Important Interpersonal Skills for a Rewarding Career

Important Interpersonal Skills for a Rewarding Career

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In the present corporate world and competitive work culture excellent interpersonal skills are fundamental and mandatory for success and steady career growth. Your job needs strong communication skills, employability skills and efficient ways to deal with co-workers, maintaining harmony and developing amicable relationships with them. These polished gestures enable one to communicate smoothly with customers, clients, and associates and generate better connectivity with all. It’s thus, important that to constantly review your skills, treating it as a work-out program to bring out the best in you and in your dream career. Some indispensable interpersonal skills have been elucidated:


Factors to keep in mind for Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills are a prime requisite for a productive career and potential growth and hence, require mastering the art. However, on the onset one must analyze and imbibe within certain vital factors that would facilitate in the gradual learning process.

• Identify interpersonal skills that requires development

• Building confidence level to handle different types of situations

• Work with a positive attitude that reflects your optimistic nature

• Work on personal presentation and be confident

• Built harmonious relationship with colleagues and seniors.

• Try being understanding about other’s problems

• Talk slowly while interacting with people and increasing the patience level, fostering better understanding

• Develop one to one interaction level

• Examine your ethics and work on the principles set by you and the company

• Resolve the conflicts that help developing an amiable ambiance.

• Be expressive and work on body language and gestures

• Have a smiling face and maintain a cheerful attitude

• Make use of the various electronic communication facilities

• Remain focused towards the work and duties and remain assertive

Vital Suggestions for Developing your Interpersonal Skills

Build harmonious relations: If the relationships are short lived and distant then it might reflect on the work. For an effective work ambience and career growth it’s a necessity to build healthy relationships with colleagues and seniors. You must also influence others to recognize and accept the ideas set by you through developing rapport with all.

Examine personal ethics: Personal integrity is indispensable for a steady career. Employees must pursue and follow their moral principles, with emphasis on the ethical codes and values laid down by the business organization.

Improve verbal communication: During interpersonal encounters clear verbal communication is a key factor. This is dependent on factors like building confidence level, mental preparation, remaining concise and clear, being humorous, relaxing and keeping eye contact. Besides, etiquettes like being polite, humble, focused and maintaining clarity must also be followed. Also, see whether the messages are being received accurately.

Develop non-verbal communication: It is associated with giving and receiving of wordless signals like gestures, voice, proximity, physiological changes, eye contact etc. All these send strong messages to the receiver. Also, the way you gaze, move and react generate effects and help in the free flow of communication. Hence, essential development of non verbal communication is important.

Take care of listening skills: Listening is the key to effectual communication. Different from just hearing, listening attentively helps in reducing misunderstanding with colleagues, co-workers and peers. Also, it fosters excellent verbal communication, projecting the eloquence power, intellect, spontaneity and attention towards the speaker.

Inquire and ask questions: It reflects the person’s interest and understanding capability. However, one must clarify if the information is incomprehensible or confusing. It is a two way process and requires attention and a focused interest in the communication.

Develop decision making skills: In a corporate world taking quick and vital decisions is inevitable. It’s essential to structure out the decision making plan by gathering all information, reducing complicated decisions to simpler steps, weighing the risks involved, listing all the possible solutions and then finally making the decision.

Opening communication: During several interpersonal encounters the most crucial time are the first few minutes that create a significant impression on the listeners and helps in the further communication process. You must try and practice hard for such situations and confidently breaching the communication as in meetings, conferences, presentations etc.

Technological communication: Remain connected through technology. With an upsurge in technological developments people now can remain linked with their co-workers through phone, internet, mails, social media sites etc. This helps in promoting healthy and friendly relations.

Anger management: This is a necessity for a smooth working process. One must recognize the triggers of anger and handle it in a professional way through effective anger management techniques such as taking time for oneself, thinking before speaking, identifying possible solutions, calming down and expressing calmly.

These simple and easy guidelines may help in reducing your anxieties and assist in solving interpersonal problems, fostering cordial relationships and a rewarding career through enhanced positive personal approach.


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