Pursuing Classical and Folk Dance Forms of India

Pursuing Classical and Folk Dance Forms of India

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India, a potpourri of art, culture and tradition, has paved the way for myriad forms of dance that sets the intense platform for creativity and ingenuity. Since time immemorial dance is considered as an expression and representation of emotions that appeals the eyes and heart. Laced with intricacies and portraying a sublime history, Indian dance owes its origin to Bharat Muni’s Natyashastra.


Showcasing the rich heritage, the Classical and Folk dances of India contours the specialty of each region. With time however, these dance forms have witnessed several alterations and constantly reshaped itself to attain the global fame. Viewed as a virtual and physical form of art, Classical and Folk dance reflect the creative extravaganza, pulse and verve of the dancer.

Today dance has permeated deep in our lives and is being pursued by many as a profession. Many reputed institutes have sprung up to accomplish their dreams, offering courses, degrees, trainings under expert guidance. Master any form of dance of your interest to lead the way to prosperity and fame.

Diverse Dance Forms to Master

Over the ages diverse forms of dance have evolved, each epitomizing its own specialty, grace, period story and techniques. Traditionally being followed over the years, presently each form has acquired a new and unique dimension, reflecting its strong identities.  There are various forms of classical and folk dance that can be mastered.

Indian Classical Dance

Dance Forms      States of Origin           

Bharatanatyam       Karnataka, Tamil Nadu

Kathak                         North Indian States

Kathakali                    Kerala

Kuchipudi                  Andhra Pradesh

Manipuri                     Manipur

Mohiniyattam           Kerala

Odissi                            Orissa

Sattriya                       Assam

Yakshagana               Karnataka

Famous Indian Folk Dance

Dance Forms     States

Bathakamma       Andhra Pradesh

Bhangra                 Punjab

Bihu                        Assam

Changu                  Odissa and Andhra Pradesh

Dandaria               Andhra Pradesh

Dhamal                  Punjab and Andhra Pradesh

Gair                        Rajasthan

Garba                      Gujarat

Gatka                      Punjab

Ghoomar               Rajasthan

Gobbi                      Andhra Pradesh

Karagam                Tamil Nadu

Raas                         Gujarat

Dance Courses to Pursue

The cadence and the mystical aura of Indian dance have allured the attention of several reputed dance institutes and enthused acclaimed dance exponents to explore its diversity and impart professional guidance and training, generating world famed dancers. These centers nurture the skill and expertise of the aspirants, channelizing them accurately and enlivening the magic of emotion, passion, poise and motion.

If you desire to be an ace dancer through professionally training pursue the following degrees in any of the dance styles that magnetize you:

  • Certificate course
  • 3 years Bachelors Degree Course
  • 3 years Post Graduation or Course or Master Degree
  • 3 years Diploma Course

Prior to attaning a Bachelors degree or a certificate in dancing, a dancer must pass the 10+2 level or Higher Secondary Examination. Further, if you wish to attain a post-graduate degree then successfully passing the Bachelors degree in dancing is essential. A perfect balance of mind, body and soul and versatility in the art is indispensable for every aspiring artist.

Dancers can also specialize in several sectors or domain for a thriving career, attaining training in the desired area of interest such as choreography, training or teaching, performing on stage and others.

Dance as a Profession

Dance, as a flourishing career, is attaining fast pace in the creative professional world. Multitude of job opportunities are maturing and opening gates for promising dancers to prove their mettle and ingeniousness in the sector. The professions that can be explored by dancers are:

  • Choreographer: Improvise innovative ways, methods, styles, moves and techniques to create a breathtaking performance that steals the heart. Implementing creative process, choreographic tools and expanding aesthetic awareness among the dance troop, you can etch out a distinct name as a reputed choreographer.
  • Dance Production: You are required to professionally handle various departments of dance production such as make-up, lighting, sound, costuming and stage management.
  • Performer: Enthusiastic dancers can make solo appearances on stage, perform with a famed troupe, give touring performances or present duet performances, exhibiting their skills and expertise to the audience round the world.
  • Trainer: Discover within you the gift of teaching and imparting training to young talented students by getting associated with a dance school or starting an academy by yourself. You can also operate in a private dance studio.

Besides these, dancers can expand their horizons further and get involved in several other dance careers that are increasingly attaining hype and publicity. Some of these are:

  • Getting associated with leading newspapers, magazines and journals to write reviews on dance performances
  • Dance therapists
  • Arts administrators
  • Working with professional dance companies, musical production houses, television, videos, movies, commercials and more

Indian dance courses have been of great interest to all and have been well appreciated by the world for its expression of life and association with legends, mythology, folklore and classical literature. Get trained today and be acknowledged in the classical and folk styles.


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