Vital Reasons to Learn and Excel in Microsoft Office 2013

Vital Reasons to Learn and Excel in Microsoft Office 2013

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Microsoft Office, incepted in 1990, is reckoned as the commercial giant software that is used on a wide scale by millions of users for everyday use. Complimented by multitude components like Word, Excel, Outlook, OneNote, PowerPoint and several other desktop applications, server applications and Web services, the software is one of the best productivity suite for Microsoft Windows.


An office suite of desktop applications, Microsoft Office is today the most widely used software utilized for professional purpose, presenting of information that can be shared across the world. Referred to as a global tool, a comprehensive knowledge of the application is indispensible in this competitive market.

The launch of the Microsoft Office 2013 witnessed a gamut of applications, tools and features that finds wide usage in every corporate setting. Regardless of any profile, Microsoft Office 2013 is applicable and employed for planning budgets, email, creating documents, integrating with Yammer, Skype and SkyDrive, making presentations, grammar reference, creating dynamic notes within the time frame etc. Known for its customable features, knowledge, and compatibility with Office 2013 is a must that augments your skills and dexterity. Learn Microsoft Office today and be a potential job candidate.

Benefits of Using Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office 2013 unveiled to the customers an array of striking features and designs that works well with stylus, touch, mouse or keyboard across new Windows devices that also includes tablets. It’s the most sought after software and used in 90% of offices hence, knowledge of the software is a must. The striking benefits of using the application are:

  • Highly compatible: Microsoft office is highly compatible for usage in most computers. It is faster in speed and is fitting for IA-32 and x64 systems, requiring Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2. It is now used in most offices for the purpose of sharing and presenting professional information with competency.
  • Variety in package: Microsoft Office 2013 is available in 12 editions, retail outlets, 2 for volume licensing channel, 3 editions applicable for, 5 subscription based editions for Microsoft Office 365 program. Moreover, the Office Web Apps known as the web application edition as well as the Office RT edition have been developed for mobile devices and tablets.
  • Cloud Computing: Now save your documents to the cloud. Whether Office 2013 is running on Windows 8 or on Windows 7, the suite can be connected to SkyDrive that saves the document to the cloud and later operate them from any location or other device.
  • Scope for online content: With Office 2013 you can attach content like pictures, video with documents. The software allows you to insert online video and online pictures that enable you to include content from sources like Bing, Facebook, SkyDrive etc.
  • App Library: The best and striking feature of Microsoft Office 2013 is its support for apps. An app library has been created by Microsoft for Office 2013. In this few apps are for free while others are paid. Lync and OneNote is the first new Windows 8 feature that has been effectively designed and offers touch experiences on a tablet. The latest radial menu in OneNote helps to utilize features using the finger.
  • Touch Facility: The new Office is touch friendly and responds naturally as it does to the mouse and keyboard. Just by swiping the finger on and across the screen you can easily operate your devices. Moreover, just by pinching or zooming you can also read the documents, messages, presentations etc.
  • Skype – Office 2012 comes with Skype that has more features than you can imagine.
    • Calling facility: Keep in touch with all. Make Skype to Skype calls all for free. You can also call land phones, mobiles as well as abroad at low rates.
    • Video Calling: Make video calls and talk face to face with friends, family and others or invite a whole group together on a video call.
    • Messaging: With Skype messaging is all so easy. Experience the joy of messaging, sending texts, voice messaging.
    • Sharing: Share with your dear ones your little world. Send them files, folders, videos and photos of any size.
    • Increases work efficiency – The knowledge and expertise of MS Excel is a significant factor for all professionals working in a corporate profile. Learn Excel 2013 that offers variety of analytical functions that helps in smooth calculations and complex analysis. Moreover, the number of rows, columns, memory limit, tables and characters has been increased.
  • User friendly features: Microsoft Office 2013 has several advanced first-rate features like document viewing options, pivot tables, grammar checking, smart art diagrams, conditional formatting and macros. All the features are user friendly and hence used on a wide scale.

The above stated striking features of Office 2013 has earned it a coveted position and made it the essential backbone of every industry.


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