Make a Rewarding Career in Fashion Photography

Make a Rewarding Career in Fashion Photography

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The growth in mass media and advertising has given a new dimension and boosted the commercial value of fashion photography. Innovative styles, techniques and approach have offered fashion photography an aesthetic appeal and an enhanced look with a unique creativity. Fashion photographers click images,capturing the style of clothing, accessories and lifestyle that appeals the eye of the audience.


Though earlier it was in nascent stage but with time the fashion photography industry has grown in leaps and bounds with the rise in fashion consciousness among masses. Though training can be attained but the industry requires a keen, perceptive and an insightful mind.

Tips and tricks of fashion photography

Creativity, techniques and inspiration are an essential part of fashion photography. If you have the zeal, an eye for photography and have strong sense of fashion then fashion photography might be a good option for you. Look through the options for a great start.

  • Select your models wisely

Chose the best model for the best shot. If your model is not perfect the pictures will be unexciting. Styles too need to be impeccable. A vivacious, interesting face or a model with the best clothing and a perfect shape will add glamour to your images.

  • Be confident and positive

Remain self assured and certain to take the lead during the photo shoot. Your models will seek for directions; so lead your models about the poses, makeup, clothing, place to stand, hand positions, gestures and others. If you exude confidence, the buoyancy of the model gets expressed in the photos.

  • Perfection and detailed outlook

Remain thoroughly prepared before the shoot. Organize a mock shot list before the actual shoot to decide and rehearse techniques, composition, cameras, angles, light, location, props and clothes remaining ahead of time. Look for the makeup and hairstyles matching the clothing and the shooting theme. Also, keep note of hair dye, colored hair pieces, makeup (dark or light) jewelry, shoes and others to keep in perfect style. So, be sure of your objective, agenda and intent

  • Pick your subject

Select for the fashion theme and accordingly perform your groundwork. Supposedly, you are going for the magazine shot then you need to focus on face more and the other details like hairstyles, neck, hair and ear jewelries, eye makeup and others. The clothing ornaments and makeup must thereby compliment the style.

  • Posing

Posing in an alluring way catches the attention of all. Decide which part to focus- the body length, the face, the side part of the body, the back portion or any other. Go through the latest men’s and women’s magazines; get inspired suggestions and progress ahead.

  • Budget problem? Try using your home

If you are a beginnerin the fashion photography world, renting an expensive studio might be an issue. Make your home your desired studio. Make it clean and tidy and use furnishings and other accessories for the shoot. Decorate your setup with the perfect light and other decorative items that might be pleasing to the eyes.

  • Be careful with your lighting

Perfect lighting brightens up your photos and plays a crucial role during the photo shoot. Too much or too little light can distort the image hence appropriate lighting is desirable. If the light is too bright you can use a softbox for diffusing some light and softening it a little. While shooting in low light an extra light source is required. If you haveflashonly then shoot to bounce of a nearby reflector, ceiling or wall rather than shooting straight on. You can also experiment with angles that will create several types of effects to discover the best looks and results. Remain careful to do away with unwanted shadows that might fall on the face and body, blurring your image.

  • Props

Props are used for inspiring fashion images but can enhance and/or detract an image. Learn the techniques, composition and the usage of props in the best possible ways. Props can be narrative and can augment the mood of an image. Consider the different aspects before using them such asIs the prop or the model thecentral focus of the image?Will the prop communicate any message? Is it a graphic element? The answers to these questions will enable in deciding the best suitable prop, the lighting and composition.

  • Direction and communication

Devise a proper communication channel withyour co-workers and models discussing with them about your plans, location, time of shoot, makeup, clothing and the final effect that you desire. Make them a part of your vision and planning through apt direction and execution of plans. This will help you be better focused, structured and plannedand will aid in implementing innovative strategies, moving beyond the obstacles.

  • Go beyond the rules

At one point you need to forget all the technicalities and all the theory you have learned. They are good for initial inspirations but do not get stuck with them. Experiment on your own, discover and try out unique methods to get best ideas and exclusive shoots through trial and error method. Nurture your inner talent and aesthetic sense.

Preparing for a Career in Fashion Photography

Aspirants thinking of pursuing their career as a fashion photographer can seek for some courses that will offer the insight about the sector and also offer a certification about your talent.

Coursesin Fashion Photography

If you are considering a fashion job, the first step is to attain a degree is necessary to qualify as most fashion industry will ask for degrees. Some of these are:

  • Associate’s degree program
  • Bachelor’s degree program
  • Master’s degree program

Various degree programs have different test scores, grades, time, course, and internship and financial requirements. These photography degree programstrain in processing photographs, visual techniques, components, computer aided designs, drawing, 2-D and 3-D designs, handling equipment and other essential concepts in fashion designing like setting up effective lighting, workingwith make-up artists and stylists, incorporating unique stylesand others. Decide your course and career perspective and then choose a degree program wisely. Aspirants can also join workshops or varied short term courses to get trained in detailed under expert guidance of eminent photographers.

The top institutes for Fashion Photography in India are:

  • Mass Communication Research Centre, JamiaMilliaIslamia, New Delhi
  • National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi
  • Center for Research in Art of Film &Television (CRAFT), Delhi
  • National Institute of Design, Paldi, Ahmedabad
  • Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad
  • Academy of photography, Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata

Career options

Ingenious fashion photographers may find opportunities to work with designers, magazine publishers, advertising agencies, TV, reputed companies and others. They can also set up their own studios to work independently as freelancers. The cosmopolitan lifestyle and the soaring glamour industry have brought a plethora of job opportunities for the aspiring fashion photographer. Get associated with fashion houses and find an agent to promote and sell your images.

Pursuing a career in fashion photography in India is no longer an alien dream. Discover the career options as fashion photographer with your love of fashion, eye for detail, set of skills, and creativity.


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