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How To Make Dyscalculia A Part Of The Solution

What is Dyscalculia? The word Dyscalculia originates from Greek and Latin that means “counting badly.” The prefix “dys” is in Greek meaning “badly” and the word “calculia” is in Latin that means “calculate.”

Oct 29, 2019 Education News
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A Brief Analysis of DragonBox Algebra Apps

Standing in 2019, it's naturally expected of schools to implement digital learning. The use of simulations, online gaming, etc. is incorporated into lessons to make the learning experience more meaningful.  Won't it be a decent idea to incorporate the same thing in teaching

Aug 09, 2019 Education News
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A Quick Glance at Modern Cyber Security Certification Training

Since the inception of the internet, the IT industry and the virtual world have taken many leaps forward in terms of advancement. On one hand, the boom has made many concepts and principles possible; it has also given rise to many threats as well. Cyber attacks amongst the major one. &nbsp

Emilie Villa

How to Write the Classic Five-Paragraph Essay: Tips & Techniques

Of all the different essay types students must learn to compose, the five-paragraph essay is perhaps the easiest. It's taught in middle school, high school, and college, but sometimes students don't understand the purpose or have forgotten the steps involved in this type of essay.

Apr 09, 2019 Education News
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Indian students shining at the University of London Graduation Ceremony

A group of 11 Indian students, among students from over 100 countries, received their degrees at a recently held University of London Graduation Ceremony at the Barbican Centre in the heart of London, doing the country proud. The students of the New Delhi based Indian School of Business & Fin

Mar 20, 2019 Education News
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How New-Age Technology is Turning the World Upside Down: The Edge of Imagination at What's Next

Thereis no denying that in the modern era, we are quite spoilt when it comes to technology. Most of us will openly admit that it is close to impossible to function daily without it. From instant access to the web to the ability to instantly communicate with anyone around the globe just by tapping

Mar 04, 2019 Education News
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Education would be made accessible to all, says Union Minister HRD

Photo: PTI To upgrade the education sector and make it competitive and intellectually sound, Prakash Javadekar, Union minister of human resource development emphasised on the need to make education accessible to all. He said that the governm

Feb 26, 2019 Education News