Scholarship Essay Writing Tips

Apr 22, 2022

Tips for students on how to write college scholarship essays and college personal statements, including essay ideas and proofreading tips.

Going to college is expensive, and many students rely on scholarships to cover everything from tuition and books to room and board. So it goes without saying that students find an essay writer online to do well and get scholarships. It’s a competitive field though, as so many people are vying to snatch up those top awards.

Ideas for Writing Essays

Sample college scholarship essays written on all kinds of topics can be found on the web. Students shouldn't think of these in terms of models for their work. Instead, they should use them as examples of what not to write! College essay writing is a way for admissions boards and judges to separate the wheat from the chaff. Admission statements and scholarship essays must be innovative and refreshing.

College professors know a lot about the awards handed out by their schools and departments. They might personally know other recipients of the awards and the characteristics that judges are looking to find in scholarship candidates. The audience is one of the most important elements of writing. Scholarship essay writing is an opportunity for students to appeal to the judges. When students write for their audience, their chances of success increase greatly.

Personal Statements and Essays: Voice and Tone

It is true what they say – for a great essay, students need to write what they know. Many college entrants come through some hard times, and those experiences have shaped who they are. When writing personal statements and essays, students should relate how those experiences will make them exceptional college students. The tone should be positive.

Judges look for a strong, original voice in essay writing. They want to see evidence of a student's commitment and dedication to higher education. One good way that a student could show determination is to include a strong statement about how they might succeed even without the aid of the scholarship.

Proofing Scholarship Essays

Many college writers choose to begin with freewriting, and that’s fine. But before an application is submitted, the essay must be well-organized. Revising paragraphs into a natural and logical order is the first step. Students intimidated by proofing essays can pay for essay writing and proofreading or start by cutting individual paragraphs, each onto separate strips of paper. Then, they can ask a different person to read each paragraph and highlight any sentence that doesn’t belong.

People tend to get cocky about proofreading personal statements and essays – even after being told time and again how important it is. There are online resources available for self-editing, but the student should never be the only one to proof the essay. The best people to examine scholarship essays are teachers, professors, and professional writers. Friends and family make poor choices because they’re too kind. They see their role as being supportive, not objective.

Originality, positive tone, and excellent proofreading skills are necessities when it comes to writing winning scholarship essays and personal statements. Students should concentrate on being creative within the guidelines of the essay rules, and they should seek feedback from qualified proofreaders before turning in their final drafts.

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