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Benefits of Videos for Teacher in Classroom

The pandemic changed many things, and one of those changes includes offline classes turning into online ones. As this change occurred, teachers were not able to convey lessons and concepts to the students. But nowadays, teachers are using videos to give the concepts to the students who have prove

Jul 19, 2021 Academics
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What Effective Tutor Feedback Can Be [PPT]

Tutor feedback helps in improving the teaching techniques, helps the students and the teachers. Here are some ways to present Effective Tutor Feedback that can benefit and bring progression in their teaching skills.

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Tips on Starting a Home Tutoring Business [PPT]

Planning to open a teaching business? Here are a few guidelines on how you can go about starting your business.

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Ways in Which Teachers Should Not Teach [PPT]

There are many ways in which the teachers should not teach, and the teachers are not aware of the ways. Hence, it is necessary to know them, to teach and learn right. You will get all the ways here in this PPT.

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Hot Tips to Maintain a Proper Teacher-Student Relationship

A relationship between a teacher and a student is extremely crucial, especially when you are in college. In schools, it might be different and awkward to walk up to an instructor and discuss your family problems, but in a college, an educator can be your best friend, he can be your guide and sugg

Mar 14, 2018 Tutoring Guide