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What Parents Need to Know About Teaching Children the Abacus?

Children’s brains need proper exercise to develop. That is the reason from a very early age the parents should give them easy puzzles to solve and give them Abacus. Abacus is generally given to the kids as a game to play with beads. Parents can easily teach them counting in the process. But

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Get Ready for the ways Education will change by 2025

Education will be changed drastically by 2025. Already, gone are the days when we used to write in loads of note books, teachers would teach on the same black board for many years, erasing the chalk again and again. All these things have changed dramatically. Black boards have been replaced by E-

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10 Student Tools to Make Studying both Easier and More Productive

Student life can be quite stressful. You juggle with classes, homework, job or internship, extracurricular activities, friends, and family. What every student wants is to be able to catch up with classes and homework and have fun at the same time. Achieving this goal may seem like a mission impos

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Reasons to Use Virtual Reality in the Classrooms

Evolution in the process of learning of the students is necessary. There are many things that are available now to make the learning easy. Among the new things the introduction of virtual reality in the classrooms is of the most importance. This helps in making the process easier. If you are a sc

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3 Best STEM Tools for Teachers

STEM is often referred to as the educational policies, strategies and curriculum decisions needed to develop in schools to increase the level of competitiveness in the fields of science and technology. It brings together four different yet familiar subjects, i.e., mathematics, science, engineerin

Mar 21, 2017 Resources Tutoring Guide
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Time Saving Tips for Teachers

Taking class, assigning homework, arranging tests, measuring the progress of each child, meeting parents, and even addressing both academic and personal problems of students, all these in a day’s work! These are just some of the activities performed by teachers on a daily b

Jan 17, 2017 Tutoring Guide
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Lists of Common things that Teachers should avoid to Teach

Whether you are just a startup or an experienced teacher, you should not follow certain things while imparting education to your students. We would say, such things are not only against the ethics of a teacher but affects students’ career as well. Although there

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BCA or BTech: Which is a Better Degree?

Students in India who wish to pursue a career in IT ( information technology) are faced with two main graduate degree choices after completing their class 12; they can either pursue a BCA or a BTech. Both these undergraduate courses offer specialisation in IT, but the