist you in getting repeated exposure to the different and difficult terms and phrases.

Pricing feature

The IELTSMaterial live learning IELTS Online classes, courses and eBooks are extremely reasonably priced, and the price varies based on the course material. In addition, they provide lifetime access to purchased courses and surfeit learning materials. You can check the prices of their particular courses by going to their website and scrolling through the course listings.

Final thoughts

All of the resources on the website have been thoughtfully developed to assist you in gaining information about the IELTS exam. This platform allows you to integrate all aspects of an IELTS study plan, such as video lectures, live learning sessions, eBooks, full-length practice tests, and webinars, to help you ace the real IELTS exam with your desired band score.

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