Should You Rely Solely On NCERT Solutions For Competitive and Entrance Exam Preparations?

May 15, 2018

The process of preparing for a competitive/entrance examination requires a rigorous amount of problem-solving, error rectification, concept-building, and more importantly, practice on the student’s end.

This entire cycle is so intricate that there’s absolutely no room for wrong choices and decisions. Having said that, students are often misguided regarding the books they should refer to in terms of concepts, numericals, and sample solutions.

Now, NCERT books are undoubtedly known for their straightforward approach and simplicity, but are they still the best in the market for building fundamental concepts and ideas? Let’s see.


Established in 1961, the National Council of Educational Research and Training is a government-setup organization with its headquarters located in New Delhi to advise and assist the state and central governments on academic matters related to CSBE-affiliated school education.

What are the classes covered by NCERT?

NCERT publishes textbooks for all classes from 1 to 12. Along with that, NCERT also publishes sample question banks and books based on the CBSE syllabus for use in CBSE-affiliated government and private schools across the country.

NCERT has also recently launched an online textbook service where the digital version of NCERT books (from class 1 to 12) are available for free download.

Why choose NCERT?

  • NCERT materials are recommended and accepted throughout the country.

  • NCERT books are readily available in remote areas. They are quite inexpensive as well.

  • Most of the competitive and entrance examinations are fundamentally based on the NCERT content.

  • These books and solutions are popular for tackling fundamental concepts and for formulating strong retention ability in students. This comes in helpful for most competitive examinations like the NEET, JEE-Main, etc.

What’s Our Verdict On NCERT Solutions?

  • NCERT is fantastic for elementary explanations

Like we pointed it out above, NCERT’s more than capable of spreading its reach to the basic concepts of almost every subject.

This is particularly beneficial in science subjects including the likes of mathematics, physics, and chemistry. However, this feature also backfires if one tries to understand the topic in depth – the content is limited which can be a problem.

As a result, NCERT fails to become a complete package from our point of view.

  • Tricky conceptual questions

NCERT question banks are very popular among students, especially that of physics.

After all the books do have some tricky questions inserted between chapters that compel students to think out of the box and apply the concepts that they have learned. This is precisely where NCERT solutions come into play.

Don’t refrain from referring to the solutions especially for questions that you are unable to solve. After all, these are included only for your better conceptual understanding of the matter.

  • NCERT’s the backbone of board exams

The board stresses heavily on the importance of NCERT materials; a result of which you should be completely thorough with the concepts and well-versed with the questions and problems given after each chapter.

A quick reference of NCERT solutions will not only be able to provide you with the detailed methodology of the problem, but also with the step-by-step procedure that can fetch you more marks in the long run.

So this is exactly where we will bring this post to an end. Hope you had a good and enlightening read.

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