Mobile Application Development is an Attractive Career Choice

Mobile Application Development is an Attractive Career Choice

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Growing global and domestic mobile application market

By 2015, the global mobile application market is expected to be worth $25 billion, or over Rs 1.5 lakh crore. Indian mobile application firms capable of using the latest app development technologies, are keenly vying for a share of this huge global market.


The domestic mobile apps market is growing rapidly as well. As of 2013, the mobile application market in India was valued at Rs 1,800 crore. Application downloads in the country are expected to grow by 75% to 80% per year, until the next couple of years.

Some of the factors driving growth in the domestic mobile application market are –

  • Large and growing mobile subscriber base in the country. Some estimates put the number of mobile subscribers added every month at 15 million.
  • The tablet market in India is growing rapidly, with more than 1 lakh tablets being sold every year.
  • Internet connectivity is improving with each passing year, making it easier for app developers to reach an ever-widening customer base.
  • Indian smartphone users are increasingly turning to their mobiles to search for information, as well as to amuse and educate ourselves.

Although raising funds for mobile application development and getting smartphone users to download applications remain big challenges for Indian app developers, mobile application development firms are seeing a rise in demand for designing mobile solutions for platforms such as Google’s Android, Apple’s iOS and Windows 8.

A 2013 survey conducted by NASSCOM (National Association for Software and Services Companies) revealed that mobile application development was among the top skills sought by Indian IT companies in prospective hires. The demand for mobile application professionals is also apparent on freelancing websites such as Elance, which have witnessed exponential growth in mobile application projects over the last few years.

Becoming a mobile application developer

Until recently, many application developers were self-taught, referencing the information available online. However, Indian mobile application development firms are now looking for skilled professionals who have requisite technical qualifications.

To be hired as a mobile application developer you should you be a BTech in computer application or have a MCA degree. Some private institutes and training companies also offer short courses and one-year diplomas in mobile application development. The cost of training could set you back by a few thousands to a few lakhs depending on the course tenure.

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Specifically you need the following technical skills as a mobile application developer –

  • Experience of gateways/servers (WAP, XML, VXML, WTA, etc)
  • Proficiency in programming languages such as C, C++, Objective C, HTML5, and Java.
  • Understand basics of UI design
  • Understand basics of application design, development, and testing.
  • Objective-C, xCode and Interface Builder on Mac OS-X platform for developing  apps for the iOS platform

Other qualities needed to succeed in this business are out-of-the box thinking, understanding customer requirements, and the ability to modify specifications at short notice.

Mobile app development job roles

Once you know the basics, as an app developer you can specialise in developing apps for a particular mobile operating system ( iOS , Android or Windows).  Also depending on your interest, you could choose to be a mobile UI (user-interface) designer, application user experience and usability expert, or an applications engineer. The entry-level salary of mobile application developers in India ranges from Rs 3 to 5 lakh per annum.

The rising global and domestic demand for mobile applications, and shortage of skilled application developers, makes the mobile application industry highly attractive as a career option. However, if you are not quite sure if mobile application development is for you, take a short term-course to understand the nuances of the work involved before making it your chosen career.


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