LMS and Self-paced Tutorials - Increasing Trend and its Future

LMS and Self-paced Tutorials - Increasing Trend and its Future

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Learning Management System (LMS), also referred to as course management system or E learning platform is an innovative software system to manage complex databases to deliver courseware as well as e-tutoring via the internet. Combined with digital frameworks, it administers training materials, curriculum, evaluation tools, employee registration and record keeping.


A prime requisite for business houses, LMS is the billion dollar industry that enables to administer training to huge groups of learners through the web based educational environment with complete accessibility from all locations. Offering maximum flexibility and unparallel extendibility, these self paced tutorials (create and promote your self-paced tutorials) serves as an influential tool for all consulting companies with its modern user interface that enables in developing electronic coursework.

Components and Usability of LMS

Learning Management System offers each learner the lifelong electronic learning record that captures valuable information to later refer to. The basic components of LMS are:

  • Managing and assembling of courses, registration, syllabus, credit information
  • Offering courseware and all required materials
  • Creating waiting lists and managing over registration processes
  • Managing and uploading documents with the content
  • Forming and publishing course calendars
  • Web-based interfaces offering course content
  • Resource management
  • Handling participation of the students and teachers
  • Offering assessment and testing methods like quizzes or questionnaires
  • Interaction platform like email, forums, instant messaging and others for asynchronous communication
  • Offering chat, teleconferencing, whiteboard for synchronous communication
  • Comprehensive training management system
  • Diverse student tools like tracking progress, self tests, bookmarks, online grading, evaluation surveys and others
  • Several software like XML or HTML, Java Script generators etc

LMS finds great usability in myriad sectors such as:

  • Consulting companies
  • Extension schools
  • Regulated industries like biopharma and financial services
  • Self service like self-registration
  • Training workflow like manager approval, user notification
  • On-line learning and on-line assessment
  • Training resource management
  • Student management
  • Faculty management
  • Examination management
  • Student admissions
  • University management
  • Learning content management system
  • Integrating social media
  • Improving learning experience
  • Mobile feasibility

Advantages to Avail from LMS

Implementing the Learning Management System adds and enhances the level of efficiency of an organization’s learning procedure and systems. Some of the foreseeable merits of utilizing the LMS and blending it in the learning process are discussed below:

Managing and streamlining student’s learning

The Learning Management System automatically operates the various administrative tasks of the training procedure, such as tracking of courses in a list, registration of students, tracking and recording of the essential data of students, charting and analyzing of the progress of students and others. LMS can thus, streamline the administrative work for reference and analysis of the training procedure.

Manage and track staff training

Training is time consuming in huge organization with several staff members functioning in varied roles in different departments. Through these self paced tutorials the administration process can be streamlined in a way that all the employees receive the best training and can avail the classroom training, equipment and all other resources required for the course.

Consolidate all the Learning information

The LMS software aids in maintaining all the essential learning information in a consolidated way. You can maintain a catalog of the learning objects like question banks, assignments templates, projects and others. You can also edit the content; insert links, images, videos, and more to enrich the content

Reduce learning costs and save more

LMS reduces administrative costs through the virtual classrooms. A lot can be saved through the e-learning methods such as reduction in travel cost, accommodation, time spent in travelling, no cost for paying instructors and saves paperwork through online courses.

Saves time

Companies and instructors are able to save huge time through the LMS where the training programs are easily organized and scheduled as per the convenience of the learners.

Uninterrupted learning procedure

LMS offers the opportunity to avail the information and have access to the learning materials from any location at any time through the internet access. Thus, there is consistency in this training program

Helpful for tracking and reporting

The LMS Software aids in keeping a track of the performance of the students by the academic institutions. Further, it also keeps track of the learning path, the success records, and registration process.

Conduct online tests

Through LMS instructors can create and offer advanced quiz & test making tools that test the progress of the learners. Adding tests, surveys, questionnaires, and quizzes is easy in this platform.

Customizing and updating content

Availing all the training materials hosted companies and trainers can always update the existing content and also add new content to the existing ones within no time. This helps in offering updated content as per the need and trend and also attracts students for the fresh look.

Personalized and interactive learning

LMS is an interactive e-course learning procedure where the instructor can directly interact with the learners via the online discussion forums that make the learning procedure more interesting and engaging.

Make Money Online

Learning Management Systems is a thriving platform that allows instructors to make huge money online by attracting learners and selling their courses. This unique and automated e-commerce platform offers hassle free payment process. The registration process is easy and consumes less time and the instructors have the option to design their desired billing system. Moreover, they can deliver the courses under their brand name.

 The Future of LMS

Though LMS is in its nascent stage, it is evolving at a fast pace, adapting to the current technological advancements and meeting the educational challenges. The work process now increasingly digitized, almost majority of the population are equipped with laptops, desktops, Smartphones that enable the learners to maximize the technology surge for effective and fast learning process. The rising demands and the benefits of this innovative software system hints toward a dynamic and progressive future of self paced tutorials.


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