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Are You a Tech-savvy Teacher?

Technology integration in the classroom has not been equally merciful for all teachers. As noble a profession teaching is, it is also a conglomeration of heavy duty work. From planning lessons to managing kids, from grading assignments to getting them to pay attention, teachin

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Top Apps for Parent-Teacher Communication

Technology, as you already know, has successfully invaded the 21st century classrooms. Be it guiding learners to solve Calculus problems, offering ‘virtual field trips’ to facilitate educators in designing lesson plans or something else — modern technology has grad

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5 Steps To Connected Classroom

With the growing technology, a lot of things have changed lately. One such thing which grasps our attention the most is the coming of connected classrooms. By connected classroom, we mean a globally connected education program which makes it easier for the teachers to connect with their students

Jan 05, 2018 Tutoring Guide
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10 Skills Modern Teachers Need

With the changing times, not only technology but human relations- official or personal, are also changing at a fast pace. Handling humans nowadays have become more complex than operating machines. If we look at teachers a decade and a half back, then they were quite strict, and students fe

Jan 03, 2018 Tutoring Guide
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Interesting Chemistry Facts that you probably didn’t know [Infographic]

If you love chemistry in school, you will know that the subject goes way beyond “beauty.” Here are a few mysterious Chemistry facts that you may not have heard of yet.

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Playing With Shutter Speed: A Few Expert Tips And Tricks

Shutter speed is considered an integral part of the three pillars of photography (the other two being the aperture and the ISO). Shutter speed is inherently linked to the creation of dramatic

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LearnPick launches its BRAND NEW Online Tutoring Platform

Online tutoring has lately taken the world by storm especially due to the benefits that come with it. If you are looking to enroll your kid in online classes, look no further. Our brand new online tutoring platform can help. Le

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New Concept of the Residential Tutor to Teach During Vacations

Holiday tutoring is a new concept which is fast catching the fancies of parents all over the world. More and more parents are reaching out to private tutors to offer their services during the children’s vacation break – to ensure that their academics don’t suffer the slide durin

Jul 25, 2017 Resources Tutoring Guide