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What Effective Tutor Feedback Can Be [PPT]

Tutor feedback helps in improving the teaching techniques, helps the students and the teachers. Here are some ways to present Effective Tutor Feedback that can benefit and bring progression in their teaching skills.

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Tips on Starting a Home Tutoring Business [PPT]

Planning to open a teaching business? Here are a few guidelines on how you can go about starting your business.

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Online Tutoring: A Revolutionary Step Towards Education

A study by Assocham in 2015 revealed that the education market in India is worth 5.9 trillion INR. It also mentioned that the market of private tutoring in India is about $ 23.7 billion and is likely to grow further. The internet has revolutionised the learning experience and the concept of onlin

May 25, 2016 Tutoring Tools
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8 Common Mistakes We Make While Speaking English

English is a global language, thus knowing how to speak English correctly can help you in various aspects of your life. Since we’re not the native speakers, there are some common mistakes that we make whenever conversing in English. We’ve listed down 8 common mistakes made by us while

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How To Help Slow Learners Excel? - Teachers, Consider These Tips

Are you an English teacher? Facing challenges while teaching some students the basics of spoken English? If yes, then let us begin the article with this fact - students do not have the same learning capacity. Every student is different from the other. S

Mar 30, 2016 School Level Education
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Combatting Testing Anxiety: Applying a Psychiatrist’s Recommendations

(Madame Récamier by Jacques-Louis David) In the era of standardized, high-stakes tests, the prevalence of testing anxiety is widespread.  It manifests in different forms.  Students faced with of pages of questions will get cranky, feel physically ill, break out i

Dec 16, 2015 Exam Preparation
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How to Harness Creativity in Elementary Classroom?

Tania was seated in the third row with her pencil stuck against her forehead, absorbed in deep thoughts. An exercise book lay open on the desk, right in front of her. On it was written a headline, “Memories of my first day at school”. The English session was in progress. And, her Engl

Oct 07, 2015 Indian Education News
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Tips to Kickstart a New Session

via: The first impression is truly the last impression. This is solely the reason why you must leave no stone unturned in ensuring that your very first classroom session is a rocking and super-successful one, dear teachers. Why must Teachers Pl

Oct 05, 2015 Indian Education News