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How To Use Coupons To Save Money On Your Education

Students have to deal with major expenses, such as room and board, tuition, transportation, textbooks, and school supplies. Textbooks, in particular, can cost close to a thousand bucks or more every year.  In fact, a 2022 back-to-school study shows that students will spend an avera


Covid-19 Second Wave and Indian Education System

India is facing a deadly second wave of Covid-19 and amidst all other sectors, education sector is probably facing the maximum challenge. From the first wave of Covid-19 in 2020, schools and colleges are closed. A few institutes are functioning virtually and when things were close to normal, a se


Math, Physics, and Chemistry Remain Important for B. E. and B. Tech

Just after announcing physics, chemistry, and math (PCM) optional, AICTE declares only specific courses will not require these 3 subjects. Physics, chemistry, and math remain equally important for the core engineering courses.  Right after the firs


Math, Physics, and Chemistry Not Needed for B. E. and B. Tech Anymore

AICTE announced that now students having different subject combinations can apply for the engineering (B. E., and B. Tech) courses. They do not necessarily need to have math, physics, and chemistry in their 10+2.  Till now, the candidates were expected to study math, physics, and c

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Top 6 Alternative Schools in India

Since the early 20th century in India, the educational theorists have been implementing various forms of education. The most prominent examples are basic education of Mahatma Gandhi, Viswa Bharati of Ra

Jan 30, 2021 School Level Education
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How To Make Dyscalculia A Part Of The Solution

What is Dyscalculia? The word Dyscalculia originates from Greek and Latin that means “counting badly.” The prefix “dys” is in Greek meaning “badly” and the word “calculia” is in Latin that means “calculate.”

Oct 29, 2019 Education News
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What I Wish I Had Learned At High School – A Case Study

As a high school senior who is graduating in less than 80 days, there are many things I wish I would’ve learned at an earlier age. In our childhood education we were taught how to multiply and divide, to always capitalize the first word in a sentence, and the number of states in India. Howe

Sep 19, 2019 Indian Education News
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The Different Learning Styles - Find Out Which One Suits You The Best [PPT]

THE DIFFERENT LEARNING STYLES - FIND OUT WHICH ONE SUITS YOU THE BEST INTRODUCTION: Different students have different learning styles. Some might learn well through&nbs

Aug 31, 2019 Indian Education News