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Top 8 Architectural Photography Tips

Architectural photography, be it classical or contemporary, can be both challenging and rewarding at one, and the same time. Here are a few tips to get you started.

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The Art of Insect Photography

Sometimes the most interesting subject of your photographs can right be there under your nose. Yep, I am talking about those tiny little bugs that you don’t even care to notice until one day you do. You notice one beautiful, unusual bug right under your shoes and you wonder from w

Aug 28, 2018 Professional Training
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Why Attend A Photography School [PPT]

To have a successful photography career. It takes perseverance, work and talent. For that you do not need to go to photography school to get your training?  If you are serious about your career

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Tips and Tricks to an Improved Wildlife Photography [PPT]

If you are a photography enthusiast there is a possibility that a particular photograph at some point in time has completely left you amazed. you must have thought that how they have clicked such an amazing photograph. You must remember that a vast majority of these super-awes

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A Complete Guide to Manual DSLR Photography

**This article’s specifically meant for you if you have no prior idea of MANUAL DSLR photography. It’s a commonly known fact that most beginner photographers use the auto

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Simple and Effective Photography Tips for Beginners

“If photographs are meant to be framed, I don’t mind getting shot”, my friend used to pose with his six string in front of the 50 mm whenever anyone flashed it out in front of him. Candid

Mar 24, 2015 Professional Training