Rejected at Private School Admission Test: Now What?

Dec 17, 2021

We all have to go through rejections in various guises throughout life. Sometimes they are small, and other times, they massively impact personal and professional life. But are the rejections the end of the story? Of course, they are not. There are many living examples of people making big after, not one but a couple of rejections.

One of the big rejections that students fear is a rejection at a school admission. Indeed, it must be difficult for you to handle the outburst of emotions and feelings, but it depends on you whether you go all-out to convert it into a success or live your entire life regretting over it.

Rejected at Private School Admission Test, now what?

Consider you are being rejected at private school admission test. Does it mean you should give up on your academic aspirations and dreams? Definitely, not. Then? You should start planning and working on converting rejection into stellar achievements in future. In order to do that, you will need to follow the actions suggested below:

Accept it:

The biggest breakthrough to being able to respond to rejections is to accept them. Most of the time, we are unable to accept failures and therefore waste time overthinking about the loss. Confidence is good, but overconfidence is usually venomous. You should always be confident in your abilities and skills, but this confidence should never shade your ability to rational thinking. Moreover, going through failures is extremely difficult because the pain of not making it through glooms the function of the brain. Nevertheless, it is important to take time, not too much, and bring yourself back on track. But how do you do it? By accepting that you have not been successful and now you have to look for solutions. The sooner you accept your rejection, the easier it becomes to overcome the rejection and choose a path of success. Trust me, when you will accept and start working out on an alternative, you will become successful, and you will completely forget about the rejection in the past after getting huge success.


Now when you have accepted that you are being rejected at the private school admission test, you must reflect on what went wrong and why. You must scrutinise your preparation techniques, academic qualifications, experience, and application forms.

Remember that the way you pick the best private school for admission, the schools do the same by picking the best students who meet all of their criteria. One of the most common mistakes that students make is that despite idealising a specific school, they do not read and understand the basic requirements to meet their criteria. Being unable to meet their criteria is the first reason of rejection. However, filling out the application form inaccurately is the second. Students do not realise, but they make certain silly mistakes in the application form that lead to their disqualification. Personal statements hold the highest importance in an application form. A personal statement is the gist of your academic background, experience, personality, aspirations, goals, and motivations. A perfectly encapsulated personal statement can help you get over the line easily. Most students put great emphasis on writing the best personal statement and therefore reach out to an expert personal statement writer.

But if you have made it through the application process and appeared for the test, and was disqualified in the test, you need to identify the mistakes you made in it. Most of the time, students are not prepared well, and other times they need to work on handling exam pressure and time management etc. Identify which reason/s could have led to your disqualification and work on improving in the areas that lag you behind instead of crying over spilt milk.


Many students may find it odd but it is essential to get a clear idea about your application process before hand. In that regard, the current students, alumni, and the school staff of the school you are applying for can help. If not before, you must talk and communicate with them and ask the tips and techniques to fill the application form, complete the test, or do other related application tasks. You can also hire a tutor to help you prepare the best for the next round of admission.

Create strategy:

The biggest task now is to create a strategy for implementation for the goodness of your future. Identify the options you have as alternatives which can be:

1. Appealing:

There are chances that after reflecting, you may not find any mistake that may have led to your disqualification, and you might be confident that a mistake had been made at the school’s end; you can appeal to the rejection.

There are quite a number of schools that offer the option of appealing to the rejection. Go through the appealing policy of the school and take the necessary actions one by one. Reach out to the admission office of the school and inquire about the suitable way of appealing and process.

2. Preparing to apply to the school in the next year:

Secondly, if you have identified your mistakes and are committed to making it to the same school under any case, you can start preparing for the next round of admission. You can work out the areas you have gone weak in and make sure you succeed the next time. Identify and start working whether you need to fulfil requirements, coaching, avail essay writing service, or build pressure handling skills.

3. Applying for another school:

Keep in mind that the world does not revolve around the only school you have chosen. When applying for schools, create a priority list and if you do not make it to your top priority school, go for the second one. Opt to apply for another school when you are rejected from one. Apply for all schools on your list at once so you have options available to choose from.

Bottom Line:

Rejections are part of life as joys and achievements. We should never let rejections impact our entire lives in a negative manner. Instead, it is important to learn from rejections, get over them, and move on in the hope of achieving an even better goal.

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