Popular IT Courses in Current Market

Popular IT Courses in Current Market

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The increasing spate in the Information Technology sector, shortened to IT has inspired several esteemed It companies to provide a plethora of job roles to several aspirants. These functions, integrating the skills, abilities, know-how and technical competency of the professionals, perfectly co-ordinate and channelize them to fulfill effective goals and objectives of the companies.


The proliferation of tablets, androids, smart phones, laptops and software developments have opened myriad job opportunities for enthusiastic aspirants yearning to make a rewarding career in the IT sector. As per a survey report it’s expected that between 2010 and 2020, a rise of an average of 6.1 percent annually is expected. The progressive growth rate in the respective field and high pay packages have also drawn several eager candidates to seek a job in this dynamic industry.

However, this rising demand for the innovative jobs has resulted in tough competition at every level. Maintaining high competency level, expertise, comprehensive knowledge, remaining updated with the continuous changes and possessing high business acumen is essential to compete and sustain a potential career.

IT Courses to Master Skills for a Rewarding Career

A plethora of job roles necessitates a competent level of IT skills for efficient successful participation in most careers. In an attempt to fulfill the growing demands, several notable institutes, reputed universities, experienced tutors and centers are now conducting diploma and short term certificate courses in the respective domain that train professionals about the varied functionality of diverse job roles of the It sectors and the effective ways to excel in them. In the current trend a lot of such institutes have sprung up to instruct and guide students towards a winning career with unique courses.

Advanced Excel: Knowledge about excel is important for executionof job in a smooth and systematic way. The course trains about calculating methods of data with advanced formulas, organizing worksheet and table data, presentation of data using charts, usage of graphing objects and others.

Java/ Core Java: One of the most popular programming languages in use, Java is highly demanded for every type of network application. Java helps in fast processing in software applications, games and utilities for computer, Internet and mobile devices. Java programmers are demanded for developing business and web applications for different platforms making use of Java programming language. The course will update the knowledge about the latest release Java 7 that aids in optimizing the Java code. Moreover, the course also trains and updates about C++ and opportunity to design and develop core Java project.

Java Script: It’s an active computer programming language used as part of web browsers. Known to as a prototype-based scripting language, it has awesome typing and amazing functions. Professionals interested in Web Development can master JavaScript to create more dynamic and communicative web pages. It also finds application in PDF documents, desktop widgets and site-specific browsers. The rise in demand for Java Script demands an comprehensive knowledge in it.

Android Apps: As per the survey report job openings soared almost by 50% in early 2012 for Android developers and India is the third fastest growing mobile applications market. The courses train about developing android apps that helps you to get absorbed in top reputed IT sectors with Android application development profiles. Android application not only caters to the mobile application development, but also has wide scope in hardware solutions such as Android optimization or customization, device drivers and others. With reputed brands hastening ahead at rapid speed for building apps on the Android OS, enormous job opportunities are opening up in the Android domain. Hone your creative skills for a promising career option.

Oracle: As reported97% of the Global Fortune 500 companies make use of Oracle software. Companies now need competent technologists for developing, implementing and administering critical systems. Being the world’s largest provider of open source software, earning Oracle skills and certification will equip candidates with talents that make them a marketable candidate.

As per a research by Gartner, in 2011 Oracle (20.2%) was the leading commercial relational database vendors by revenue. Even, several current popular databases in use are all related to the relational database model. The courses effectively train about Oracle database management system.

PHP & SQL Server: PHP is a server-side scripting language serving the purpose of web development. As per 2013, more than 240 million websites has installed PHP. Copurses train about advance PHP developing programming ideas. Besides, it gives ideas about Joomla, WordPress and the ways to mix PHP with HTML code or use in combination with many templating engines. Users will also learn to integrate PHP with other languages such as AJAX, MYSQL and XML. PHP courses will train to develop web pages and be a competent PHP interpreter.

Cloud computing: Cloud computing is about distributed computing through a network. It enables in connecting several computers at a time. This computing technique aids in accessing files and applications from any device having an access to the Internet. Knowledge about Cloud computing is essential for a rewarding career in IT.

Hadoop: Apache Hadoop is a reliable open source software project for managing the Big Data. It’s a scalable and distributed computing system upgrading from one server to thousands of machines. Hadoop enables in automatic handling through software by framework and handling of several unstructured information. With Hadoop you do not need to rely on high-end hardware to deliver high availability. The software has high resiliency and has been designed to detect and handle failures at the application layer. Most IT companies are now exploring this big data. An expertise at it thus, proves highly effective.

Ruby on Rails: An open source web application framework, it runs through the Ruby programming language. It helps in creating pages and applications to gather information from the web server. If you are someone who loves code and if you’re comfortable working with scripts for web application development, Ruby on Rails might be a good option for you.

If you are considering a job in the IT domain then a comprehensive knowledge and competence about varied IT skills is indispensible. Join a course today to avail the specially designed courses by professionals.

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