Important Steps to become a Language Translator

Important Steps to become a Language Translator

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Language is an interesting subject of study and pursuing career as a language translator has been a rewarding career. A person aspiring to pursue his career as a translator requires years of practice and required qualifications. There are several obvious career choices that you can explore as per your choice. Moreover, the emergence of excellent language centers have opened galore of opportunities for the aspirants aiming to take up translating as a full time profession.


Translators must be familiar with the customs, culture, language, its accent and the target language speakers. Translations require mastering of the language and command over foreign languages as well as relevant experiences and trainings. Presently, language translation has been recognized as a separate discipline which has attracted the attention of many students. If you are also aspiring to be a translator there are certain vital steps and tips to be followed that would render a rewarding career. These have been elucidated below:

Tips before Pursuing your Career

  • Become an avid reader. You can read newspapers, magazines, cover stories, read favorite topics, blogs etc.
  • Study extensively in both native and non native language to gain in-depth knowledge on the concerned language for a flourishing career.
  • Watch news and remain updated about the current events, interviews, talk shows, programs etc.
  • Enhance your general knowledge, especially on your concerned subject and review them for time to time
  • Refine your writing skills, translating courses, textbooks, articles, write summaries etc. Also, work on your grammatical errors and decipher difficult texts.
  • Expand your research skills taking help of the internet and galore of books available and also master proofreading
  • Gain expertise in public speaking. Practice speech courses, make presentations and practice presenting them before people.
  • Become methodical and analytical
  • Gain a strong vocabulary and excel in your mother tongue
  • Keep practicing and keep learning

Steps to Become a Language Translator

To achieve a rewarding career as a translator it’s essential to master the required skills, qualifications and the ability to understand the required language with complete determination. There are certain essential steps to be followed and practiced in the course of being a language translator that includes:

  • Become certified: For your career you must have certain documentations that certify your skills in translating. Also you must be able to speak fluently in the concerned language. One or two foreign languages are important to learn and frequently practicing them is also essential. Reading, watching TV, listening to music etc helps in learning the language.
  • Get a degree: one can achieve any or a combination of degrees in linguistics, translation/interpretation studies, comparative literature, foreign languages, or intercultural communication
  • Gain experience and keep practicing: Before starting your career you just attain some relevant experience in the required field. Look for internships, opportunities as a translator, do freelancing work to gather samples for future references and recommendations.
  • Choose your career: You must decide about the right path of your career. Make a choice whether you wish to be a literary translator of books, become a translator in an organization, work in a media organization or set up your own business. Decide and then go for it!
  • Do specialization: there are myriad sub fields like certified translation, literary translation, technical translation, court interpreting, film translation, medical interpreting etc. You can specialize in any of these.
    • Start applying and gain experience: Once you have the degrees start applying in companies and organizations as per your preference and specialization. Become a professional and keep your resume ready.

Skills and Qualifications required to be a Language Translator

To excel as a language translator the required degrees and qualifications are essential:

  • Degree in any of these- translation, foreign languages, linguistics, intercultural communication, comparative literature etc
  • A bachelor degree is a must
  • Postgraduate degree and training in translation
  • May attend job specific training programs
  • A certificate of the specialized course or field

Scope For Potential Language Translators

There is a wealth of career options for the aspirants in education, medical, law, media and journalism, business, market research, creative writing publishing house and translation industry. Moreover, there are lucrative positions like Foreign Language Customer Service Representative, administrative posts, Multilingual PA etc. You just need to select the right career for yourself and for the perfect guidance colleges and universities host seminars, workshops, career fairs, several specialization courses, tuition classes under trained tutors etc that enable you gain expertise.

In this competitive industry you need to be a perfect professional, follow the right steps, market yourself through blogs, websites or by joining an active community of language professionals and start your glorious career!


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