IBPS Clerk Mock Test For Reasoning Section

Oct 22, 2019

IBPS Clerk Recruitment 2019:

The IBPS clerk prelims exam dates are 7th, 8th, 14th and 21st of December 2019. Also the mains exam will take place on 19th of January 2020. Candidates have enough time for the effective preparation. So without wasting much time continue your preparation in a steady flow with IBPS Clerk Mock test Series. Only then you can complete the preparation on time. The selection process of the IBPS clerk involves in2 stages,

  • Online preliminary exam
  • Online mains exam

Importance of Reasoning Section:

In the preliminary exam reasoning section is one of the most important areas to score more marks. The sectional timing of 20 minutes will be available for this section in the prelims exam. In this time limit most of the candidates will target around 25 questions out of the total 35 questions in this section. In this section there were many topics that will give you more marks in very less time period. Some of such topics are syllogism, inequality, blood relation, direction sense, etc. You have to target these topics at first. This strategy will save more time for you in the exam.

In these topics you should maintain high speed and accuracy to score bulk amount of marks. In other words you should not make any mistake in these topics. Only then your overall scores will not be get affected by the negative marking. Take more sectional mock tests for reasoning section to increase your speed and accuracy. The IBPS Clerk free mock test will help you to rectify your mistakes and maintain a good accuracy rate.

Reasoning Section in IBPS clerk mains exam:

In mains exam the reasoning section will be asked in very difficult manner. So that you must practice mock tests with high standard questions. In mains, you cannot give bulk attempts in reasoning section as in the prelims exam. You must hard to give a decent number of attempts in this section. Also try to maintain a 100% of accuracy. In mains exam you must focus more on high level puzzles and seating arrangements in your preparation. Take more sectional mock tests with difficult puzzles and seating arrangements. The mock tests will be helpful for you to learn more strategies to solve the puzzles quickly.

In every other topics go for high level questions in your preparation for the mains exam. For example in syllogism many new patterns have been asked in the past exams. Also concentrate on reverse syllogism questions. Likewise do this high level question practice for all other topics. Only then you can give decent number of attempts in this section with good accuracy. This good accuracy is achieved only through the regular IBPS Clerk Prelims mock test practice.

Importance of Mock Test for Reasoning Section:

  • You can attain the required rate of speed and accuracy for all the topics. Especially speed is very important for puzzles and seating arrangement questions.
  • You can learn some short cut techniques for time consuming topics. It will be very helpful for you in many topics like input-output, inequality, etc.
  • You can get familiar with the new pattern questions asked in every topic.
  • You can develop your time management skills that is very much important. A candidate having good time management skill will know about the order of questions to be attended in the exam. Attending lengthy puzzles at the end will be the good decision.

So candidates take more mock tests for reasoning section. For most of the candidates reasoning might be the favourite section. But without mock test practice you cannot score high marks. So take regular mock test practice for reasoning section before the exam.

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