The Power Of Positive Line Of Thought

Jan 04, 2018

It has been a proven fact now for human beings that thoughts have the power of influencing our lives. We know this thing somewhere in our minds but fail to realize it, maybe because of lack of substantial proof. Thinking is not positive or negative, it just is. We have labeled it as good or bad. 

Eradicating Negativity

When we start believing that thought is negative, that is the moment when it becomes negative. Otherwise, it is not. That being said, one should never suppress even his negative thoughts. That is the first step in letting go of the negative thinking because it is quite clear that if we try to suppress some random thought, it grows in our minds.

What is Positive Thinking?

For us to know exactly what positive thinking is, first let us understand what positive thinking is not. People are of the opinion, maybe due to the so-called “Law of Attraction,” that whatever they will think of, they will get. If one wants to go America and if he constantly thinks about it then he will go. This is not positive thinking; it is unrealistic wishful thinking. Also, in my opinion, if you just keep thinking and do nothing for it, you won’t get it. 

Let us say that someone is about to take a big step in life like going for an interview, and he is very confident that he will make it through. First, he will be in a thrilling mood but after that, as he will face the interviewer (face reality), then he might lose all his confidence. This person got attached to the outcome and not to his work. For this reason, it is also not positive thinking.

Had the above person thought about the work involved and how his skills would help the company to grow, then he would not have been dependent on the outcome. Consider that, even if the company rejected him, then he would think that they have lost an asset and that he would certainly find another opportunity. That is called positive thinking.

In simple words, Positive thinking isn’t about expecting the best to happen every time but, accepting that whatever happens is the best for this moment. In a way, positive thinking is all about acceptance, so is happiness. In this way, these two are directly correlated. If we accept everything is happening in our lives whether good or bad and welcome it with an open heart (like a kid does), then only we can be positive. If we not, then we will only focus on the negative. 

Practicing Positive Thinking

This is true also in the case of another person. For example, if we don’t like someone that we work with or someone in our house (but we have to stay with them), then there is no point thinking ill about him. By doing this, we are only poisoning our mind unknowingly. 

In such situations, you have a choice to be positive or negative. Instead of the cliché bad thoughts about him, think this: “That person is so cute.” Finding it funny, isn’t it? So makes your mind. By doing this, you ceased the poison to spread and established a positive outlook. Our mind is very strong; one should learn to control it with care, or it will control you. 

All our day-to-day problems are related to the world outside (Isn’t it?). We go wrong when we try to control the other person or the situation, and often we fail. This is even true for modern-day relationships. We have certain expectations from the other person, which when not fulfilled, frustrates us. 

Ask yourself, have you ever fulfilled all of YOUR expectations? Never. Then why will the other person do it for you? Rather think that the other person has some expectations from you. Fulfill those, and you will be happier, because: ‘Real happiness lies in making others happy.’

Believe in things that you want to achieve. Don’t let anyone tell you that it is impossible. People say that it is impossible because they are limited to their experience. Devise a plan for it, and work on it with full presence, without thinking about the consequences. Work with full strength on it. Even if it fails to happen, you will not regret it, because you gave your 100%. You could not have had done anything else. 

This is called positive thinking. Accepting everything and everyone as it is, and focusing on your work without thinking about the results.

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