IELTS Ninja is the most efficient IELTS Preparation Platform

Jan 15, 2021

The International English Language Testing System is a well-known examination across the globe. It is used to measure the English language proficiency of people who are interested in staying abroad for study or work.

People who have been dreaming about studying or working abroad now have a chance to make their dreams come true. IELTS Ninja has been reviewed as the most efficient IELTS preparation platform. When you look for assistance in IELTS coaching, you are offered many options and that confuses the students. IELTS Ninja is a one-stop solution to all your queries and needs.

The most important thing about any exam preparation is finding the correct course to study from. IELTS Ninja ensures that students are equipped with the best. With several preparation websites available, IELTS Ninja has proved to be the most popular across the country. Anyone who is preparing themselves for the IELTS exam should enroll themselves at IELTS Ninja. It has been reviewed as a great learning platform by students.

The best thing about IELTS Ninja is they understand the difficulty level of the exam and therefore, prepares courses that make it easier for students to achieve their desired band. Here are some of the best features of IELTS Ninja.

Why choose IELTS Ninja?

The most common query about students is - Why should they choose IELTS Ninja as their preparation platform?

Well, here is the response. Firstly, IELTS Ninja has tailor-made courses for each of their students. This makes online training extremely easy. The presence of personal trainers provides all students with amazing coaching and training. The trainers are well trained and certified who have excellent command over the English language. This helps the students to practice for their speaking test. Throughout the sessions, the students are trained with grammar and vocabulary backed by mock tests, and better ideas to improve their IELTS score.

The trainers focus on making the students familiar with the overall process and nature of the IELTS examination. Along with this, the trainers at IELTS Ninja assign their students assignments to test their strengths and weaknesses. This helps in focusing on the areas that require improvement. Additionally, the student’s performance is tracked through a series of mock tests every week.

Features of IELTS Ninja

The features of IELTS Ninja have been reviewed as highly helpful and effective by the students. Some prominent features aid in having an enriching experience along with providing the right resources for students to attain success in their exam. Have a look at them.

  • Assessment of the Students’ Skills Pre-training

Students have to go through an assessment test before they can enrol themselves at any course at IELTS Ninja. The test is necessary to detect the student’s current level of English language skills. The student’s IELTS exam readiness is tested during the assessment. A senior trainer conducts the assessment and is analyzed to prepare a study plan for the students to help them get their desired band.

  • Personal Online Mentors for Students

This feature is reviewed as the best for students. IELTS Ninja assigns a personal mentor to every student. The best trainers are picked from across the country and they ensure that the students receive the best. The students receive one-to-one training sessions via Zoom. Through these sessions, the students’ progress is tracked and the trainers guide them to succeed in the exam.

  • Prepare from Anywhere and Anytime with Video Lectures

The flexibility of the IELTS Ninja courses is remarkable. They provide video lectures to students that can be accessed from anywhere and at any time. Due to these quality video lectures, it becomes facile for students to prepare and study for their exam. Students can study with the help of video lectures without any difficulties.

  • Tailor-made Study Plan For Every Student

The customisation of study plans for every student is one of the most reviewed features of IELTS Ninja. This tailor-made study plan helps the students to focus more on their weak areas and have an overall training for the exam.

  • Comprehensive Mock Test Series

The comprehensive mock tests have proven to be immensely helpful. The mock tests are accessible after the completion of every module. It has been helpful in understanding concepts and practising more for the exam.

  • 3:1 faculty to student ratio

IELTS Ninja has the 3:1 faculty to student ratio to ensure maximum efficiency. Students are provided with several trainers to collectively work on them to achieve their dream score. In the duration of the entire course, students undergo several private classes where they are taught important concepts. They also have a chance to get all their queries answered during these sessions.

Online Courses on IELTS Ninja

IELTS Ninja has a variety of online courses for students to choose from. They all have exceptionally good reviews and guarantee students their dream band score. Here are the courses available for the students.

IELTS General

The people who aim to settle abroad in an English speaking country are supposed to appear for the IELTS General Training test. This test accounts for 60% of the total eligibility criteria required from people to receive a permanent residency in such countries. It consists of 11 courses each with over 35+ hours of extensive training.

IELTS Academic

Students who are applying for higher education or professional registration in an English speaking environment should apply for the IELTS Academic test. It consists of 11 courses, spread over 2 weeks each. The student’s timetables are adaptive and flexible to the courses.

PTE Academic

There is a special course for PTE Academic which has great reviews. It is the world’s leading computer-based test of English for study abroad and immigration. It has intensive training for 20+ hours for 3 weeks.

Students can enrol themselves at any of the available courses and begin their preparation for their IELTS exam.


IELTS Ninja believes that one sure way of succeeding in this examination is through hard work and commitment towards preparation. However, it is equally important for students to choose the right course and the perfect online platform for their preparation. Hence, IELTS Ninja is the solution.


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