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What is a Port Number and Why is it Needed

Before we dive into why you will need a port number, let’s look at the basics of what is the port number? What is a Port Number? Let’s really dive into the port number meaning for your ease. Us

Dec 09, 2021 Career Guide
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How A Student Can Learn To Have Eloquent Speech

Eloquent speech is the result of a lot of hard work on your part, but it's well worth it. Why? The solution is simple: a beautiful and competent speech can assist you in finding a common language with any interlocutor, accurately conveying the idea to him, and avoiding unnecessary explanation

Nov 22, 2021 Career Guide
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In the Know: Benefits of Medical Degree

For kids, it’s quite easy to say “doctor” when their teacher asks what they want to be in future. And while medicine is a prestigious career path, there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes that many of us aren’t privy to. To start us off, have you ever considered

Nov 03, 2021 Career Guide
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What is a Technical Product Manager and What Unique Skills Do They Have?

There are many tools and steps needed to make a product. For example, before you can produce a pencil, you need the woodcut, prepped, and arranged together with graphite. That isn’t even discussing the eraser or the box that it comes in. You probably know that a single step is cru

Nov 02, 2021 Career Guide
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How to Teach Excel the Easy Way

Excel is a spreadsheet program and it’s part of Microsoft office. With it, users can create formulas, macros, and graphs, which provides great functionality. MS Excel was first launched in 1985. It was initially used for business purposes in compiling all financial data. With the

Sep 21, 2021 Career Guide
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4 Best Admission Essay Writing Services: Increase Your Chance to Apply to U.S. Universities

If you are going to enroll in a higher educational institution in the United States, one of its conditions will be to write an essay. It will help the admissions committee assess your abilities and aspirations and get to know a possible future student better. Moreover, the success of the essay ma

Aug 24, 2021 Career Guide
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How Students can improve their Critical Thinking Skills

While a number of people perceive that critical thinking skill is important for the professionals only, it is also vital for the students. In order to write and read effectively, students need to have strong critical thinking skills. It can help you analyze and interpret things in a better way. W

Aug 20, 2021 Career Guide
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Detailed Overview of CompTIA Security+ Certification: Its Qualifying Exam and Its Relevancy in the IT Industry

Since the innovation of the Internet, the field of network safety has been huge in development in light of the ascent of digital dangers and cyberattacks. The demand for the highly skilled professionals to tackle these challenges has increased, making this space very attractive. Therefore, the ce

Aug 19, 2021 Career Guide