Key Skills for Mobile Application Developing - The Most Booming Industry Today

Key Skills for Mobile Application Developing - The Most Booming Industry Today

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The upturn in the technology industry has boosted the development of mobile application that’s gaining impetus by the hour. The growing demands of the modern customers have lead to an upsurge in the competitive Smartphone market. This has coerced the ingenious developers to develop latest and innovative software to install in those alluring sleek devices within an affordable price tag.


According to the report of The Guardian, ‘India will become the world’s second largest Smartphone market in 2014, after China.’ This is due to India’s Smartphone owning population which is expected double in 2014, reaching 364 million people from 156 million. Thus, the two emerging markets, China and India will dominate the market with their 500 million sales record.

Why the Mobile Application Sector?

Androids, iPads and PDAs are now the new buzz word that’s dominating the market. The contemporary customer now demands much more than just phone calls; insisting for games, social media apps, movie downloads and others. Professionals want instant access to business documents, emails, planners and uninterrupted connection to the internet. No doubt that the market is overflowing with application development jobs, signaling a prospective future for the mobile app development sector.

According to Times of India, India ranks as the third fastest growing mobile applications market. As per Gartner ‘India’s mobile connections is expected to exceed 900 million to achieve 72 percent penetration by 2016.’ A research study suggests that of almost 6 billion mobile phones in the world, approximately 1 billion is used in India which totals upto nearly 70% of the current population. The growing popularity of the Androids and Smartphone indicates Mobile Application Development sector to be one of the best remunerative professional domains.

Professionals Skills to Master to Be a Mobile Application Developer

2013 witnessed a breakthrough for the app development industry and the entry of several reputed players launching their innovative applications and technological developments. Over the years there has been a steady rise in the job postings for the mobile application sector. reflects the staggering growth rate of the career through the following graph:-


This accelerated development has generated diverse opportunities for aspiring application developers. India is one of the globally recognized IT hubs that has created varied job openings with high paid salary in the respective area. You can specialize and explore the following Prospective Career Paths:

  • Mobile UI designer that requires creative and artistic abilities
  • User experience and usability expert that demands effective understanding of human interaction along with ease of using metrics
  • Application developer or engineer requires mastery of programming skills
  • Mobility architect requires designing, programming and architectural skills
  • Android developer
  • Mobile game developer
  • Testers to test the applications created and their functionalities

Skills Required for Mobile Application Developer

Enterprise mobility being one of the fastest emerging technology area, several existing and new IT firms are now gearing up their operational work to successfully satisfy the growing needs of the customers. This has opened new career paths that require the right qualification and expertise to be the most eligible employee. As per the current trend an aspiring candidate can attain the following skills:

  • Knowledge of C, C++
  • Objective C to write applications on iOS
  • Knowledge of Java, Android SDK, Structured query language (SQL), JavaScript, HTML, Linux, CSS, XML, Unix and AJAX, Flash, Python
  • Understanding of UI design, basics of application design, development and testing
  • Understanding of Windows, Mac OS-X or Linux environment
  • B.Tech degree in computer application or MCA degree
  • Updated knowledge of the technological advancements
  • Keep in mind that android devices are all different so developing each of them can be complex
  • The ability to understand the market trend and requirements of the customer
  • Changing specifications as per need
  • Understanding the pros and cons of various mobile app development architectures
  • The vital differences between designing software for mobile devices and for the Web

After learning the basics you can choose and specialize in your preferred platform. If you choose to be an iPhone & iPad developer then learning Objective-C, Interface Builder on Mac OS-X platform and xCode is essential.

If you are a career enthusiast chalking out the right job then a certified course, diploma or degree programs might be of great help. You can also enroll in workshops or attend seminars to attain comprehensive knowledge of apps development.

With passing time mobile usage has shifted to the category of basic necessity that has compelled the IT industry to reap their investments in the infrastructure for accelerated mobile and app development. The professional field now requires ‘out of the box’ imagination to make an edge in the competitive market, productively satisfying the ever changing requirements of the app-hungry clients with fascinating applications that does not pinch the wallet.


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