10 Skills Modern Teachers Need

Jan 03, 2018

With the changing times, not only technology but human relations- official or personal, are also changing at a fast pace. Handling humans nowadays have become more complex than operating machines.
If we look at teachers a decade and a half back, then they were quite strict, and students feared them to death. But now the times have changed, and there are some skills that every modern teacher needs to imbibe in them for effective teaching and communication.

1. A friendly rapport

Gone are the times, when teachers were thought as Hitler. Now is the time of being a friend. Building friendly rapport with students inside and outside of class is a must because if you can’t be a friend, you surely are not a good teacher for your students.

2. Discipline

The main problem faced by teachers is their friendliness misunderstood with leniency. Maintaining decorum of the class, despite being friendly, is a skill every modern teacher needs. Be strict in terms of the environment of class, homework, and studies. Never compromise on these.

3. Teaching something other than the subject

Being a mathematics, science or social science teacher, you might yourself get bored of teaching sometimes. Why not think out of the box and spare the last 5-10 minutes for something informative and fun? It could be anything from sharing 3-5 new interesting short phrases to sharing fun short stories to puzzles. This will make students look up to your class.

4. Having a good recess time

Why share information only? Try sharing food instead. Sit with your students during recess time because relationships formed over ‘tiffin conversations’ last longer and obviously respected the most because the food is life.

5. Understanding student’s perspective

You don’t have to be a rigid teacher. Being rigid in modern times is completely absurd. Try understanding the way your students think. Step into their shoes for a while and think when you were a student and how you would have reacted in the same situation. This makes the whole situation a lot better and manageable.

6. Technical knowledge

Technology has experienced new horizons. With the smart class initiative, almost every school has LED projectors and smart boards installed. Make sure you know the technology well and are fully comfortable with it because you obviously don’t want to make a fool of yourself in front of your students, who come with technologically equipped brains from their mother’s womb.

7. A learner

It is rightly said ‘You are never old enough to learn.’ Yes, you are a teacher, but you cannot know everything. Be comfortable to learn from anyone and everyone, even your students. The moment you stop learning, you stop upgrading yourself, and the teacher in you is getting stabbed with outdated or lack of new information.

8. Interactive

Imagine a class, where you are the only one speaking and your students are either busy talking, scribbling cartoons or dozing off. Yes, it is indeed a harrowing sight for a teacher. Avoid this by making your classes interactive. Teaching with fun and interaction is an important skill every modern teacher needs, otherwise, your goal to educate is getting shattered.

9. Social media disconnection

Social media being an important part of our lives influences us in a lot of ways. As a teacher and professional, the least you can do is avoiding any social media connection with your students. Personal lives of both should be walled up to yourselves. You can interact and be socially connected with pass-outs but try avoiding the present ones because it is better not to be judged based on your personal lives.

10. Know the people around you

As a modern teacher, you need to be observant not only in regards to your students but your colleagues, seniors, and juniors as well. Know everyone and imbibe the good and positive vibes in yourself. Because good vibes are directly proportional to better learning.

The above skills are the most important ones that any teacher in modern times need. Also, modern teachers need to understand the situations very well. You need to know how to communicate effectively and efficiently with students as well as parents leaving a positive and lasting impact. Maintaining a balance between friendliness and decorum is of utmost importance and value.

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