Online Tutoring-The Best Supplementary Career Option

Online Tutoring-The Best Supplementary Career Option

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In the recent years online tutoring has gained an impetus, revolutionizing the complete educational domain. With the upsurge in technology and parents increasingly opting for this method of instruction, online tutoring is in vogue. Considered as a legitimate online money making opportunity, this mode of tutoring involves instructing students via internet and updated chat systems.


Online Tutoring is of 2 types: synchronous and asynchronous. Synchronous tutoring involves the presence of the tutor and student and online interaction between them while in asynchronous tutoring, the tutor replies to the queries of the students within 24-48 hours. It also involves recording a course and uploading it. This supplementary method has been now embraced by many schools and universities to impart uncomplicated educational training to the students of varying ages. Tutors through web chats offer diverse course materials, guidelines and other training modules to the aspirants. Good speed internet connection, web camera, chat application are indispensible for the connectivity between the tutor and students involved for the learning process.

The demand for online tutors is accentuating for the gradual rise in the amount of outsourced work to the Third World Nations. Any person with the qualification, knowledge of the concerned subjects and relevant experience can opt for online tutoring, preaching at his/her own convenience.

Attain the Skills-Be An Expert

A certain set of skills are essential for online tutors for a rewarding session and unique teaching experience with students:

  • Know the basic details of the students-name, age, gender, educational and/or career background, weak points, their goal, their knowledge on the subject
  • The tutor must be subject expert and possess expertise in communication skills
  • Complete planning is required- the course details, the methods for communication, basis to select each method, the time and frequency of communication, the assessment scale etc.
  • Update the chat system and collect email addresses and chat ids of the students.
  • He/she must supply updated self study materials, audio or video materials and other sources of information
  • Tutor must be a mentor and counselor, helping students to accomplish their goals, facing the challenges
  • Effective question-answer sessions and understanding the learner’s needs and requirements.
  • Stimulating students to cogitate on the topics by offering authentic information on the subjects
  • Set challenging yet achievable goals to stimulate, encourage and motivate students
  • Assessing the growth and development of the students, reviewing the written assignments and evaluation of the practical assignments, presentations and exercises
  • Monitoring individual student and judging them based on their performance
  • Building tutor-student relationship
  • Summarize the points after each discussion
  • Provide constructive feedback, analyzing the progress of the students
  • Remain focused, keep up the endeavor and commitment to the contract

Why Online Tutoring

A noble profession, online tutoring is a great way to work from home, earning extra money. Teachers, experienced professionals, college students, can all be a part of this profession. Compared to the traditional ways, online tutoring has several advantages.

  • No commuting is required, expanses and time both saved
  • It’s flexible, the time, work schedule and location can be adjusted as per requirement
  • More job opportunities as it’s online
  • Easy in research work as online tutors have the scope of conducting instant study work on the internet
  • Instantaneously sending assignments, research work, study materials or other information
  • An excellent secondary source of income for part time tutors

Guidelines to Follow

For a thriving online tutoring job certain specific guidelines are indispensible for all tutors:

  • Once you opt for online tutoring, create an attractive resume and begin uploading it on different reputed tutoring agencies or classified ad sites. You must mention about your qualification, experience, the subjects you will teach and other essential details. These need to be updated on a regular basis.
  • Do thorough research on your domain and attain information about the companies you wish to work for. The hiring procedure may vary from one company to another. It may be based on certain online assignments, interviews, skill tests etc.
  • Once hired training sessions on communication, guidance, tools and other aspects might be taught by the organization. The remuneration will also vary.
  • Tutors can also start their own websites or also write blogs, offering their tutoring services. Interested students can search for your website and apply

The consistent growth and popularity of online tutoring depicts a bright future. With huge amount of money flowing into this business, it’s quite hopeful that its portability, efficacy and countless advantage will help it attain recognition and popularity.


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