Make a Rewarding Career in Web Designing

Make a Rewarding Career in Web Designing

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The internet emerged almost 25 years ago introducing the masses to the world of colorful and glittering sites that attracted all to this magical land. The internet world was then resplendent with very few websites but gradually the world changed and so did the expectations and behavior of the audience. Today, websites communicate the messages of the esteemed companies and provides the platform to reach the wider audience; in a way promoting their name. The rising demand for creation of websites coaxed aspirants to learn and earn expertise in this domain thus, boosting the job role of web designers.


In the present day almost all companies and millions of individuals have websites to allure the masses. Web designers create the most attractive and appealing ways to present information on the web exercising their creative and artistic skills, technological know-how and their comprehensive knowledge about business development.

If you are aspiring professional with interest in computers and possess creative imagination power then this job could be ideal for you.

Qualifications and Experience to Attain

Web designers must have technical knowledge, artistic talent and the ability to conceptualize and execute new, attractive ideas. Degrees, qualification from a college or university and experience will enhance and sharpen the aspirant’s know-how. The basic qualifications that can be attained are:

Associate’s Degree Program

An associate’s degree program for web design will offer insight about the designing and technical aspects of making a website. Courses such as Associate of Applied Science in Web Graphic Design train about the web designing skills and abilities required by aspiring professionals. The common topics include:

  • Fundamentals of design imaging
  • Basic web design
  • Animation
  • Multimedia design
  • Content management
  • Editing for video and audio
  • Multimedia programming and technology

Bachelor’s Degree Program

A bachelor’s degree program in web designing or multimedia teaches advanced skills and expertise for professional web designing. The course will impart training on creative, artistic and technical abilities. Degree programs such as Bachelor of Science in Web Design and Interactive Media incorporate the following topics:

  • Webpage scripting
  • Databases
  • Digital imaging
  • Programming
  • Multimedia design
  • Web development

Moreover, candidates need to have exhaustive knowledge about:

  • Knowledge about web
  • Program languages like the HTML, ASP or PHP
  • Updated knowledge on designing software or HTML editor
  • Information about popular software like Photoshop, Dream weaver, Flash and others
  • Knowledge about coding and scripting in Java / Flash, CSS style sheet etc
  • Creativity for styling web pages in browsers
  • A degree in computer science (will prove to be an added advantage)

These qualifications and expertise level offers a good edge in the professional field of designing.

The demand for web designing training has persuaded several computer training centers to conduct diploma and short term certificate courses in this respective field. The courses are conducted under skilled and expert guidance, offering detailed ideas on the elements and principles of design. The tutors train about the usage of apt colors and fonts effectively, the layout or the categorization of varied elements into a web page making use of graphics and attractive images. Students get an insight about accessibility of the webpage to several users, easy navigation techniques, and the expertise of using different essential designing software.

Key Skills & Roles Vital for a Web Designer

Each company may have different priorities but a specific skill set is important for a lucrative career in the web designing field. A progressive career in the domain will require the following skills:

  • Having knowledge in software programming and graphics
  • Must possess creativity and imagination to develop innovative ideas
  • Must be adaptive in nature to quickly grasp and learn new techniques
  • Should possess good interpersonal and communication skills to communicate with clients
  • Remain updated with the technological advances in computers and the ways it impacts the business world
  • Establishing the purpose and objective of the website to attract its target audience
  • Should be able to identify the content type that the site will host
  • Determine the functionality of the site like whether it is to promote any business, topic, or will handle financial transactions or enquiries etc.
  • Decide upon the layout, styles, design, colors to use for creating the website
  • Should know to write the programming code. It can be done from beginning or by adapting an existing website software and graphics packages
  • Analyze and test the website after being developed and also identify and resolve any technical problems or faults
  • Upload the site developed onto a server
  • Registering it with different reputed search engines
  • Must have the ability to work in a fast pace and also in a co-ordinated way with the team
  • Have the expertise to work under deadlines
  • Must have awareness of international web standards and protocols

Roles to be Executed by Web Designers

A web designer is entrusted with job of creating or developing an attractive website, utilizing all its aspects. There are varied roles to execute in this domain:

  • Writing and editing diverse content
  • Designing webpage layout following the guidelines
  • Determining technical requirements for the website
  • Efficiently preparing a design plan, displaying the site structure and the ways different parts are linked together
  • Updating websites with the apt colors, text, background
  • Creating back up files
  • Adding multimedia features to the sites like sound, video and animation
  • Solving code problems
  • Meeting with clients and assessing their needs

A Survey Report

As per the survey report of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), 2010-2020 projected a good and progressive job growth for web developers, computer network analysts and information security analysts. As per the BLS, the median income for graphic designers in 2012 was $44,150. It also projected that between 2010 and 2020 there will be a job growth of 13% in the web designing sector.

Employers of Web Designers

The companies to hire expert web designers can be:

  • IT consultancies
  • Software firms
  • Corporate organizations
  • Specialist web design companies
  • Advertising agencies
  • Graphic design studios
  • Website development companies
  • Print & publishing houses such newspapers, magazines, etc
  • TV production houses
  • E-learning companies
  • Companies / firms engaged in developing and maintaining a website
  • Self-employment or freelance work is also applicable for professionals with apt experience

Job Roles in Web Designing

Attaining degrees and experience will aid web designers to assume varied job roles in several reputed companies or firms with different levels of work profile. Some of the job roles they might engage in are:

  • Writer or copywriter
  • Producer
  • Information architect
  • Product or program manager
  • Graphic designer
  • Editor or copyeditor
  • Digital developer
  • Layout artist

The IT industry is rapidly expanding itself in the global marketplace and the internet too is innovating itself everyday to keep pace. For a lucrative career in web designing it is essential to keep up with the new software and technological developments and update their skills and expertise level to compete in the professional domain. Explore and nurture your talents boosting your imaginative and aesthetic sense to create a magic that allures all.


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